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I felt a little said I couldn't take them all home and show them to Grandma, but that was soon overcome by feeling good about letting them go instead of being greedy and wasting nature's beautiful resources.

That just had to be one of the best days of my life because I still remember it with warmth in my heart, appreciation for what I learned, and a deep love for Grandpa for taking the time to teach me.

He saved my cousin Richard's life too. I was eight. Richard was twelve, and almost didn't make it to thirteen. It was Christmas vacation at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Arkansas. A heavy snow had fallen, and us kids were having an all-out snowball fight near the lake. Of course, Grandpa...


He sank like a rock but came back to the surface, his heavy winter clothing soaked, heavy, and dragging him down. We were all in a panic. He was too heavy to pull out even if we could have reached him.

Richard was drowning right before our eyes.

And then, like an angel appearing out of nowhere, Grandpa was there in a flash. He rescued Richard using a buoy attached to a rope and we all pulled him to safety. and, you know what I remember most? Grandpa never shouted at us and made us feel stupid for ignoring his warnings. He just took Richard back in the house. We never heard a word about it.

That was my Grandpa. A giver of unconditional love, eyes that revealed a life of love, a giver of grand memories, a man who loved to laugh, a man with a heart as huge as…

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