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Health Staff

the Allied health care staffing agency is a staffing agency that focuses on the niche of the nursing jobs within the healthcare industry in Chicago

The Allied healthcare staffing agency works to recruit registered nurses belonging to all medical Specialties, Practical Nurses that are licensed also called LPNs, Nursing Assistants that are certified also called CNAs and Specialists from the allied health sciences. These professionals would be hired both from the area of the metro city as well as the suburbs and placed within the hospitals, the neighborhood medical centers, Adult care facilities, clinics, and rehabilitation centers.

The mission of the Allied Healthcare Staffing Agency is to provide the best opportunities of employment both to its collaborators which are the local healthcare organizations as well as serving the entire nursing community to provide amply amount of job opportunities to choose from in a time when the turnover of medical professionals is high and the healthcare industry is at the most competitive. The ultimate mission of AHSA would be to attract and retain its valued customer, a goal which when adhered to with utmost passion and commitment would yield the maximum beneficial results.

The allied health care staffing agency has very specialized knowledge of the emerging market of health care industry. This knowledge will lead AHSA to expand the network of contacts which are considered as a key concern when referring to a hiring agency. Such experience and knowledge of market would bring this company in the frontline of healthcare recruitment.

Allied will reach profitability by the eighth month and the revenues by the third year would be almost 68,000.


III. Situation Analysis

The Allied Health care staffing agency would be starting its first functioning year. At the moment the healthcare industry of Chicago, Illinois has a need for a recruitment agency that specializes particularly in healthcare professionals as well as provides an efficient and professional service at doing so. The high competition within the industry has created a market need that requires an efficient and quick method for recruitment of only the most skilled workers within the field of healthcare with particular focus on nursing staff.

Company Analysis


• Fulfill a respectable number of mandates by the end of this year

• To manage the recruitment from the suburban as well as the metro areas and improve homogenization

• an expected and considerate volume of sales by the end of the first year

• a satisfaction of atleast 85% provided and attained from the customer by the help of feedback surveys.


Efficient and highly professional level of services provided.

Gaining trust -- by increasing the customers reliability and always being available through efficient workforce and communication networks

Maintaining a patent network of contacts within the healthcare industry including the healthcare centers as well as the medical professional's community.


This is a new recruitment agency which focuses on a multicultural approach towards achieving a better business objectives and bringing the right the individual to the right job in the health care sector


Having offices in both the metro as well as the suburban areas

Handling staffing issues from the top most levels to the lower most hence catering to every tear

Handling a more diverse network of healthcare centers would provide greater opportunities to meet the right people for the right job


Only caters to the medical field dealing in hospitals, home care services

Increasing the scope of the services to the suburban as well as the metro areas will decrease market penetration.

Market share

AHSA has considerable large knowledge of the healthcare market where the common attributes required by the healthcare centers is known and the professional's community is offered the best opportunities according to their level of skill sets. The ground knowledge of the tough competition within the healthcare industry and years of experience and contact within it would allow the market share of AHSA to flourish and provide a stronger hold within the healthcare industry as the need for such recruitment agencies rises.

Target market

The demographics of the healthcare centers from the previous years indicate that the majority of the target...


There is a recognition that every company has its own specialty and the healthcare centre cannot specialize itself in such services.

54% of the healthcare centers are rapidly growing this has increased the workload to much higher levels incapable of being handled by the human resources departments within their own centers hence arising a need for outsourcing the HR searches. (Mattoon, 2007)

Desire to hire the best possible person, the most professional and skilled; recognizing that investment into human resource is a valuable asset that pays off well in the logger run.

Market needs

AHSA is providing the Chicago city with a sophisticated, effective, health care staffing agency with a vast network in the metropolitan as well as the suburban area. Allied Health care staffing agency would provide for the following needs of the customers:

Efficient pace of service: often hospitals and medical centers cannot recognize their hiring need s until it is quite late. Hence an efficient hiring agency that immediately provides the right wanted candidate is highly appreciated.

Precision: the capability to precisely local the right person with the right skills and requirements as provided by the healthcare centers.

Customer Service: regular feedbacks to check satisfaction level and availability to the customer always from any sort of query.

Customer Analysis


According to the recent analysis by the government a total of 89,890 registered nurses in Chicago (bureau of labor statistics, may2010) (statistics U. b., 2010)


The customer of the AHSA would primarily be the hospitals, the neighborhood medical centers, Adult care facilities, clinics, and rehabilitation centers in the metro as well as suburban areas seeking individuals to hire in their centers. And secondarily would be the registered nurses belonging to all medical Specialties, Practical Nurses that are licensed also called LPNs, Nursing Assistants that are certified also called CNAs and Specialists from the allied health sciences. These professionals would be hired both from the area of the metro city as well as the suburbs.

Value drivers

AHSA specializes in providing a qualified and experienced service of recruiting to not just medical institutes in the suburban area of the city but also to the metro area hence providing a broader horizon of cliental.

Decision process

In June 2011, KPMG survey's reported that the healthcare centers and recruitment agencies affiliated with them posted more than 121,000 jobs ads for Registered Nurses in the month of May, 2011 which has risen to 46% from the requirement in the same month last year. (RApheal, june 8,2011)This means that there is an increase demand on the part of the employers namely the healthcare centers for professional nurses. This increase in demand on the side of the employers has eased the recruitment agencies in providing the job seekers with the right qualifications a variety of job options to choose from. This competition within the employers leaves them with fewer options and hence the employer side of customers of AHSA would be willing to invest more into the company so as to yield best set of professionals from the competitive market.

Concentration of customer base

It was found that 10% of the rise in the jobs in the last year or 12,700 job ads placed for nurses were for vacant positions in surgical and general hospitals, hence they would be the major market (RApheal, june 8,2011)

The yearly rate of job turnovers for registered nurses is almost 15% as mentioned in a recent survey by KPMG in the general and surgical hospitals.

In 2009 December, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics analyzed the workforce and estimated an almost 22% increase in the volume of nursing jobs by the year 2018 which would…

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