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Human Resource Planning for Automobile Showroom will assist in information gathering, setting objectives and making decisions that will enable the management achieve the desired goals. Human Resource planning process includes; strategic analysis, forecasting, job Analysis, recruitment and selection. This paper will outline the importance of Human Resource Planning process as well as assessing relevant information in relation to the Automobile showroom.

Strategic Analysis

The work environment needs to be conducive for business growth. Strategic analysis of the work environment will assist the management in aligning it to the goals of the business. For instance, the petrol station will need to be an open environment where the staff can be creative and work as a team for the best outcome. In business venture like a petrol station with a motor dealership, team work and direction are important. There need to established goals and development of a strategic plan for the team to be successful. The mechanics need to work closely with the other colleagues to ensure that operations are synchronized and that they are all responsible for the outcome of the overall performance.

Strengths and Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats

The importance of SWOT analysis is to distinguish internal issues (strengths and weaknesses) from external (opportunities and threats) gathered from the environmental analysis (Ferrell et al., 1998). In addition, SWOT analysis determines the relevance and compatibility of the information to the goals or objectives of the business. The information can also indicate obstacles in achieving business goals or objectives.

This is a useful tool for the new venture; it is instrumental in formulating selection. For this new business to be successful, it has to build on the strengths and rectify the weaknesses while guarding against external threats. The business has to check the general business environment, take advantage of the opportunities, and do it faster than the competitors. In addition, SWOT analysis is instrumental in strategic planning; it helps the business in reviewing the past, present data and chalk out plans.

The Organization's Use of Employees

Successful businesses acknowledge that employee engagement is a critical factor that drives high performance results (Gallup, 2012). In these businesses employee engagement is a strategic foundation for their business operations. For this new venture's operations to be effective, the employees must be engaged to deliver beyond their job description confinement. The new venture has to establish measures that will contribute to employee commitment including; treating the employees fairly, provide attractive benefits, job security as well as allowing employee participation on operations. Nonetheless, the jobs have to be stimulating and generate extrinsic rewards. Workforce may fail because of management dominance incongruity (Sparrow & Marchington, 1998). There is need for the management to exercise mutual trust approach in pursuing worker commitment, which is a value based approach rather than command and control approach.

In addition, motivation is an important factor in determining employee engagement. Motivated workers are focused, work hard, provide quality and work long hours. For instance, the mechanic of the auto dealer will give work priority to ensure that it is done not only as required but to surpass expectations.

The Organization's Objectives

The new venture's objectives are; first, to establish an auto dealership with respectable gross margin in luxurious, high performance automobiles. Second, is to create a customer base of people with good understanding of the old American brand throughout the surrounding metropolis. One that can support a 100% annual sales growth of cars with interior as well as exterior state of the art features. Third, is to attain the over 1000 unit sales of high-end luxury and performance Cadillac. Forth, is to establish a prominent market of Cadilac automobiles and increasing the market share by 10% every two years.

Forecasting of Internal Demand and Supply

Forecasting is instrumental in balancing the requirements and of workers and availabilities of workers. By anticipating the number of workers the business will employ and understanding their quality, the new business will acquire the best personnel for the right positions.

Internal demand is instrumental in drawing up of the annual budget as well as the long-term business plan. It is important in quantifying work that is needed for a given output. It determines the desired composition in the workforce as well as helping in assessing required workforce level in various departments.

Internal supply is important because it helps the new business predict and pinpoint changes in supply of staff. The internal supply of workers is affected by various factors that occur to the workers over time. This can be because of promotion, training programs and other occurrences that affect worker within the business. Internal supply is instrumental in helping the business examine the capacity of workers to fill job positions. It also helps in reorganizing positions that have high turnover or absenteeism. It helps in examining gender, racial or age composition of positions. For instance, male mostly holds mechanical jobs; in the new venture it is assumed that, the same will happen therefore, the management can use it to instill gender balance.

External Supply

External supply of human resource is important because it helps businesses monitor the economic condition of both local and national occupational market. There are factors that determine external supply and they can be either local or national. This new venture could have a higher local supply than national. Some of the local supply factors include density of population, good local transport network, high unemployment level, local immigration pattern, availability of required skills.

Job Analysis

The manager will use analysis in developing description of work to be done. For instance, in this new venture, a sales person will know what is expected of them in order to help them perform their functions. In this case, the manager is able to investigate tasks that the sales representative performs. This process involves a systematic examination of tasks by adhering to predetermined procedure.

Job analysis is helpful in validating the recruitment and selection process. In addition, this new business will benefit from job analysis by pointing out job specifications for planning ways of acquiring workers for perceived openings. In this new motor dealership, a sales representative, which traditionally required a college graduate can be done by a high school graduate with training on etiquette and experience. Therefore, the venture can select one of the assistant sales representative an promote, which will save on training cost as well as enhance commitment. Therefore, job analysis is important in identifying the required skill.

Recruitment and selection

Recruiting the right people is essential for the growth of the business; wrong recruit can lead to high turnover in the workforce, high organizational costs decreased morale in the work place. The recruitment of staff in this new auto dealership will be thorough so that the right personnel find the right position. There are 20 positions to be filled in seven departments. The selection is based on merit, will be determined by assessing the applicants documents to determine necessary qualifications and experience. The management will approve the best recruitment strategy. However, the human resource staff will be a trained person in applicable employment law (Texas State Auditors Office, 1993).

Training and Developing Existing Staff

This is an important factor in business growth. People who are competent and experienced are major contributors to success of the business. The workforce needs to be updated with necessary skills to keep up with the fast changing global economy (MaRS Discovery District, 2012 ).

While training and development of existing staff is costly, it is important in enabling the business achieve long-term benefits. The mechanics in the back of the showroom need training on latest systems of automobiles so that they can be at the same level with the latest technology.

Size of Garage

The new automobile showroom is a 5,000 feet squared state-of -the art premises. The show room can fit 6 cars on display and 6 others at the back packing. The repair and detailing facility at the back can fit three automobiles at one time. The facility is single storied with managerial offices at the top. All sales representatives are stationed at the showroom.

Car Brand

The showroom intends to host Cadillac vehicles. This is going to be the home of Cadillac, the luxurious old American automobile from sedan to the sports utility range. The automobiles sold here will be brand new not used or reconditioned. These are high end vehicles for those who understand the brand or those who prefer comfort and high performance and can afford it.

Number of Employees Job Titles Qualifications and Payroll

The total personnel within the showroom are 20 individuals; a sales manager, three sales representatives, four service technicians, three mechanics, five cleaners, two office clerks, and two cashiers.

Sales Manager

Sales Manager processes all the final transactions between the customers and sales representatives. The Sales Manager undertakes sales reviews for the latest car models and provide estimates figures of sales volume for various models including latest trends in the auto market.

The position of the Sales Manager is reserved for a…

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