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Freudian Dream Interpretation

The dream presented by the client is one of wish fulfillment. The people in the dream and their "Trash" hurt the client. This trash is of an emotional nature and an expression of repressed feelings of sexual anger and resentment. The Old Friend from High School expresses both her wish to see that old friend and places a time frame on the time period which the anger and resentment began. The client is dealing with anger and resentment from the past. The client does shows displacement of the anger and resentment by the fact that the trash is not hers, but is being given to her by the other people. This expresses a clear feeling of being victimized by other people. The client does not take responsibility for her own feelings and blames others for their cause. The client wants to escape from these feelings and wishes for someone to take them away.

The symbolism in the tornado is phallic. The clouds billowing down and the tornado represent a male figure in her life. The male figure is one who is strong and she somewhat fears. He is big and powerful., The client fears that the tornado (Male figure) will harm her, but in the end he takes the anger away by destroying those who have oppressed her.

The symbolism in going away from the island and then being driven back shows that the client wants to get away from the "island of anger and fear" but has been unable to get away. Something about the male figure (tornado) keeps driving her back. Something in the male figure keeps reminding her of the fear and resentment. The boat is safe and the vehicle by which she can escape the hurt. I believe that the boat represents her home and the tornado is her father. She did not want to express her true feelings about the people who hurt her to her father for fear of disappointing him or hurting him. The friend in the boat also establishes that it is a safe place.

The tornado is big and powerful. She tries to avoid it, as she fears that it will cause more pain. Then in the end the tornado destroys the hurt and all of the people who caused it, leaving in its wake sunny skies and a new beginning. This dream shows two deeply suppressed manifest dreams. The first is the desire for someone to come and take the hurt away. She wants a knight in shining armor, so as to speak. She also wishes revenge for those who have hurt her. She seems joyful at the dead bodies and all the trash that the tornado destroys. The act of picking up the trash and building a house, represents the manifest dream that she wants to heal her wounds and make a new beginning. The manifest portion of this dream contains many displaced segments, so as to not make it recognizable to the conscious mind. This indicates that the hurt is deep and can be interpreted as s desire to not face the fear and resentment.

There is a distinct phallicism in the tornado and I believe that it represents her father. They apparently had a good relationship and she saw him as s source of strength. The closeness to her father is so deep that she is afraid of disappointing him with her feelings of fear and resentment. She was always, "Daddy's little girl" and knew that he would never want to see her hurt. For this reason she avoided sharing her deepest feelings with him and tried to avoid the issue. At the same time she feels that he could take away her pain, and wants to talk to him. She is also envious of his strength and wishes she could be strong in the same way.

The building of the building is also symbolic of penis envy. She house represents the penis and she is building it from the trash. In a sense she is taking the fear and resentment and building something that is a symbol of strength like her father. This is an expression of her desire to be like her father, at least in the sense of his strength and the ability to destroy…

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