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The Honigsberg Grid is amply described as a useful instrument in such an organization. Chapter 13 presents directions as to how a memorandum of law should be written, as well as some of its most important characteristics, notably the fact that this needs to be an objective piece of writing and has to follow a particular format. The chapter also provides a sample of such a memorandum. The notions presented in this chapter are completed in the subsequent chapter, which refers to writing a memorandum of points and authorities.

Finally, chapter 15 refers to how an opinion or client letter is written. The opinion letter is the formal way in which attorneys inform clients about certain legal aspects. As a formal instrument, such a letter has a specific format and tone, which are presented in this chapter.

Gilbert's book is very detailed in providing relevant...


At the same time, the first couple of chapters in the book present the main elements of the legal and judicial framework, including the main legal bodies, the agencies that ensure the implementation of the legislative framework and the acts, statuses and treaties that complete legal decisions. One of the best things about the book is the fact that many of the theoretical notions are thoroughly exemplified. This is the case for the brief, but it is repeated throughout the book.
The most eloquent negative element about the book may be that it occasionally goes too much into detail with some of the aspects, such as enumerating almost all online sources for legal information and putting too much emphasis on research over writing and legal analysis.

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