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" We were divided into teams and had to cooperate for designing the most creative, original and functional robot.

As I was the captain of my team, I behaved very strictly and authoritative with my colleagues. I can say, by all means, that my intentions were for the best, and under no circumstances I wanted to act severe with my team. My only goal was to win the competition and I was so fond of this idea that I no more paid attention to the feelings of the others. Working became frustrating and annoying for the rest of the people and it is understandable why I was soon deprived of my captainship.

I was extremely depressed and confused. Everyone blamed me for wanting to win, which I felt was very unfair. My mother was the one playing an extremely important role. She made me understand where I had mistaken and why it was my responsibility to apologize to the others. I remember her words exactly, as they had a very strong impression on me. "Persuading the best is honorable, but persuading perfect is insane" she said,...


Not only it is impossible to be perfect, but by chasing the illusion of perfection, one can miss the beauty of the making process itself. Designing the robot should have been an opportunity for us to enjoy the reciprocal companion, to have fun, to develop trust and abilities of working in the team. And I deprived my colleagues of this great time they should have had.

I felt very released after apologizing to my teammates for that. And after I was given a second chance as a captain, I worked hard to be a correct leader. I learnt to trust my teammate, to see a mistake as a possibility that may eventually fit me better than the initial plan and to believe in us, as a team. Winning the competition was more than making the best robot, for me. It was the symbol of me growing up a little more. That was my most important…

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