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Television Ratings Are Most Frequently
Words: 845 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98041146
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(eilly, 1980) The program had the highest per episode viewer ratings of any before it and the plot has been called "the shot cheered round the world." (eilly, 1980) Another great example is the M.A.S.H. season finale, as the program held a huge record for most viewers of any finale in television history and the viewership record has served as an enduring benchmark in television until the Super Bowl XLIV, in 2010, when the battered city of New Orleans LA sent the Saints to the super bowl and the whole nation was rooting for triumph for the city, and the team. Many contend that the viewership rating was skewed in large part due to the expansion of the Nielsen system as well as the vast number of televisions in homes today, as compared to the M.A.S.H. finale in 1983. According to the record the M.A.S.H. finale had 105.97 estimated viewers…


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Coca Cola Company Use Full
Words: 507 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67750551
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CRM strategy should analyze customer segments and make the appropriate determinations on whether each segment is profitable for their business and how to affect the purchase patterns of the segment so the business can experience the profitable attributes of CRM; loyalty purchasing, cross selling, up selling, etc. Direct Mail fits perfectly into the customer communication strategy for customer segmentation. ith variable printing and data rich files a company can use their intelligence and print relevant Direct Mail that will move customers toward the purchase decision. Additionally customer communications should also enable the company to learn more about the customer over time so that it acts upon that information to better meet customer needs in the future. This is building "learning relationships" with customers, a fundamental CRM concept. A feedback loop must be built into the process so that the company can continually learn more about customers and their needs in…

With that, from full house advertising, the board, stock holders, senior management team, and the union are the main groups have been engaged with the current situation.

CRM strategy should analyze customer segments and make the appropriate determinations on whether each segment is profitable for their business and how to affect the purchase patterns of the segment so the business can experience the profitable attributes of CRM; loyalty purchasing, cross selling, up selling, etc. Direct Mail fits perfectly into the customer communication strategy for customer segmentation. With variable printing and data rich files a company can use their intelligence and print relevant Direct Mail that will move customers toward the purchase decision. Additionally customer communications should also enable the company to learn more about the customer over time so that it acts upon that information to better meet customer needs in the future. This is building "learning relationships" with customers, a fundamental CRM concept. A feedback loop must be built into the process so that the company can continually learn more about customers and their needs in order to improve the relevancy of its communications and offering in the future. Mail can provide the channel for this feedback, both in direct correspondence and by sending customers to web site, 800 #s or whatever channel they prefer"(CRM 2007).

From there, the board and senior management team have been trying to relocate the company into a better position so that the future of the company will be secured. This promising future will be able to support jobs that are available at the present time and create others.

Technology Are Often Widespread and Have the
Words: 1555 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81545516
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technology are often widespread and have the possibility to change the way humankind operates within itself. Technology paves the way for new technology creating a system of seemingly eternal growth and unlimited potential. It is therefore important and worthwhile to investigate and highlight certain aspects of the ways technology impacts different environments. Customers of technological products, at the end of the supply chain, are the ultimate decision-makers and cast the most powerful vote if whether or not a technology will survive in market conditions. The new relationships and logistical requirements when a company introduces a new piece of technology often complicates and distorts its original essence. The purpose of this essay is to investigate technology to analyze and compare and contrast the different aspects that technology impacts upon different segments of a society and in market situations.

The digital video recorder, a relatively recent piece of technology, is the focus…

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Business Management for Most of Us Dealing
Words: 1897 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46487381
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For most of us, dealing with money has been altered by technology. Most of us use money out of ATM's or we pay bills with online banking just as easily as we change channels on a television. Obviously printing presses and paper cutters create our physical money, but how is the idea of money really created? Do banks and laws really make the idea of money? This essay evaluates the efforts of the Federal eserve System, often called the Fed, in terms of regulating the money creation of financial institutions?

Congress passed the Federal eserve Act near Christmas in 1913 and that established the Federal eserve Banks and also created a more elastic currency and established new legal controls over the commercial banking industry. The Federal eserve is the central bank of the United States and is made up of 12 regional Federal eserve banks that are overseen…


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Age of Intense Commercialization and
Words: 1260 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67224709
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Syndication, the power of networks like CBS and Viacom to relinquish and maintain their lesser competition like UPN through hackneyed reruns, was officially undercut by the age of in the internet, which saw middle school and college-age music junkies successfully distribute media for free online, en masse. The network era of the 1960s and 70s was one of the rerun empire, but the cyclical liberty provided by a wired audience forced TV networks to find new programming and reshape the "ancillary afterlife" of well-loved shows in the digital epoch. As a result, four major changes by purposeful agents to syndication directly preempted the death of the television at the hands of new media.

