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The first step is dubbed "Stop and Think." As the steps' name implies, it advises that the decision maker take it slow to avoid bad decisions based on emotions. The second step, "Clarify Goals," is about understanding both short- and long-term impacts of the decision. Next, in step three, the decision maker is to "Determine the Facts" by gathering information. The fourth step, "Develop Options" leads the decision maker to develop a list of possible actions and the fifth step, "Consider the Options,"...


In the sixth step, "Choose," the decision maker has to go with what is perceived to be the better alternative. Finally, in step seven, "Monitor and Modify" the decision maker reviews the impact of their decision and makes changes where needed.


Rosen, Michael J. "Doing Well by Doing Right: A Fundraiser's Guide to Ethical Decision-Making." International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing. Vol. 10, Iss…

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Rosen, Michael J. "Doing Well by Doing Right: A Fundraiser's Guide to Ethical Decision-Making." International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing. Vol. 10, Iss 3 (Aug 2005)

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