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Health Structures in Government Levels Health at different Government Levels

Health Structures at Government Levels

Health at Government Levels

A national government has a task in ensuring quality health assurance standards across its region are up-to-date. Similarly, increased rates of unexpected epidemics have put governments under the surge of dealing accordingly with factors that can affect the nation directly and indirectly. Different governmental levels of health are identified and objectified in various agency websites. In this context, I have identified with a state level website; Illinois Public Health Institute website. Information presented to the website articles prioritizes in reducing and preventive, curative diseases, complementing health policies and championing for environmental changes.

Website Article Review

The Illinois Public Health institute articulates its review and implication to health quality through partnership programs. The website has supported state-oriented health involvement in ameliorating health levels, in Illinois. The institution has show-cased partnering programs with the Illinois State Board of Health, State Health Improvement Planning Team, Illinois Alliance, Illinois Departmental office of Public Health and the American Heart Association (IPHI, 2012). The articles in the website propel the agency to achieve its objectives which are,

i) Preventing diseases through educating the public and via systematic developments

ii) Developing and championing for improved state health policies

iii) Leading and strengthening partnerships at the state, local and national levels for prevention of diseases

iv) Fostering societal capacity through assistance in training and technicalities

v) Assembling and dissemination of info to the state on improved health qualities and prevention; and vi) Advocating for financial assistance from governmental and non-governmental...


Several health issues stipulated and discussed upon are reduction of obesity. Obesity among patients has implicated negatively towards patients and to the state. A contributing factor to increased obesity levels as reviewed by the website is the impact of sugar-loaded drinks. The state already recognizes the health issue as an epidemic to the Illinois state. Similarly, the Illinois Public Health Institute engagement with Illinois State agencies reviewed and strategized public improvement of health schemes throughout the state. The review details from the website show-cases future prospects of the state. The discussed policies in partnership aim to eradicate ethnicity, age, social, geographic and economic health inequalities. The achievement of this has been inflicted to the state's director to the department of Public Health (IPHI, 2012).
Review Overlap Circumstances

Despite efforts by the IPHI agency in advocating for improvement of health through obesity suppression, the situational analysis among the state members in exceedingly contrasting. The web info overlaps the fact that, on ground levels, obese patients suffer a great deal. Though partnering forums have been put in place, patients at national, state and local levels are severely suffering from the obese epidemic. The obese levels have mainly affected children and the young generation. This has been attributed to lack of physical activity, increased habitual trend in sedentary and poor eating behavior, decreased incomes for the non-working parents, exposure to calories and genetic reference to a patient's past family (Ladeia et al., 2011).

Surprisingly, the state dwellers are still experiencing high growth rates of obese persons. The partnerships addressing this…

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