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¶ … healthcare information technology project failures and best practices recovery. It highlights factors that are responsible for such failures including lack of direction, clarity of goals, consistent system and application plans. It also investigates best practices that can mitigate these failures in the health care system. The paper lists the best interventions as; first, management's commitment to the goals and objectives of the projects, second, management's definition of a series of consistent analytics, KPIs and metrics of performance that increase collaboration across diverse business units. The paper examines the use of project metrics and portfolio management in sustainable, scalable and reliable governance...


Lastly the paper assesses government intervention in healthcare. It highlights both federal and state government's involvements in the healthcare in a bid to make healthcare accessible through new programs. It also analyses the cost implications of these programs as well as the complexity of managing them. It briefly looks at the governments legislative agenda in healthcare terming the government's role as necessary intrusion yet unrealistic.


The motivation behind the introduction and the use of information technology in health care is the ability to systematically manage the information systems of healthcare organizations. Many healthcare organizations, small and medium are faced with lack of systematic information management. In addition, many organizations in the health care sector are becoming more specialized and structured therefore needing an improved system in order to adapt to changes in social and financial conditions. Therefore, the more the healthcare sector becomes more complex the more significant it is for organizations to upgrade their ability to…

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Highsmith, J.A. (2000). Adaptive Software Development n A Collaborative Approach to Managing Complex Systems. New York: Dorset House Publishing .

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