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¶ … gun control. They counter argumnents I invalidated Counter Arguments Violation Second Amendment Right Gun control laws directly violate a citizen's bear arms granted amendment constitution.

There is much controversy with regard to gun-control laws and to the effect they have on society in general. While individuals in the U.S. In particular have been accustomed to living in a gun culture, more and more people have started to express doubt with regard to pro-gun laws and to whether or not they help the masses feel safer. The government has attempted to introduce a series of gun laws in recent years with the purpose of controlling the general public and in order to make it more difficult for potential criminals to get their hands on firearms. "The laws cumulatively provide fewer restrictions than exist in most developed countries, but they nonetheless constitute an impressive effort." (Mears 200)

Gun laws are generally designed to deter criminals and crime...


"An optimal amount of gun law enforcement would be at the level at which the marginal cost of reducing a crime by enforcement equaled the marginal social cost of the crime prevented by that enforcement." (Carter 262) While evidence is typically insufficient to explain the existence of gun laws, it would be absurd for someone not to acknowledge the fact that they are effective. By simply considering the fact that gun laws lead to less guns on the streets, it would be safe to say that gun laws are actually efficient. Taking into account the wide range of variables that influence gun-related crimes, it is especially difficult for the authorities to come up with clear results to back this assumption.

Studies that are methodologically rigorous are not very common and this thus makes it difficult for the masses to gain a complex understanding of the degree to which gun laws are good for society in general. Gun laws are certainly efficient, but the fact that the authorities find it difficult to implement them in a way that would actually work means that they often fail to achieve their mission. In accordance to Attorney General Homer Cumming's plans in the 1930s, through fingerprinting and photographing gun-owners and by regulating ammunition, gun laws would have worked as they were designed to. "The reality…

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