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Prevention for Power and Privileges under Social Contract:

While social contract provides power and privileges to all members of the society, ordinary people are usually prevented from executing the power and privilege that they are entitled to through various ways. Some of these ways include the state's legitimacy claims and excess governmental control that interfere with certain rights of ordinary people. Through its claims of legitimate authority, a state enacts regulations that citizens must obey despite of their danger of disobeying.

The claims to legitimate authority are mainly based on the fact that governments are elected by the people they rule and act as people's voice. The claims to legitimate authority by states result in governmental control, which is the other way with which ordinary people are prevented from executing the power and privilege they are entitled to under social contract. The enacted laws form the basis of governmental control that is used to prevent ordinary people from the power and privileges under social contract.

Role of Government:

Since governments are established by people they rule, they play a critical role in the well-being of individuals and members. The major role of government is to provide governance structures and system that enable its citizens to live in a free and secure environment. The government achieves this role through enacting laws that protect its citizens and the entire society. As an institution established by people and acting as the voice of the people, the government has the right to enact legislations and give commands that people have a moral obligation to obey.

The governance systems and structures are also established by the government through the legitimate authority it receives from its citizens...


As the government seeks to provide a free and secure environment to all its citizens, it does not have the right to interfere in the private life of individuals. Moreover, the role of government also involves the establishment of an institutionalized liberal democracy as well as providing access to free markets, private property, and economic development.
Ways that Portend Dissolution of the Value of Democracy:

As part of the government's role of ensuring that all individuals are entitled to a free and secure environment, the government should promote democracy since it the means with which the interests of citizens are expressed. However, the concentration of wealth, power, and control of the major media portend dissolution of the value of democracy through various ways. First, the concentration of power, wealth, and control of the major media promotes inequality that negatively impacts the value of democracy. Through inequality, only certain members of the society have the right to determine the systems of governance and critical decisions that affect people's lives. Secondly, the concentration of power, wealth, and control of the media portend dissolution of the value of democracy by hindering people's right to freedom, especially the freedom of speech.


The concepts of human nature and meaning of social contract are the basis with which governments are established and their role determined. While there are various ways that people's power and privilege under social contract is hindered, the role of government is to provide governance structures and systems that enable them to live in a secure environment.


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