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The use of some of mobile technologies will reduce the cost of advertising the products and will provide avenues of communication that are safe and reliable. The increasing number of organizations using multiple-channels builds the pressure for organizations to comply or risk going out of business. It is evident that customers that multiple-channel shoppers spend more that customers that use a single channel (Warrington, et al., 2004).

Consumer demographics and behaviors along with the resulting influence customer relationship development

The use of technology in the field of customer relations management has been changing due to the advances in technology. From the use of customer care representatives roaming the streets, to the use of multi-channel approaches to communicate with customers, the future has a lot in store for businesses. Demographics assess the influence of the development in customer relationship management over different consumer groups. The changes in the technologies have also affected the customer groups targeted by organizations. The management should be aware of the changes in the demographics in relation to the approach used. This ensures that the organization communicates with the target demographic thus maintain a stable client base.

The changes in demographics evaluation is through a study of the available market and the access to technology. The developed nations have seen a change in the use of technology in customer relationship management. Concerning age groups, the younger generation has access technology compared to the older generation. The youth also comprise majority of the population in many nations thus the need to consider approaches of customer relationship management that address them. Most of the wireless gadgets in the market owed by the youth increases the accessibility to information.

An advance in technology has seen a large number of customers using the communication technology of their age. The oldest in the market is the print media that used by the customers who dominated the market when print media was largely used for customer relations management. The use of television show follows with the invention of the television. Viewers can call the numbers on the screen and talk to customer care representatives. The current generation uses the internet and mobile devises to communicate. Organizations have shifted to the use of this mode of communication in their customer relationship management efforts.

A successful customer relationship-marketing program

An example of a successful customer relationship program is the case of Amazon.com. The organization has used multichannel to ensure that it maintains a strong relationship with its customers. The company has successfully used is customer relationship program to improve its communication with customers in the market. Amazon.com uses a combination of software and research on the products customers would like to buy. The research drawn from customers past behaviour and current buying treads in the market promotes the organizations competitiveness. The information from the research has enabled the organization to ensure that customer experienced. The organization promoted consumer loyalty through providing the customers with relevant information (Freeland, 2003).

The organization promotes its products through virtual storefronts on websites affiliated to the company. This tempts the customers to click on the links to view the information thus persuading them to buy the product. The customer relations program at Amazon.com allows customers who have bought the books to write review on the book. New customers can use such reviews to learn more about the product. The customer thus has adequate information to make an informed decision before buying the book. Having sufficient information before buying the product ensures that the customer is satisfied. The organization provides adequate information about books ensuring that customers are attracted to the site.


Consumer loyalty promotion occurs when customer's satisfaction is the focus of the organization. Organizations should have a website that ensures that communication with the customer. The organization is looking into ways to improve communication with its customers as technologies in the market advance. The future of customer relationship management lies in technology that the businesses sector should embrace. Multi-channel approaches increase competitiveness of an organization thus used in the current business environment.


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