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After reading the Gilbert Law Summary on legal writing and research, a law student would be much better prepared to begin his or her educational career in research and analysis. As previously stated, the student should feel more adequate to tackle the research portion of any legal project, but the actual writing and analysis would need further development as only actual experience may provide. Honigsberg's introduction into the vast world of legal study should help pave the way for a better knowledge of what exactly is entailed in researching the law. His outline source should be used as a basic guideline for organizing a study of legal cases, and is a must for any student's...


The definitions and insight into the U.S. legal system provided by Honigsberg should make the research process a little easier to understand. As most researchers know, finding a place to begin when there is seemingly too much information on a particular subject is often the most difficult part. Having this summary tool as a reference, the law student can now find a natural place to begin work on any case study project. Furthermore, being able to research current and future updates without having to do unnecessary backtracking is both practical and time saving. The Gilbert Law Summary's Legal Writing, Research and Analysis outline is an invaluable resource that will help define any legal researcher's work into a more thorough, concise, and understandable argument on whatever court case…

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