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Cars and Driving Are Emblems of American

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Cars and driving are emblems of American culture, and have defined American lifestyle and identity. American cities are built around the car, and so is the urban and suburban sprawl. It is no small coincidence, therefore, that both Flannery O'Connor and Dagoberto Gilb use a car as a central symbol in their short stories. In O'Connor's "A Good Man is Hard to Find," a road trip turns deadly when the family runs into a group of escaped convicts on their way to Florida. Florida makes a brief appearance in Gilb's short story, "Love in L.A.," too, as protagonist Jake mistakes Mariana's heritage for being Cuban since her license plates are from Florida. Like "A Good Man is Hard to Find," "Love in L.A." centers around cars and driving as the central motifs, but in Gilb's story, the ending is not gruesome. Although "Love in L.A." And "A Good Man is…… [Read More]

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Cars Table That You Will

Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48981338

CARS Data Criteria and the Literature Review

All of the data was taken from professional, peer reviewed journals, or scholarly dissertations that have been submitted in the pursuit of doctorate in nursing. All of these sites fulfill the CARS criteria regarding the data points.

However, this is not enough in graduate school. While the CARS research mostly surrounds Online sites, professional journals, theses, or dissertations can also be biased. The authors can also have hidden agendas. In addition, they can also have more subtle biases and defects. For instance, they can have faults in their research that are subtle and unintended. This is known as selection bias. In the professional literature about healthcare interventions do the following: "selection bias refers to systematic differences between comparison groups in prognosis or responsiveness to treatment." In outfield, unlike many others in academia is especially critical because it can result in the death or…… [Read More]

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Car Insurance Under the Microscope

Words: 830 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47565938

Liberty Mutual.

Evaluate their product mix, features, prices, distribution and financial performance information

• Identify 2 strengths and two weaknesses for each brand

• Recommend at least two ways that Liberty Mutual can improve sales and profitability for its car insurance business.

Please could you add another weakness for Geico

Expand more in Liberty Mutual

Add and compare prices for both.

And include features

Auto insurance isn't the easiest thing to understand and when choosing which insurance to go to, it is hard to find which company is best suited for you. Geico and Liberty Mutual are two of the biggest names in insurance. Both companies are widely trusted. In order for one to pick an insurance to go with you must evaluate their features, product mix, discounts, services and customer rating that benefits and matters most to you.


GEICO was founded in 1936 and is the second-largest private…… [Read More]

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Promoting Fuel Efficient Cars Establishing Green Spaces

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promoting fuel efficient cars, establishing green spaces or forestry, random emission testing, and encouraging alternative transportation, walking, and bicycle use. The total cost is $15.5 M.

Fuel efficient cars

Fuel efficient cars not only reduces pollution but I chose it due to the fact that it is also a good option given today's rising gas prices.

Fuel efficient cars come in 2 categories -- electric and water. What this means is that these cars substitute gas -- which pollutes the atmosphere -- with either electricity or water or hydroxyl.

Hybrid cars are healthier for the environment since they combine gas and water (or electricity) producing lower emissions. They also reduce dependence on fossil fuel which is the main source of fuel today.(

The trade-offs of fuel efficient cars are first and foremost price. That, however, can be overcome by compelling distributors to lower the price by making it a more…… [Read More]


Future-Method. Fuel Efficient Hybrid Cars -- Initiatives to Reduce Pollution.

The benefits of alternative transportation

Supnithadnaporn, (2007), Do Vehicles Passing Emission Test Pollute Less-Georgia Institute of Technology
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People's Car Tata Nano Financial Political and

Words: 1552 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75077596

People's Car Tata Nano

Financial, political and marketing/business commentators alike seem to agree that the Tata Nano, the planet's cheapest car, was a perfect match between an idea and a need when it was introduced -- or at least as a manufacturing idea. Making the smallest of small cars could happen because the timing was right for pairing just such an idea with the quickly emerging appreciation of frugal engineering innovations, or using sophisticated technologies and motivations to make a product that is affordable and helpful to the global economy and ecology. [1: "Stuck in low gear." The Economist. Aug. 20, 2011. accessed January 15, 2012. ] [2: Sadanad Dhume. "Unloved at any speed." Foreign Policy. October 7, 2011. accessed January 15, 2012. ]

It was for this reason that the project came to life as quickly as it did. It seemed to be the perfect mix of…… [Read More]

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Hot Rod Car Enthusiasts What Will Future

Words: 911 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87937880

Hot Rod

Car Enthusiasts

hat will future hold for the hot rod and all those who love them so dearly?

