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Hadoop is a file storage system that has become increasingly popular in contemporary society. Although it was technically developed last decade, its ubiquity did not truly arise until the current decade. It has already shaped this decade, and will more than likely play a substantial role in shaping this century, which will be noted for its developments in information technology. A thorough examination of the impact of Hadoop illustrates that it will shape the century because it facilitates Big Data, enables analytics for massive quantities, varieties, and expedience of data, and is open source. Hadoop is the single greatest technological invention that has spawned the current phenomenon of big data, in which organizations and individuals are now able to process vastly greater amounts of data of a host of different types at speeds previously unthinkable. Big Data is used everywhere today, from department stores that monitor customers via smart phones and mobile...


The most salient example of Big Data's dominance in today's society, however, manifested earlier this summer with Edward Snowden's revelations regarding the monitoring of email and phone records via the National Security Agency. Snowden's revelations demonstrated how prevalent Big Data is in today's society and tacitly implied that American people cannot get away from it. This phenomenon was launched by the file storage system Hadoop, which created one of the most pervasive IT practices today.
Additionally, it is worth noting that Hadoop's value is not just in provisioning the widespread use of big data, but also because it provides an atmosphere in which analytics can be performed in close to real time. Virtually all data is useless if it cannot be analyzed to produce insightful action. Hadoop is one of the first and most widely used platforms that can handle the…

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