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In contrast, Pfizer uses a different process type from General Motors. Because Pfizer is a drug maker it is more interested in getting approval for new drugs and keeping the drugs it already makes out on the market for the individuals that need them. It is limited in the process type that it uses because of the regulations that are placed on it and other drug makers by the FDA. The governance in the United States reflects in what a drug maker is able to do or not do with the way that it sells its product, and this directly affects Pfizer, which might have a somewhat different process type if it had the option.

Harley Davidson, on the other hand, uses a process type that is by far the most interesting of all of the companies. Harley-Davidson definitely has the competitive advantage when it comes to their products and services, even though they also have some problems. The Harley-Davidson motorcycle company has been around since 1903. Naturally, it is about motorcycles, but it is also about a way of life. Competitors also sell motorcycles, but there is a great deal of freedom, rebelliousness, and romance that belongs almost solely to Harley Davidson. Some of this carries over into why individuals choose to buy Harley-Davidson motorcycles over another competitor's brand. Even though this idea that comes with Harley-Davidson motorcycles is not a tangible products or service that can be purchased, it is something that has been attached to the brand name for so long that many people cannot think of any other motorcycle company that would give them this feeling. This is largely why there are motorcycle groups in this country that use solely Harley-Davidson motorcycles and do not welcome those that ride the Japanese motorcycles and other models.

The Harley-Davidson Company also tends to market their motorcycles in a very old-fashioned way. They do have a web site, and they do utilize this, however it is not the largest and most obvious way that they sell their motorcycles. Much of what...


This prestige is largely what causes many individuals to buy Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and therefore this brand recognition is one of the main marketing tools that Harley-Davidson uses to sell their variety of motorcycles. One of the ways that Harley-Davidson has a competitive advantage over others is that they play on this prestige. They work to show people who are considering buying one of their motorcycles that there is much more to owning a motorcycle than simply riding down the road on something flashy and eye-catching. There is class in many of the bikes that they sell, and Harley-Davidson motorcycles have become more of a status symbol then competitors brands.
Process Type and its Affect on Target Market Capacity

The type of process that is used can obviously affect the target market and how much of the target market that the company is able to capture. This is important because the desire of any company is to reach its target market capacity - meaning that it acquires the largest amount of market share that it is able to gain. The process type that is used can easily affect this based on several factors such as how easily the company can reach its target market, what kind of price it charges, how competitive it is with other companies that offer similar products, and the rules and regulations that are placed on the company by governing bodies in the country that the company is operating it.


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