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Grill Kabob Marketing Plan Management


In order to attain the set goals for business, controls in the pertinent areas aiming at monitoring the performance of business is necessary (Smolianov & Aiyeku, 2009). The controls will look into the actual result against the target annual sales, profits and capital growth. The employees service value to the customer will be assessed against customer number inflows and the value customer have on them. The range of products produced and sold in the restaurant will be assessed for its marginal contribution to offsetting the running expenses and profits earned by the business. These controls will adequately serve to advice the business management on the corrective and emphasis decisions to take (Smolianov & Aiyeku, 2009). The function of monitoring and evaluation will be carried out through both internal and external measure.


The implementation plan for the business presents the flow of activity that will be undertaken towards successful initiation of Grill Kabob restaurant. The initial stages of the business will be preparation of the premises and employees by branding. This should take two weeks. Advertisements through audio and visual media will follow. Prior to the start of business the advertisements will run for one week. After the start of business, the advertisements will be undertaken for ten weeks combining printing of flyers and posters.

The advertisements will be split into two main campaigns. The first one will run for six weeks of the start of business. This campaign will target sensitizing the market of the products, services and location of the business. The second four weeks campaign will run to remind the client of the products and also introduce promotional offers for return customers. This campaign will target to recruit new customers as well as…

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