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The expectations for these kinds of changes will be to see gradual shifts at first. Where, it may not seem like anything is changing at the facility. However, over the course of time, these kinds of changes will be obvious in the quality of treatment that is being provided will improve. As a result, the strategy will take approximately one year to fully implement a change in the atmosphere of the operating environment.

To ensure that these improvements can continue to be built upon a new system will be introduced of monitoring for shifts that are occurring. In this case, the committee that was established to implement these changes will become way of: monitoring the kinds of treatment that is being provided and the challenges that are facing the facility. This will be accomplished by having outside consultants conduct anonymous surveys of patients, staff members and within the community. They would then present their findings and formal recommendations about what kind of changes need to be implemented. This will help to ensure that the facility is able to keep up with the changes and is effectively responding to the needs of patients along with staff members. In the general, these kinds of reviews will be conducted once a year and will they will be a top to bottom assessment of the entire facility. This is significant, because this will ensure that the hospital is able to adapt to any kind of shifts that are occurring in the community or the industry. (Badrick, 2002, pp. 281 -- 286)


Clearly, the above strategy can be able to transform the health care facility. This is because; it is specifically focusing on certain aspects that are causing the underlying amounts of care and costs to increase. Most notably: treatment is not being properly accounted for and there are instances of discrimination. This is problematic, because it can dramatically impact the quality of services that are being provided, the reputation of the hospital in the community and it can cause the costs to increase exponentially. These different elements are important, because they are showing the underlying problems facing the facility over the long-term.

As a result, a new strategy must be implemented that will effectively tackle the problem. The best way to achieve this objective is to: build alliances, conduct surveys of patients / staff, implementing policies that will address the most common complaints and having an effective monitoring procedure. The process to implement the strategy will take about six months. However, the results will be limited until at least one year. The reason why, is because we need to allow sufficient lead time for a transformation to take place. Therefore, we have to provide additional flexibility to some of our expectations....


Once this takes place, we will then have an outside consultant monitor for the effectiveness of the changes and make recommendations for addressing any new issues. If this basic approach can be utilized, it will ensure that the facility is prepared for the challenges they will face in the future


SWOT Analysis

Strengths - they have a history with the community, a reputation known for quality in the past and management has been able to provide these services in a cost effective manner.

Weaknesses - there is a culture of inefficiency and complacency. This is working like a cancer that is creating sloppiness in every department. At the same time, management's inability to adjust to changes that are taking place is adding to these frustrations.

Opportunities - they are a part of the community, they have a reputation for providing outstanding service in the past and management has a proven track record of being at the forefront of medicine.

Threats - bankruptcy, layoffs, increase medical malpractice lawsuits, an increase in malpractice insurance, infighting among the staff, regulatory issues, declining care, soaring costs and declining profits.

Action Plan

Surveys -- this will occur over three weeks and will evaluate the views of staff as well as patients.

Alliances -- various alliances will be formed with staffers to implement new changes. These allies will form a committee that will oversee the improvements.

Expectations -- changes will take place over the course of six months. However, they will not be noticeable until after the first year.

Follow up -- an outside consultant will conduct an annual review of the facility and will make specific recommendations about what changes need to be implemented.


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