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Trust Essays (Examples)

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Decision Support
Words: 976 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3609997
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Trust Between Management and Physicians in Hospitals

Trust: 1 a: assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something; b: one in which confidence is placed; 2 a: dependence on something future or contingent - Merriam-Webster Online.

Do families of patients who are hospitalized for injuries or illness "trust" that their loved ones are getting the best possible care? Of course families do, in all cases, have an "assured reliance" (Merriam-Webster) on a doctor's "character, ability, strength [and] truth," when it comes to care-giving of family members. So, there can be no doubt: the element of trust has always been part of the medical community's pivotal responsibilities when it comes to care-giving to injured or ill citizens.

And meantime, if trust is indeed a "key element" in forging strong work relationships between doctors and administrators - with the good health and well-being of patients at risk,…


Jones, Bradley E. Trust, Physicians, and a CEO's Skills. Healthcare Executive, 18, 54.

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And Physicians in Community Hospitals: The Effects of Power Over Hospital

Decisions. Journal of Healthcare Management, 43, 397.

Confidence in Local Institutions
Words: 939 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 60304614
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Trust and Government

The public trust in government has become an increasingly salient issue in recent years as many governments around the world have illustrated substantial volatility in their governance and their economies. In recent years there have been regime changes in the Middle East and North Africa that have been largely fueled by a mistrust of the governments. However, even in modern nations, there is often a deep mistrust of government on the State and Federal level. This makes it incredibly important for local governments to function efficiently and effectively as they are on the frontlines in regard to the political system for the local population. In the United States, a majority of the population feel that big government is the institutional form that is the greatest threat to America's future; significantly larger than big business or big labor. Therefore, local governments have many obstacles to overcome to in…


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Financial Analysis the Report Provides the Comparative
Words: 1069 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 1313298
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Financial Analysis

The report provides the comparative analysis of Sun Trust Banks Inc. (STI) vs. U.S. Bancorp. (USB) using the following valuation tools:

Price/Book Value,

Price/Earnings per Share

Price/EBITDA per Share.

The paper also compares these ratios to industry average.

Price/Book Value

A Price/Book Value is a valuation ratio used to measure the market value of a company after all the liabilities has been deducted from the company assets. In other words, Price/Book Value is a valuation ratio generally used by investors to compare a stock's per-share price (market value) of a company to its book value (shareholders' equity). Typically, it reveals the estimation of value of a company after it has been liquidated showing remaining net assets entitled to shareholders after a company is liquidated.

There are two methods to calculate the Price-to Book Value of a company. First, we can divide the company market capitalization by company's total…


Yahoo Finance. (2013). Sun Trust Bank. (STI). Yahoo Finance Inc.

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LLC & Partnerships the Objective of This
Words: 1892 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84007686
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LLC & Partnerships

The objective of this study is to answer the questions of what similarities exist between LLCs and Partnerships and what are the benefits of an LLC over a Partnership as well as what issues may arise with the taxation of a trust. Finally, this study will answer whether the rules are clearly defined as to whether the treatment flows through to the grantor of the beneficiaries.

LLC and Partnership Differences

A partnership is reported to involve two or more individuals "who share ownership responsibilities in a business." (Carter, 2013, p.1) Carter additionally reports that a partnership business "does not have a legal identity separate from the owners of the business. A limited liability company combines the operational flexibility of a partnership with the personal asset protection that comes with operating a corporation." (Carter, 2013, p.1) The LLC is reported to have a legal existence that is separate…


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Erikson's Perspective on the Personality of Landon Carter
Words: 5028 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30406685
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Landon Carter's Character through

Erik Erikson's stages of development

Erik Erikson was an American developmental psychologist who was born in Germany and went to postulate eight stages of psychological development. He developed a model that talked about the eight stages every human passes through as he grows. These stages depict and analyze a person's life from when they are baby till they die. It mentions how in every stage a person is presented with problems and challenges. Every stage depicts a crisis which has to be resolved or else it will create problems in the next stage. Thus, for a person to attain a positive personality they need to attain positive goals of that stage and progress smoothly to the next one. (osenthal, Gurney, & Moore 2)

A Walk to emember is a popular romantic drama movie released in 2002. With the setting in North Carolina, the movie revolves around…


A Walk to Remember. Dir. Adam Shankman. Perf. Mandy Moore, Shane West, Peter Coyote. Warner Bros. Pictures, 2002. DVD.

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Economics of Public Policy
Words: 4599 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 40440193
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Monopolies and Trusts:

Appropriate Areas for Government Intervention?