The first of these changes was a reanalysis of the "shelf life" of a program. While syndication remains an important aspect of the media world, it was been forced to mix reruns with a "collage" of marketing…

How Changes in Technology Affects Advertising
Words: 917 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 71520923
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Technology Affects Advertising

The world has changed and it seems obvious that it will continue to change. Businesses today need to please both shareholders and customers and the only way they will be able to do that is to also change. In other words, in order to meet growth, quality and social expectations, organizations will have to continuously reinvent themselves in order to capture new and future business opportunities. In this highly global and technologically advanced business environment, traditional methodologies need to be reevaluated. It is no longer acceptable to perform or initiate business, marketing or advertising ventures in a 'business as usual' manner. The bar keeps being raised as new expectations and standards are set. This line of reasoning has affected many aspects of our lives because new technologies dictate media choices such as print and television. This report therefore aims to present three ways in which change in…

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Syndication the Cultural and Financial Implications of
Words: 1900 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 78235698
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The Cultural and Financial Implications of Syndication -- for actors, television audiences, and the industry as a whole

The most recent hit television show to come to an end was the popular NBC sitcom "Friends." The show was one of the last mainstays of NBC's long-standing but faltering 'Must See TV' Thursday lineup. This lineup used to include "Seinfield" but has now dwindled to a faltering "ER" and little else, a show that is also syndicated and likely to end soon, given its declining number of viewers. hat was so interesting, however, in terms of the death of "Friends" as a cultural mainstay, was not the loss of this rather pedestrian sitcom, but the fact that even more than the content of the final episode, the question in the media was often -- how much would the actors receive for their performance in the show, and how much was…

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Netflix Is One of the Most Innovative
Words: 1784 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 95359800
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Netflix is one of the most innovative companies of 2014. They are an internet TV business. They provide online streaming content, including DVD/Blu Ray rentals shipped directly to the home of subscribers. The company's CEO is Reed Hastings. Netflix's main headquarters remain in Los Gatos, California. It boasts 2,022 employees towards the end of 2013.

A brief background reveals was founded on 1997 and its mission statement at the time was to offer online movie rentals. In 1999, the company began offering a selling and subscription service. That same year the secure $30 million from Group Arnaul as investment capital. In 2000, the company launched CineMatch, a personalized movie recommendation service.

In 2002, the IPO brought the company 850,000 members. In 2006, the business announced a prize of $1 million for ten percent improvement in accuracy of recommendations. In 2007, Netflix introduced streaming. In 2008, Netflix collaborated with consumer…

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Media in The Work of Being Watched
Words: 835 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 18481307
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In "The Work of Being Watched: Interactive Media and the Exploitation of Self-Disclosure," Andrejevic (2002) critically analyzes interactive media in terms of labor economics. Being watched is a form of work, Andrejevic (2002) claims. Because consumers are not typically paid for their services, the relationship between consumer and enterprise is a parasitic one. Enterprise is exploiting consumers by watching their online behavior, tracking that behavior, and tallying that behavior as marketing data. That marketing data has inherent value, which is why large investments are made into online and other forms of high-tech surveillance. If Andrejevic (2002) had his way, each and every consumer would be paid for surfing the Web and even for watching television. Andrejevic's (2002) claim is of course absurd and completely unfeasible. Moreover, Andrejevic (2002) is completely ignoring the potentially positive effects of consumer surveillance. Contrary to what Andrejevic (2002) has to say, consumer surveillance has…


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Apple Inc 4C's Apple Is
Words: 1534 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74596820
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High customer satisfaction rates are attained through meticulous planning. The customers are not only made happy by easy to use and robust products but also have the desire to buy more in the future.


In the computer industry, most people still perceive Apple as the runner because of the significant influence Microsoft has on personal computers. However apple has been able to diversify its product line in the technology scope i.e. from computer hardware to software, gadgets and online media. This makes apple able to serve most of the consumer needs not only in variety but also in the quality in design and performance of its products. Through adopting a division form of business, apple makes it hard for it to be acquired since this will require a massive buyoff. Thus it has been able to retain most of it leadership for a long time. Strategic partnerships have also…


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Marketplace the Hidden Persuaders Marketing
Words: 1546 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98383782
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The Hidden Persuaders ends on a very negative note, stressing how the commercial media has even co-opted teenage rebellion. However, new uses social media do not have to be negative -- anti-smoking and AIDS awareness are examples of campaigns that have been conducted through Twitter, Facebook, and other online venues (Evans 2006). But the problem with social media and marketing remains that it is often hard to see who the metaphorical puppeteer is, orchestrating the enthusiasm or outrage of the latest cause, campaign, or advertisement.

