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¶ … Hangout: Request for Proposal

Program Summary

The Hangout, a 501 (c) 3 organization will make available professional training construction skills and hands-on-experience as well as necessary educational services and leadership development therapy to disadvantaged youth in combination with the rebuilding of 20 units of low-income rental housing and empty commercial space. This proposal is for a The Foundation for Public Good grant for the Hangout initiative administered by the neighborhood. The purpose of the initiative is to provide occupational training construction skills and on-the-job-experience as well as basic educational services and leadership advancement counseling. Participants in the program will develop their skill in English and will get ready for the General Educational Development examination and ultimately to a State High School Equivalency Diploma (Pittera & Andrewsa, 2007).

Target Population

The intended population for The Hangout is the community's most financially, professionally, and educationally deprived young men and women. The grant administrators will make use of the resources of the community, in conjunction with those of experts in educational planning and government, to put into operation the program. Outreach, staffing, and selection are significant components of this CHT program. It is indispensable that the program administrators arrive at, recruit, and decide on those young men and women who are for the most part in need of the resources on hand. The following will be made use of by the program planners and managers to arrive at and recruit program members: area newspapers and radio channels, using both community service declarations and advertisements community organizations (for example the Police Activity League, Boys and Girls Scouts, Children's Support Society, and local social service outfits and public and privately-administered homeless shelters) to spot potential program participants who are at present in or have skipped out of social service programs (Pittera & Andrewsa, 2007). court officials and probation officers who can recognize participants who have lately been removed from youth correctional institutions or city or state jails local religious establishments and their associated youth assemblies local agencies that work with physically disadvantaged clients or those on the road to recovery from alcohol or other drug abuse troubles who might be able...



As part of the attempt to employ and keep hold of participants with needy children, it will be essential for the program planners to revise the viability of providing child care services for those periods during which program members are on job sites and in the classroom. The Hangout members will be chosen according to the following criterion:

Applicant is required to be between the ages of 15-23 They have to have left high school or be in grave risk of skipping out of high school. 70% of program participants will have by now left high school (Pittera & Andrewsa, 2007). They must be extremely low income or be extracted from exceptionally low income families. They ought to articulate an interest in finding about the building trades and in finishing a State High School Equivalency Diploma by getting ready for the GED assessment through the Hangout program. Twenty participants will be chosen on the criteria of suggestion of neighborhood community organizations and influential's and on the basis on discussions with a Hangout program commissioner. Students ought to be advised before their approval into the program on the topic of its length (6 months) and the day by day time dedication (9am-2pm, Monday through Friday) involved.

IV. Program Activities

The setting up procedure has taken into consideration all reasonable and justifiable expenses in relation to the implementation of the Hangout program. The founders has had wide-ranging experience in running, putting into practice and administering guidance and counseling programs and this awareness has been put to use to formulate both the program and the financial plan. Cost estimates have been founded on a comprehensive program design…

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