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Goals of Psychology

Psychologists in various areas of specialty put emphasis on different behavioral aspects though often with similar goals, that of getting acquainted to the human behavior. The paper will look at these four goals of psychology as well as an example of a study created that would help elaborate on each of these four goals of psychology. These four goals of psychology are to describe behavior, to explain behavior, to predict behavior and to control behavior.

Describe behavior

This involves the naming and classification of a behavior that is displayed by an individual or a group of people. A description is normally based on careful, systematic procedure carried out which is a contrast to the haphazard description that may be put forth without backing of well researched data. Description is important as it clarifies the phenomenon under study and it is only after a description of the phenomena or behavior has been given then one can move on to the other goals of psychology (Pastorino, & Doyle-Portillo, 2013).

Understand or explain behavior.

The second goal of psychology is trying to give an explanation of the described phenomena and finding out why the behavior or behavioral pattern exists or is manifested by the individual, be it once or repeated behavior. The psychologists concerned normally use theories that are in existence and knowledge to give an explanation of behavior or understand behavior. In cases where there are no theories or any research done which can give an explanation to such behavior then psychologists take tentative statements and try to test this hypothesis (Pastorino, & Doyle-Portillo, 2013).

Predict behavior

This is yet another significant goal of psychology and it involves forecasting future events or future behavior. There is usually a careful analysis done on relationship between the different variables that contribute to the observed and described behavior and in effect psychologists are able to give a forecast of the succeeding behavioral patterns. Prediction of behavior normally helps the psychologists and psychiatrists in effecting behavioral modification to their patients. Apparently, prediction is facilitated by a good understanding f the relationship that exists between the variables influencing the behavior (Pastorino, & Doyle-Portillo, 2013).

Control or modify behavior

This is the fourth goal and it involves modifying, controlling or changing behavior that is already in existence. These are normally the behaviors that need to be corrected with the help of psychological techniques…

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