Capitalism is the economic system that has dominated the United States virtually since the day of its independence. A social and economic system based on the recognition of individual rights; capitalism demands that owners' rights to control, enjoy, and dispose of their own property must be respected. In a capitalist system, the purpose of government is to protect individual economic rights, and to make sure that no one individual, or group may employ physical or coercive force upon any other group or individual. The success of capitalism is well evident. The surpluses that this system produces have enabled individuals to experiment; to create new products, and market new ideas. These private surpluses are traded in a free market in direct competition with other buyers and sellers. Such competition is best represented by the efforts of two or more parties acting independently to…

Students Attending a Ncoes Course Should Not
Words: 2593 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 58471030
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tudents attending a NCOE course should not have to take an APFT or weigh-In upon arrival -- these are unit level tasks that need to be completed before reporting

NCOE and physical fitness/weight control testing responsibilities

Unit level leaders have an inherent responsibility to maintain and manage oldiers physical fitness and weight control standards; therefore, we must hold these leaders accountable for the execution of these tasks.

The purpose of the NCO as established throughout its history from the very beginning was focus on leadership roles. As the history of the NCEO, the educational component of the NCO shows, academic instruction was a requirement of the program -- the NCEO was indeed established with that in mind, and it has been only recently that hands-n components have been added in order to bring the NCEO into line with the 21st century and as response to the 2001 terrorist scare.


Sources Combat Leadership

Department of the Army. (2007). 2007 U.S. Army Posture Statement. Washington, DC.

Elder, D.K. (2009). Educating Noncommissioned Officers: A chronological study on the development of educational programs for U.S. Army Noncommissioned Officers. Fort Wampler, RL & Blanckenbllekeer, P. (2008) Noncommissioned Officer Education System (NCOES): Considerations for Testing-out and Awarding Equivalent Credit United States Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences

Causes for the Public to
Words: 451 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68852795
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One may also question Bush's incentives for attacking those in the Middle East to begin with. Weapons of mass destruction? Is this just a front for Bush carrying out his own personal vendettas against Hussein? And what of other government officials who have engaged in distrustful behaviors? Other examples include top officials in the White House and VP Dick Cheney's office who await criminal prosecution for their participation as whistleblowers (Lobe, 2005). Such circumstances suggest that the government may at best be dysfunctional and untrustworthy. Even during Clinton's regime and his accusations of infidelity citizens had reason to question the authority of the government. Even historical president's including Nixon had problems in the white house. Indeed there is much not to trust in the realm of politics, as much as there are agencies built around trust and support.


"Drunken airline pilots sentenced to prison." (2005, Jul 22). CNN. 14,…


"Drunken airline pilots sentenced to prison." (2005, Jul 22). CNN. 14, November 2005:

"The Evil in Us." (2004, Jul). Christianity Today. 14, November 2005:

Toyota Marketing Toyota Improving Brand
Words: 1295 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 55207091
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Such a program would not only boost consumer confidence: if drivers did not have any problems after the repairs, this would also repair the public's trust in the Toyota brand.

Concern 2: Mistrust of flagship electric car model the Prius

Perhaps even more damaging have been the problems with Toyota's flagship electric car model, the Prius. The Prius has also been accused of unstoppable, unintended acceleration. Toyota had become synonymous with eco-friendly cars. Damaging the reputation for the safety of electric cars not only hurts Toyota's short-term profits; it also impacts the likelihood of consumers to buy electric cars in general. This shift would be particularly damaging to Toyota, given it has invested so much of its brand image and research and development capital in the success of the Prius.

esolution 2

As well as improving the safety features on new models and repairing old models, Toyota must undertake a…


Bunkley, Nick. (2010, April 9). Regulators may pursue more fines against Toyota. The New

York Times. Retrieved April 10, 2010


Healey, James. (2010, January 28). Toyota expands floor mat recall; supplier redesigns pedal.

Accounting Credibility the Accountability Failures
Words: 1413 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17956493
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(5) Auditors and CPAs should consider several ways that the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and SEC implementation rules as a whole impact accountants and work closely with regulators to address these effects. (6) Public accounting firms need to reconsider external auditors' participation with their client's internal audit function and control structure. This reporting on the internal controls can be very useful and add value to the integrity and quality of the financial reporting process. However, management accepts full responsibility for the design and maintenance of the adequate and effective internal control system. (7) Auditors should advise their clients and make recommendations for the appropriate disclosures of financial information. A more timely, relevant, objective, and transparent financial reporting process should improve the quality, integrity, and reliability. (8) it is necessary to use more effective and objective audit procedures and related standards to improve audit efficiency. The role of independent auditors on financial statements…

Journal of Accountancy. 199(2) p. 74-75.

Rezaee, Z. (2004) Restoring public trust in the accounting profession by developing anti- fraud education, programs, and auditing Managerial Auditing Journal. 19(1): 134-148

Walker, D.M. (2005) Reclaiming public trust in the wake of recent corporate accountability failures International Journal of Disclosure and Governance 2(3):.. 264-271-279

Future of Brands the Ability
Words: 2553 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 55150063
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For both B2B and B2C-based organizations, a highly differentiating story is the highest priority from a current best practice or trend standpoint for managing and promoting a brand image. Figure 3, Top Challenges Creating and Managing a Brand, shows a prioritization key challenges from a marketing, sales and executive management perspective. At the top of all factors is differentiating with a story followed by linking brand value to business objectives.