The car has been long an emblem or icon of freedom. ith the invention of automobile and later the mass production of the car, the lifestyle for the average American definitely changed. No longer was anyone tethered to the location in which they were raised. People were now free to explore, in comfort, the world at large. It didn't take long at all for the car to become integrated with all facets of popular culture. However, various subcultures also developed right along with the automobile. One of these subcultures also found another form of freedom -- freedom of expression.

After II, the United States developed a strong middle class. In fact, this was arguably the strongest middle class in all of history. As a result of this development there were…… [Read More]

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Lotus Rental Car's CFO Feasibility Adding Alternative

Words: 2748 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40061060

Lotus ental Car's CFO feasibility adding alternative fuel vehicles fleet

The problem of switching to a more fuel efficient car, especially ones that are considered non-polluting will arise for all tourist and individual car owners. The reason is the rising cost of fossil fuels and the actions of environmentalists and other powers that try and curb the use of fossil fuels and cars in many places. While the operators have some more breathing time, it can be predicted that in the near future there will be a forced shift to hybrid cars, electric vehicles and non-fuel-based vehicles in all sectors of the world. The automotive industry is itself gearing up for the change. One factor that has made the automobile producers take to producing hybrid vehicles and electric and other fuel vehicles is primarily the costs of fuel as is obtained now. The rising cost in fuel has made automobile…… [Read More]


Baker, Linda. (2006) "The Service Economy: Car Sharing Is the New Consumer Model." E

Magazine, vol. 17, no. 2, pp: 16-18.

Becker, Helmut. (2006) "High noon in the automotive industry"

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Future Car Trends Is Demonstrating

Words: 1255 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21732870

Use of electricity a d heat production is to systemize this process (.Nurettin Demirdoven, 13 Aug. 2004)

In contract Hybrid and fuel vehicles are efficient plus its engine is conventional with internal combustion. Fuel vehicles which consume hydrogen from fossil fuels dose not offer efficient energy with an advantage to operate an urban drive cycle used by hybrid vehicles. However, priority is mostly given to hybrid vehicles by government and various industries. In Addition, One of a famous company, Honda has released its Honda hybrid car in 2007 namely Honda Civic Compact Sedan. This car is made on the basis of new technology for saving gas. This car generally operates with three features including battery pack, gas powered engine and an electric motor to save its energy. There is also a full hybrid car which consists of the same major features mentioned above. Honda's hybrid car can easily be powered…… [Read More]

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Smart Cars Re The Smart

Words: 687 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27437963

Because of its hip European style, its environmentally-conscious image, its fuel economy, and its novelty, the Smart Car will appeal to a large segment of American consumers.

Proposals for marketing the Smart Car in the United States:

The Smart Car will appeal mostly to consumers in urban and semi-suburban areas. Therefore, marketing should be targeted at that segment of the population.

I have no recommendations for product adaptations to the two-seater Smart Car. However, I strongly recommend that Daimler-Chrysler introduce the SUV model of the Smart Car because of the American obsession with the SUV. The SUV Smart Car will appeal to Americans who don't want the stigma of driving an SUV but who at the same time need the extra space.

The Smart Car will appeal to all ages and genders but will be best marketed toward well-educated consumers, college students, and persons of a liberal political philosophy.

The…… [Read More]

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Auto Repair Car Repair Is the Process

Words: 1364 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26923093

Auto epair

Car repair is the process of diagnosing the car problem to identify the fault within the car. While the cars manufactured before 2000 requires special tools to be repaired, however, the computer technology has been increasingly used to diagnose and repair many newly manufactured cars. Before mechanics start the repairing of cars, they often quote the prices for customers before starting the repairing work. To repair the car, mechanic uses both electronic methods to gather data in order to replace the faulty materials in the vehicle. A mechanic diagnoses the car and identifies the problem within the car before starting the repairing work. There are two approaches used to diagnose a faulty car:

Use of a repair manual

elying on one's analysis

Use of computer technology

A repair manual is a book that assists an auto mechanic to identify the problems within a car. The repair manual consists…… [Read More]


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Hydrogen Fuel Cars as an

Words: 703 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 362629

People are typically inclined to think that a product becomes less expensive once it enters mass production. However, this is not the case with hydrogen powered cars, as it will still be expensive to produce the fuel and to make cars capable to run on it. Gasoline burning-vehicles are likely to be replaced with cars using alternative sources of energy in the near future, only that hydrogen is improbable to become widespread in the coming years (in contrast to other alternative fuels) (Behar).

