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Due to limited company market capitalization it must strive even harder than those with big market cap to outsource production and face the optimal level of quality to cost ratio. The company must diversify the distribution and supplying sources and sing long-term contracts in order to achieve stability.

The distribution channels must be expanded and the products must be found in many more places than presently in only several chains with which the company coordinates.

The other main issue is for the company to come up with completely innovative services and products it can offer to the clients, as the past services are obviously already have at the downturn of their life cycle. This is the only way for the company to become profitable and start growing. The management can go into joint venture with another competitive company on the basis that the partner will invest into R&D activities, and the TIVO will devote its' brand name with other inputs, while the companies will share the benefits accordingly. Such partners must be screened for carefully.

The company can create more revenues by diversifying its' income sources, and trying to increase the market share in the products with the highest profit margins for the company. The company must give up products and services subject to possible intellectual rights claims in order to avoid this risk. For the company to decide on the optimal sales, growth and profitability strategy, the management can risk and offer more benefits in case of success than that average offered at the market to the senior management of the company. This will motivate the leaders to work out the best optimal strategy.

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