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Advertisnig Advertising Branding Ourselves to
Words: 1226 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78613363
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Inside can be found museum-like dioramas, a theater, a cafe, a doll hair salon, and lounging areas designed to facilitate interaction among shoppers and the examination and use of products" (Diamond 2009, p.119).

Diamond et al. (2009) argues that entertainment brands, such as American Girl, the Disney store have a unique power as brands, not simply to encourage consumers to buy the product, but also to foster consumer creativity, and suggest that as a result identity exists in dialogue with the corporation, and is not merely manipulated by the seller. Consumers are crafting their own unique image as they choose, consciously, to 'brand' themselves. In these "themed flagship brand stores" offering "spectacular environments… far from being overwhelmed or coerced by the sign-rich context, consumers use the retail environment as a stage on which to perform, enthusiastically enacting the brand and cocreating the spectacle. Therefore, emplacement is reconceptualized as a shared…


Diamond, Nina, Mary Ann McGrath, Albert Muniz, Stefania Borghini, & Robert

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Dish Networks SWOT Analysis Parrilla
Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 63622177
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The ability of DISH to continually bundle new services that are sports-oriented in addition to offering price-competitive services has emerged as a signification differentiator and core competency for the company (Solman, 2006).

The third major strength of DISH networks is their pioneering work in the area of providing MPEG-4 Service. Beginning in ugust, 2008 the company initiated offering MPEG-4 programming as part of its TurboHD Service. MPEG-4 is considered the best possible format or resolution for high definition television broadcasting. The technological advancements in MPEG-4 programming has emerged as a competitive advantage for the company, giving them a lead technologically against TiVo Services (Wildstrom, 2007).

The three major weaknesses of DISH Network Corporation are the Operations being too concentrated in specific areas, programming content is often difficult to access, and the subscriber base is dwindling through churn and attrition. For each of these specific weaknesses, strategies of minimizing them are…

A third weakness the company is facing is their dwindling number of subscribers. In the last calendar year for example, DISH reports subscriber declines in three of their four quarters, which is the first company-wide decline ever seen in the satellite TV industry. In the 3rd quarter of 2008 alone, the company lost over 10,000 subscribers. To overcome this loss of customers, DISH spent 10.8% on subscriber-related expenses including equipment and product upgrades from the previous 2007 timeframe and also began introducing higher-end services including HDTV-capable satellite systems. These were all significant investments for DISH yet did not deliver exceptional results. The company needs to embrace a more focused strategy of segmenting only on the most profitable customers, minimize churn in these highly profitable segments and quit trying to be all things to all people. A more focused marketing message would help significantly, one focus only on the highest value customers.

Section III: Analysis of Opportunities and Threats

Despite the weaknesses DISH has, there is also an abundance of opportunity for the company to grow well into the 21st century. Accessibility to the technologies for digital broadcasting and content, the potential of bundling more services to increase customer loyalty, and high definition television market growth are the top three

Corporate Universities -Investigation of Their Development
Words: 16387 Length: 60 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 62224137
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In summary, we recommend that the IESBA reconsiders the proposals in the Exposure Draft and provides more guidance on safeguards applicable to sole practitioners and small accounting firms to ensure that the benefits of the changes outweigh the costs to SMEs. Under a principle-based approach, there should be safeguards and practical relief for all practitioners rather than rules-based outright prohibitions. The rewrite of this Independence component of the Code is substantially rules-based rather than principles-based. In this regard, we also encourage the IESBA to prioritize the redrafting of the entire Code using a similar drafting convention to that used by the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board in its Clarity project" (IESBA Exposure Draft of Sections 290 and 291 of the Code of Ethics on Independence - Proposed Additional equirements in relation to Internal Audit Services, elative Size of Fees and Contingent Fees 2007).

There will also be an all-time…


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Google This Report Is an
Words: 1173 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 19450302
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"Yahoo and Microsoft had committed to strengthen their in-house search capabilities." (Eisenmann, et al.) In 2006, the beta Longhorn operating system from Microsoft has been rumored to already have features similar to Google's incorporated into it and Yahoo has been trying to internalize their search capabilities. "Microsoft managers had hinted at plans to integrate search capabilities tightly into Longhorn, and emphasized the value of tools that could quickly and flexibly search both the internet and the content of a PC user's hard drive, using spidering and indexing technologies." (Eisenmann, et al.) Although currently a direct partner with Google, the likes of ISP giant America Online are also a potential competitor for Google. At any time, AOL could pull out of the agreement that hires out search functions to Google in order to create their own internal search capabilities. Not to mention that new technology helped create Google but future new…

Works Cited

Eisenmann, Thomas, et al. "Google, Inc." Harvard Business School April 19, 2004.