Figure 3: Top Challenges Creating and Managing a Brand

Source: (Analysis of eports Accessed with Permission from the Publisher & Jump, 2012).

Assessment of Brand Management Theories and Best Practices to Build Consumer Trust

Dr. Aaker's theories and frameworks including the Aaker Model illustrate how brand management is a highly synchronized strategy, encompassing every aspect of an organization (Aaker, 2007). As has been shown in this analysis the future of branding is predicated both on the pried advances related to…


Aaker, D. (2007). Innovation: Brand it or lose it. California Management Review, 50(1), 8-24.

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Frank Jude Jr How Ethics Are Ignored
Words: 2265 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85040605
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Frank Jude Jr.

How ethics are ignored and human rights are violated is one of the main discussion these days. There are a number of levels at which these two important rules of life are violated each day by individuals belonging to different speeches of life on the daily basis. Many pains are taken by the victims of human rights violations. One of such examples is that of Abner Louima. The paper will discuss the misdemeanor that was faced by Frank Jude Jr. And how the event faced by the victim has caused damages to the public trust.

Frank Jude Jr., a bi- racial man ling in isconsin, was performing as a stripper in one of the bachelorette parties on the night of October the 30th, 2004. After the [party, he and his black friend Lovell Harris, were invited to a party by Kirsten Antonissen. The party was hosted by…

Works cited

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User Access it Is Crucial to Study
Words: 1410 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72492743
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User Access

It is crucial to study the structural behavior within organization so that the effectiveness of the organization can be improved. (obbins & Judge, 2013) The employer needs to be aware of the duties and tasks within the organization so they can be managed in a proper way. Along with managing tasks and maintaining the work output, special care needs to be given to the security measures within the company. In the competitive world today, organizations are making using of the smallest information they can attain from their rival companies. Just recently, separation of duty and role based access control (BAC) were discovered as the new mechanisms to improve the security measures within an organization.

Separation of Duties

Separation of duties is very important when it comes to keeping control. It appears that separation of duties is difficult and sometimes very difficult to manage. The main task is attained…


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Marketing Strategy for American International
Words: 1740 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 60224162
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Two approved bodies of insurance brokers exist in ong Kong: (1) the ong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers and (2) Professional Insurance Brokers Association Limited. There are a stated 2,558 insurance agencies, 29,937 individual agents and 2.58 responsible officers as well as 14,064 registered technical representatives.

The OCI Annual Report of September 30, 2001 states in regards to reinsurers that "the gross premium of the pure reinsurers' business is K$1,530 million, a modest 3.2% increase, reversing the downward trend since 1996. The pure reinsurers attained an underwriting profit of K$72 million in 2000 after having suffered loss for the last 3 years. The top three active foreign reinsurers in ong Kong are Munich Re, Swiss Re, and General & Cologne Re." (Source: The OCI Annual Report 2001) In regards to 'captive insurers' it is related that the government "provides a suitable and favorable business environment for captive insurers. The regulatory…

HSBC Life (International) Ltd., and The Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd. (Source: The OCI Annual Report 2001)

In regards to Intermediaries in the insurance industry it is stated that the IARB provided statistics of November 30, 2001, shows that there were 396 insurance brokers in Hong Kong that were authorized in Hong Kong and that 2,937 individuals registered as chief executives/technical representatives of the authorized brokers. Two approved bodies of insurance brokers exist in Hong Kong: (1) the Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers and (2) Professional Insurance Brokers Association Limited. There are a stated 2,558 insurance agencies, 29,937 individual agents and 2.58 responsible officers as well as 14,064 registered technical representatives.

The OCI Annual Report of September 30, 2001 states in regards to reinsurers that "the gross premium of the pure reinsurers' business is HK$1,530 million, a modest 3.2% increase, reversing the downward trend since 1996. The pure reinsurers attained an underwriting profit of HK$72 million in 2000 after having suffered loss for the last 3 years. The top three active foreign reinsurers in Hong Kong are Munich Re, Swiss Re, and General & Cologne Re." (Source: The OCI Annual Report 2001) In regards to 'captive insurers' it is related that the government "provides a suitable and favorable business environment for captive insurers. The regulatory concessions offered by government include reduced minimum capital and solvency margin requirements, exemption from the requirement for maintaining assets in Hong Kong to match local liabilities, and exemption from the requirement for valuing assets and liabilities in accordance with the statutory basis. A captive insurer is restricted to accepting insurance business from its own group of companies only. It is also not allowed to carry on statutory business (i.e., motor