How Diversity And Awareness Of Self And Others Makes Us All Better Capstone Project

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Milestone and Lessons Learned

The three most significant milestones in my life to date have been my graduation, my marriage, and my having children. All three are, in a way, part of one whole event, which I call maturation -- and each demands responsibility. So in this sense I would say that the most significant episodes in my life are those which challenged me to be responsible. But they are also challenged me to be more than that: school challenged me to be studious. Marriage challenged me to be faithful and loving. Children challenged me to be a leader, protector, provider, and father. These three combined helped me to establish a high degree of "communicative competence," which provides me with the skills and drive to be both self-aware and aware of others (Trenholm, Jensen, 1992).

Meeting these challenges have been some of the most joyful and rewarding experiences of my life. Another way to look at these milestones is not as challenges but as provisions -- what they gave me. Graduating allowed me to pursue a career in a competitive environment. Marriage provided me with a companion for life, a best friend, and a beautiful purpose. Children gave me offspring to care for and be proud of.

Other students whom I have selected represent in some way the same sense or attitude towards life that I maintain. Their milestones suggest that they value the same virtues I do:


The roles that they have adopted also link well with law, cultural diversity, IT, communication, record keeping, global implications, and leadership. My own core values are reflected in these ideas and even where I am in life now could not be more fully developed without relying on these core ideas. Thus, without technology, rules and regulations, I would not be able to practice or follow laws and society itself would suffer from lawlessness. Without effective and innovative workers and colleagues, teams, friends and family, I would not be able to balance work and life and meet all the various demands of each. Without a sense community and cultural diversity, I would not be able to celebrate and participate in the amazing opportunities waiting all around us.

This total experience has impacted me by allowing me to deepen my appreciation for the diversity that keeps things going, that keeps us all from becoming stale and sterile. For this reason…

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