Hydrogen fuel cells are less effective in terms of space, given that they are much larger than an ordinary gas tank ("Hydrogen Car Gears Up" 23).

Most people are unaware that hydrogen is not found on earth in a normal form and that it has to be extracted from other sources. A great amount of energy is used when hydrogen is extracted from other sources and the…… [Read More]

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Smoking in Cars With Children Present

Words: 2505 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77412985

Banning Smoking in Cars With Children: Moral and Legal Issues

Five states in America, Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Maine and Oregon, and also Puerto ico -- have made it a crime to smoke in cars when children are there, and more states are considering the adoption of this legislation as well. For instance, other nations such as Canada, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates are also leaning towards such a ban. The ban is viewed as beneficial in the sense that it not only protects children but it also minimizes the amount of accidents which will be derived from cigarette-related distractions, such as lighting, ashing or dropping them while driving ( However, the biggest impetus for this legislation is the desire to protect all innocent children from exposure to the hazards which are inherently connected to cigarettes and cigarette smoke. One of the inherent necessities of this issue is in…… [Read More]

References (n.d.). Smoking Should be Banned in Cars Whenever Children are Present. Retrieved from

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Jarvie, J., & Malone, R. (2008). Children's Secondhand Smoke Exposure in Private Homes and Cars: An Ethical Analysis. American Journal of Public Health, 2140 -- 2145.
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Ferrari Create Premium Eco-Car Ferrari

Words: 1517 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31391747

emotional positioning stategies. Maketing Intelligence & Planning, 23(1), 9-29.

Philip Kotle, & David Getne. (2002). County as band, poduct, and beyond: A place maketing and band management pespective. Jounal of Band Management, 9(4/5), 249-261.

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Sangkapichai, M., & Saphoes, J.. (2009). Why ae Califonians inteested in hybid cas? Jounal of Envionmental Planning…… [Read More]

references. Public Finance Review, 38(1), 120.

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U S Japan Cars Grain for

Words: 478 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3223870

A In this example, the equilibrium price and quantity is $6 and 81 pizzas.

b. If the price was above $6, there would be too much supply and not enough demand. The market for pizzas would move towards equilibrium, however. Pizza suppliers would have excess capacity. They would address this issue two ways. First, they would take steps to reduce capacity, for example a pizza maker could go out of business. Second, the pizza makers would lower their prices in order to stimulate demand and fill out the excess capacity. In this way, the price of pizza would be reduced through competition, and the supply of pizza would also be reduced as inefficient operators lose money and quit the business. As the price of pizza comes down, more buyers will enter the market. This will result in an increase in demand for pizzas. The total result of this is that…… [Read More]

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Alternative Fuel Cars the Best Way That

Words: 534 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7018977

Alternative Fuel cars

The best way that we can approach this complex subject is by differentiating the different types of fuels that the cars use since each fuel requires a different type of car and each fuel, accordingly, has its particular advantages and disadvantage.

Biodiesel cars-

Biodiesal vehicles combine petroleum gasoline with vegetable oils. Their benefits lie in the fact that these fuels produce fewer carbon emissions and reduced harmful particulates than does regular fuel. Biodiesel is more cost-effective for drivers than is standard fuel and is also more energy-efficient in its production.

On the other hand, biodiesel fuel is more expensive than standard gasoline aside from the fact that its production would take up vast tracts of land, and farmers may be encouraged to replace food crop planting with biodiesel plants.

Ethanol cars

Ethanol-fueled cars are driven by a combination f gasoline and a grain-based propellant. There are various…… [Read More]

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Requiring Air Bags in Cars

Words: 2889 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6056535

Air Bags in Cars

The Politics of Air Bags

Air bags weren't always in cars. They have come about as a fairly recent development, and the rise of the air bag was due to politics. hile this may sound strange, many things that individuals take for granted today have come about because special interest groups were concerned about a specific aspect of public policy or public safety. These individuals or groups then worked to change laws or to have laws enacted that made the world, in their opinion, a better place.

