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HR Management Assume human resource manager a small seafood company. The general manager told customers

If I were the human resource manager of the small seafood company referenced in this assignment, I would substantially revamp the way that training is implemented for the new employees -- as well as for those who had previously been with the organization. Assuming that the restaurant had the monetary resources to dedicate to training, I would begin by designating a morning or two in which all of the employees of the company would come in for a training session. There would be some similarities between the training that had taken place previously in which the older employees would train the newer ones. The older employees would still take an active role in conveying their knowledge and experience towards the younger employees. However, as equally valuable as the "technical" (as such they are) aspects of the training that would take place are the newly implemented administrative and organizational facets of it.

The training would begin with senior management (and possibly the owner) speaking to everyone present about the core fundamental values and objectives that the organization is trying to achieve. These goals would be then be directly aligned with the specific roles of the employees. The majority of the training session would emphasize these roles, which would revolve around integral principles of customer...
...One of the key differences with my training is that it would be used to emphasize the benefits of the new incentive system that the company would incorporate. Incentives would include monetary rewards for employees of the month (which would be decided by middle management figures who work directly with the employees, although upper management is free to select a middle manager for such a reward as well), as well as those for the organization as a whole if an allotted time period goes by without complaints from customers regarding quality. Incentives were a key facet of scientific management as advocated by Frederick Winslow Taylor (Daft 36), and can also assist in facilitating faster employee learning and mastery.

The next step to take in implementing the training is to have a combination of management and more experienced employees demonstrate the technical aspect of working at this organization. Management is involved in this process both to reinforce the austerity of the training session, as well as to observe the techniques of previous employees and comment and correct them, if need be. One of the most efficacious ways in which employees can adequately learn is by incorporating aspects of observation and participation (Secko). The former presents an opportunity for new employees to understand the demands of the job and the proper procedure for fulfilling various occupational functions. The latter enables them to practice these functions, in a training environment in which established employees and management can freely deliver feedback, to ensure that newer employees are competent at fulfilling their job requirements.

Another fairly eminent means of increasing learning is through the usage of role playing (Rodriguez Del-Valle). Role playing enables all types of…

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