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Honor is frequently mentioned in Ernest Hemingway's short story entitled "The Happy Life of Francis Macomber." Clearly the characters and Hemingway tie strong meaning to honor. Francis Macomber has a strong desire for honor and courage, especially after seeing his wife sneak into another man's tent. Francis and Wilson go hunting two times in this story. On the first excursion, Wilson the "professional hunter" (p. 4) is brave, and defeats the lion before it can injure the terrified Macomber. According to Hemingway, Macomber "…had just shown himself, very publicly, to be a coward" (Hemingway, p. 2). Margot Macomber aids in demonstrating the importance of honor when she not only makes fun of her husband for being afraid, but beds with the much more "honorable" Wilson after the first hunting trip. On the second hunting trip Macomber and Wilson encounter a wounded buffalo and end up in almost the same situation as the time prior. Macomber stands his ground, and the charging buffalo is killed at the last minute. Sadly, Margot aims for the buffalo and shoots her husband, Francis. Thus, Margot instantly kills any honor or courage Macomber found within himself. Based on the consistent theme of courage throughout the story, honor holds a strong meaning for Hemingway
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2. With Wilson acting as a catalyst in "The Happy Life of Francis Macomber" certain changes in the dynamic of Francis and Margot's relationship begin to change. As mentioned previously, Wilson shows and has honor. Margot craves this characteristic in Wilson. In Francis and Margot's relationship, before the hunting excursion, Margot had the control. Wilson appears honorable and brave because he is able to face the lion when Macomber runs away in fear. Once Macomber sees his wife sneak into another man's bed, "…his wife was not in the other cot in the tent" (p. 6), a change occurs in Macomber. An even further change occurs in Macomber as he shoots the buffalo that charges him. At this point Macomber almost seems to have his entry into manhood, finally. Wilson thinking of Macomber says, "…he had seen men come of age before and it always moved him" (p. 24). He can now also have honor, but Margot changes everything. Margot Macomber kills Macomber's honor and takes his life before he can fully change.

3. In William Faulkner's "That Evening Sun Go Down" there are several complex relationships that can be studied. One of the more prevalent themes concerns race and how it affects relationships in the south. At…

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