How Does The Life Of An Illegal Immigrant Compare To A Wall Street Trader  Essay

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Workplace Discrimination & Harassment

As an employee of a company, what can you do to personally to minimize discrimination and harassment?

There are several things that can be done by an individual if an employee is witnessing discrimination, whether it be because of religion, race, national origin, gender, gender identity, or because of the age of a worker.

If the discrimination is being conducted by another worker, clearly this should be reported to management. It would not be my place to go to the perpetrator and try to stop him. Hence, I should inform the union representative, or the appropriate manager at work.

Of course there is the risk that if I report that rude person for bullying another worker, or for making detrimental comments to that person, when the perpetrator finds out it was me I would be taking the risk of retaliation from that person. Still, it is important to take a stand and put a stop to an employee harassing another employee.

Now if a manager is being discriminatory against an employee, and I'm aware of it, there are a couple things that I can do. I can pull the person being harassed aside (in a discrete place and time) and offer suggestions on how to get the manager to stop what he is doing. In this case I would show the person being discriminated against the workplace laws (Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and other pertinent federal laws against workplace...


I could even help the person fill out the forms and make sure the correctly completed complaint gets to the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity office (Gates, 2013, p. 28).

Also, if the manager that is guilty of being a harasser or otherwise is discriminating against a person (or persons) in the place where I work, I would / could become a whistle-blower, and basically report this person to federal authorities.

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5 ways 2 cultures are clearly different

Farm workers in California fields

Some members of Congress and other public figures say Mexican immigrants are taking American jobs; female migrant worker Lauren Smiley says "the work is hard, but the thing that bothers me is low pay. In the 14 years I've worked here I've never seen an American working the fields; women work as hard as the men and are paid the same"

Lauren Smiley makes $7 dollars a box for picking cherries; she can fill about 30 boxes a day; she can do 25 containers of blueberries a day ($5 for each box); for tomatoes she is only paid 62 cents a box but she can fill 100 boxes a day, she says (Modern Farmer)

Lauren gets up in her shack around 3 a.m. To make tacos for lunch (which she eats in the field) and gets started in the fields early; and she gets to bed around 9 p.m. after taking care of her kids; it is back-breaking work but it is better pay than she can get in Mexico; she got into the U.S. By paying a "coyote" to smuggle her

All Lauren knows or cares about is filling those boxes with berries, or tomatoes, or corn or peas; there is no risk other than sometimes the farm owner will try to take advantage of women for sex.

Mexican illegals, like Lauren, have no health insurance, so they struggle with their…

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