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Capsize screening value for the Tartan 4100 is 1.89. 1.89 is under what is normally considered the limit (2.0) that a boat capsize screening value should be at in order to be considered as a safe boat under sailing conditions. The formula to determine the capsize screening value can be expressed in the following manner; C= 4 * (23245)^ -1/3 * (13.5) A capsize screening value is a relatively modern calculation that was instituted in the 1970's. The value is determined by calculating the stability of the boat. This can be done by using the beam width and the displacement of the boat in order to determine a value. If the value is less than two, then the boat is said to be relatively stable. The calculated value, however, is not a hard and fast number, instead it is guideline. There are a lot of factors that go into...


The reason behind calculating the displacement volume of the boat is to provide the sailor with the knowledge of the boat's float plane. A boat's float plane is the point when the boat allows in water if too much weight is placed in it.
The United States Coast Guard guidelines state that the calculations are to "ascertain a measured cubic capacity of the boat" (USCG, 2014). One…

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