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In the early days of information technology, some of the industry’s leading professionals were self-taught people who mastered computers as they became increasingly common in the modern workforce. Today’s information technology professionals may have the same independent spirit, but also need to be well-versed in the common computer technology and programs that are used in a variety of organizational settings. Whether you want to work in education, business, government, healthcare, or another type of organization, the best way to start a successful career in modern information technology is through a formal information technology or computer science degree program.

Information technology professionals have to start with the basics of computer programming. Though many people in the field will never actually have to write any programs, but will, instead, work with existing software, understanding programming is a critical part of any information technology job position. Therefore, students must be familiar with C++. This computer language is considered a hybrid language and is general-purpose object-oriented programming language with the convenience of having pre-defined classes. It is used in a wide variety of programming scenarios.

While you may not ever tackle programming in your professional life, there are three areas of information technology study that every computing professional will have to understand: hardware, software, and security. Computer hardware refers to the physical components of a computer or computing system. You are probably already familiar with the hardware that most users have on or in their own computers: motherboards, central processing units (CPU), random access memory (RAM), hard drives, solid state drives, optical drives, video cards, power supplies, monitors, keyboards, mice, heat sinks, data cables, fans, battery backups, webcams, flash drives, printers, speakers, tablets, sound cards, and modems. However, as an IT professional, you will be expected to understand network hardware like: routers, network switches, repeaters, bridges, access points, printer servers, firewalls, and cables or wireless communication devices that allow network computers to communicate with one another.

Software refers to computer data or instructions and is subdivided into two groups: system software and application software. System software runs the computer or network, while application software is task-specific. IT professionals are expected to be proficient with today’s most commonly used software, which includes Microsoft applications for general office usage, but may also include very industry-specific programs in some areas.

Computer security refers to protecting a computer or computer system. Many people think of computer security strictly in terms of protecting the software or the data stored on a computer or network from virtual attacks. While this type of security is important, it is equally important to consider the physical security of hardware; if hardware is accessible, then the data on the computer is vulnerable.

If you explore systems analysis and design, the you will need to combine all three of those components to create a system that balances the need for user-friendliness with the need for security. System designers must be able to anticipate the needs for a system, design the system components, chose the software to run on the system, and possibly design databases that can manage data and help coordinate between users. 

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Application of Lean to a Help Desk

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Overview of the Company
IT All-Stars is a managed service provider targeting small- and medium-sized enterprises. The service desk is the typical point of contact with customers, and a basic workflow begins when a customer has a problem. The customer submits a ticket, and then a technician works to solve the problem (i.e. Internet not working, person forgot password, etc.). The business model is that the company proactively manages the IT function for the client, so also does things like managing the hardware (i.e. replacing it when the warranty expires, servicing, managing domains, etc.).
Justification for Lean
A lean approach in services is utilized in order to streamline the delivery of routine processes. The objective of implementing lean is to ensure consistent service delivery through consistent process delivery, which in turn means that delivery will be faster, and more accurate. Faster response times mean happier customers, and when techs…… [Read More]


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Information Technologies What Is the

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Compare the two managerial roles associated with successfully managed systems projects: the project sponsor and project champion.

The project sponsor is typically a senior executive who has the responsibility of accomplishing certain strategic objectives that are so wide in scope they require synchronization of many different parts of the organization. An example would be the development of an entirely new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that is capable of reporting back the contact and selling histories by each customer account. The project sponsor in this specific instance would typically be the Vice President of Sales, or the Vice President of Marketing. The project sponsor is also responsible for working with the broader organization to ensure the project has enough resources, both from a staffing standpoint in addition to support at the upper levels of management to ensure the project gets continued funding.

The role of the project champion is to…… [Read More]

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Information Technologies Describe the Three

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Further, midrange systems can support a few thousands users, and often have operating systems more focused on distributing resources throughout a network vs. being a computing-intensive system. While there is increasingly a focus in midrange systems to provide both distributive support for networks and computing power, the predominant use of these systems is in synchronizing the many databases a small to mid-size organization up to a few thousand users need. Mid-range systems have also become pervasively used throughout a variety of specialized uses, sometimes called vertical markets. The IBM as/400, one of the most popular midrange systems, has literally hundreds of thousands of applications that have been created just for a specific vertical market need.

Mainframes on the other hand are used for much more compute-intensive tasks including the completion of massive transaction sets and database calculations. A mainframe is typically used for also managing the entire array of integration…… [Read More]