Global PR Trends A Recent
Words: 1057 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66975977
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But in Bali," where she went on a business trip "it was politely but pointedly noted that when you stand that way it's seen as a sign of rudeness or defiance.'" (Garfinkel, 2004)

hen do you need proactive PR planning? And when do you utilize reactive crisis management?

If only all gaffes crying out for crisis management were so small. hen launching a new product or introducing a new enterprise on the part of a company, such as Starbuck's entry into the music selling business, or as the release of a new film starring a new, up and coming star, public relations must be active and proactive in a positive fashion. However, crisis management when a major executive commits a personal or professional ethical lapse or linguistic gaffe requires damage control or reactive management. A recent such problem occurred for the real estate firm Douglas Elliman when its star employee…

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Media's Influence on Thinking
Words: 1313 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69037655
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Hidden Advertising -- Must be stopped out in the open!

All advertising is good advertising, from the point-of-view of the sponsor. But from the consumer's point-of-view, this is not the case. True, advertisers bring consumers popular television shows and have a right to put their opinions 'out there' in the common marketplace. All Americans have a right to free discourse and a platform in the common media community. However, a new phenomenon of secret sponsorship, where a product is promoted without the consumer's awareness that he or she is watching, seeing, or most insidiously 'experiencing' an advertisement ploy, must be stopped. Although the first amendment may protect such advertising, consumers can help by refusing to participate in the process and stop buying products produced by companies that make use of this practice. Also, advertisers, by eschewing secret advertising will ultimately create a climate of greater trust between consumers and advertisers…

Works Cited

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Market Research & Strategy the
Words: 1588 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30891088
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For example, in the early 1990's the 'Intel Inside' of computers was great for computer sales. That is until the Intel brand name took a major hit for allowing a faulty chip to make its way to the market. The internet-based Word-of-Mouth made the 'Intel Inside' a marketing nightmare.

The Word-of-Mouth and Buzz marketing approach coupled with the internet are more effective than any available print or television ad currently used because consumers are too overly saturated by those mediums. This new approach of the future was recently used and studied for the popular film 'Fahrenheit 911' and the blockbuster results in revenues clearly show that this new approach is the wave of the next generation.


In conclusion, the world of marketing has changed and our more global and technologically advanced social and business environment will make marketers reevaluate their approach. Marketing executives can no longer go about in…


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Consumer Behavior - Branding the
Words: 2754 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14186640
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As Farrell (June 14, 2000) states: "The idea is to make milk the "cool" drink. The "mustache" still runs, with current stars such as Britney Spears." The success of such milk advertising to teens, it seems, represents an especially skillful endeavor, since milk is otherwise so much (and traditionally) associated with babyhood and early childhood, life stages (and self-images and reflections by others) that teens in particular generally yearn to leave far behind. Moreover, the considerable success of the "milk mustache" campaign proves very well the fact that just about anything can be successfully marketed to teens, as long as it is marketed to them with enough imagination, research, and skill (and with plenty of advertising dollars).

Some advertising for teens is also currently undergoing some interesting media changes, internationally. Within one global mega-conglomerate, Coca Cola, according to Foust (March 1, 2004):

Coke has diverted money into new initiatives that…


Farrell, G. (June 14, 2000). Milk does a body good, but ads do the industry even better. USA today. Money Section. 7b. Retrieved October 14, 2005, from


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Perceptual Maps of Marketing Simulation
Words: 1019 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88922080
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In a recent episode of E, a young girl -- 11 years old or so -- had been kidnapped. During recovery, she was killed. In that case, the death was caused by the hubris of an arrogant new E attending physician. But it could have been caused at any time by the kidnapper. According to Dwelle (2004), most abducted children are recovered or killed within the first 3.2 hours; any factor that could reduce the time frame during which the child is missing will reduce the chanced the child will be killed.

The facts and figures alone are powerful marketing tools for the Techno Genie. Statistics say that:

Every 40 seconds another child is reported missing.

One in every 42 children will become abducted, missing, lost or runaway.

Over 2000 children are reported missing each day

Over 725,000 reported missing children every year.

The rate of missing children has…


Dwelle, P. (). Abducted, missing, lost and runaway children. Wichita, KS: ChildShield, U.S.A.. etrieved October 26, 2005 from the World Wide Web:

Systems Media Table Comparison System Uses Word
Words: 2095 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59645728
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Systems Media Table: Comparison



Word processor

The main purpose of this program is to construct sentences of the perceived information and manipulate paragraphs to form a word document. The program uses a display format 'what-you-see-is-what-you-get' to enhance the quality of the expected hardcopy.

WordPerfect and Microsoft Word are mostly superseded by both organization and personal computers to perform functions such as word formatting, letter processing and some simple designing. Accordingly, it is the most frequently used program in day-to-day operation.

It is used to type the text, save, and format and print the text.

It is used to insert pictures into the text page.

It is used to spell check the text document.

It is used to prepare letters and other word documents.

Hierarchical database

This kind of database system is to display a structure that would relieve the presentation of information using parent to child relationship. The…


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Fesenko, N. (2007). Compression Technologyes of Graphic Information. International Journal "Information Theories & Applications."

Different Types of Marketing Channels
Words: 1104 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55435641
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Enhance Distribution

The author of this report has been hypothetically named as the new marketing manager of an organization. The organization is looking to enhance their distribution. The author has decided, per the assignment, to look at the channel design decisions in the organization. There will be an analysis and evaluation of the channel design, the channel objectives and the different channel alternatives. There will be a bringing forth of a recommendation on the most suitable design for the organization in question when it comes to channel management. There will also be a brief description of the organization in question and the products/services that are offered by the same. While over-analyzing channel design can lead to excessive second-guessing, it is important to get the channels figured out and aligned correctly.


Per the class text, channel management from a marketing perspective if the overall practice of and focus on getting…


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Cord Cutting and Streaming
Words: 2996 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 64249465
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Business Plan

What follows in this document is a lean business plan that will describe and detail a streaming business solution and plan for EbonyLifeTV and the market it will reside within, that being several countries in the continent of Africa. The primary items that will be covered include the overall strategy, the tactics that will be used to execute the strategy, the concrete specifics that will be used along the way and the "essential numbers" that are forecasted and planned for including sales, spending and cash flows. While the streaming market is starting to become thick with competition, now is the time to deploy what is, at the end of the day, a rather low-cost yet high-volume business opportunity.



• Secure licenses and access to material that would be attractive to viewers of EbonyLifeTV.

• Content streamed from a bastion of web servers to any paying customer…


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Organization Structure ROWE Model With Each Organization
Words: 631 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42077552
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Organization Structure

ROWE Model

With each organization looking for the most efficient ways of getting work done, there has a risen a necessity to try out several modes of operation that would enable the intended results in an organization to be realized. This was one of the driving forces that prompted Best Buy to change their mode of operation to the ROWE model.

The other very significant reason behind the ROWE model is the employee burnout that is experienced by the majority of the people who are stuck to their desks from morning straight to evening with very short breaks in the name of working from the office. This results into loss of balance between the work-life aspects.

It is also significant to note that the employees looked at the clock system as one full of dogma with the bosses requiring them to be physically present at all the working…

Blockbuster Developed Into the Largest
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The consumer simply selects the film using the hand-held remote for the cable box and watches it right away. Some systems are able to empower the viewer to pause and rewind as well, just as if he or she were watching a DVD and not a signal from a central location. This is very convenient and immediate, and it may also be cost-effective when compared to driving to the video store and renting a film. This competitor is still limited in each, for not everyone is on a cable system that has this capability, though more and more will be in the coming years. Blockbuster has to be prepared for that eventuality.

An even greater threat might be found in the possibility of downloading films onto a home computer for burning or playing, though this technology so far is too slow for most uses. Even a small movie file can…

Ansoff's Matrix and the Boston
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The oston Matrix

1. Cash Cow: DVDs and DVD recorders are excellent sources of profit and revenues for Sony, as they have been for the last couple of years. Additionally, the electronics and game consoles, especially Playstation 2, even if encountering losses in 2004, may also be included in this category, as having a still consistent market share.

2. Dog: The classic CRT TVs and games software have encountered significant losses and decreasing sales over the last years, so it seems that there low market share/low market growth possibilities mark the end of their booming years.

3. Problem Child: The LCD TVs and the media ventures operated by Sony have high potential (high market growth), but the company is still under-represented of the market, with a low market share, even if prospects for improving it still exist.

4. Star: The flat screen TV seems the best representative of this category.…


1. JUSTIN MCCURRY (April 2004). Restructuring costs eat into Sony surplus. The Guardian.

JUSTIN MCCURRY (April 2004). Restructuring costs eat into Sony surplus. The Guardian.