The purpose of this paper is to examine air bags from a political standpoint. In other words, the goal of this paper is not to make a judgment as to whether air bags in cars are good or bad, but rather to look at the political changes that caused them to come about in the first place.

In order…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Rental Car Retention Program -

Words: 1272 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82686135

There are more BMW's and Porches being driven than Maserati. Position as a unique and superb driving machine, and extension of personality. Never call it a car.

Brand leadership -- Emphasize hand crafted and unmatched quality. Brand has been known for decades as unmatchable.

Head on positioning -- Emphasis on not really an apples-to-apples comparison; emphasize specs and luxury differences. FOCUS on innovation. Use statistics of the number of BMW and Porche's sold, then compare with that special person -- make user believe they are purchasing an investment worthy of a King.

Lifestyle Positioning -- Use purchase to boost image and exert success

Cost -- Not really as much of an issue at this range; but simply indicate that only special people can handle this vehicle; all routine maintenance will be covered in full for 5-years. Treat client like VIP.

Positioning venues -- Purchase list of high-end executives and send…… [Read More]


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Enterprise Car Rental

Words: 835 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85997773

Enterprise Car ental

What practices at Enterprise ent-a-Car demonstrate that they value their employees?

The founder of the company, Jack Taylor started out with the simple yet powerful motto "take care of your customers and your employees first and growth and profits will follow." (EAC, 2012) The company when started in 1957 was predicted to be a failure because leasing cars did not exist then as a business. The CEO then took the initiative in leasing cars, which has become common now. In the decades that followed cars began to be rented even on a day-to-day basis and today the CEO and president is Pam Nicholson who is a person not from the Taylor family. She has been declared one of the most powerful women in the world by Forbes. While the motto of the founder is carefully nurtured even today, additionally the company provides an inclusive workplace and better…… [Read More]


ERAC. (2012) "Enterprise company website" Retrieved 7 April, 2012 from

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Quorum Books: Westport, CT.

Kossek, Ellen Ernst; Lambert, Susan J. (2005) "Work and Life Integration: Organizational,
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Importance of Cars in the United States

Words: 1261 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5760113


Physical mobility is perhaps one of the most-crucial components in sociology; it defines what happens when people of a different culture interacts. In ideal circumstances, our personal movement is limited, and the scope of interaction will be limited to our community thanks to the discovery of automobiles. In the wake of modern automobiles, people from all walks of lives have interacted at higher and lower level; the result has been an incredible national cohesion and social acceptance. In addition, the governance, commerce and other spheres of lives have been facilitated by the diverse modes of transport. It would be unimaginable to live without automobiles; their absence will have profound effects on social, cultural and economic aspects of life.

Firstly, without automobiles, social interaction will be greatly hampered, multicultural interaction, and sociological progress of U.S. society will remain behind. Certainly, transport is a crucial tool for…… [Read More]

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Japanese Car Perceptions of Japanese

Words: 644 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13361773

S. market. Instead of purchasing millions of dollars in research, Japanese manufacturers will often send their engineering and development teams to a foreign nation to study not just market conditions, but also the nuances of a given customer base as well (Aldridge, 1990). This will allow for greater insights into unmet needs, including the need to see the foreign manufacturers as being a contributor, not detractor, to national welfare. Toyota and Honda did this exceptionally well, as does Panasonic and Samsung with Google Android smartphones today.

2. Do you feel that there is really any difference, in a consumer's mind, between a Toyota Camry manufactured in the United States and an identical Camry that was manufactured in Japan but sold in the United States?

The indirect answer is that it depends on the individual consumer and their perceptual biases. From those consumers with a high level of ethnocentric mindsets, then…… [Read More]


Aldridge, D.N. (1990). Marketing strategy: The Japanese Approach. Marketing and Research Today, 18(4), 239.

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Hour Car Ride Regarding Whom I Would

Words: 379 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39381590

hour car ride; regarding whom I would choose and why.

I have been extremely interested in the functionalities and technicalities inherent to the world of business ever since the time that I came to realize the essentiality that businesses have in regard to the world that we live in. One of the things that has become most apparent to me regarding my idea of an ideally effectual degree of business know-how has been the concept that only in so much as absolutely understanding the characteristics of the marketing within it is operating can a particular business ensure any degree of market success.

This is the primary reason due to which I would prefer to select Jack Welch and Bill Gates as two of my companions to accompany me upon a hypothetical car ride lasting for 72 hours. Both of the men are monumental names in the business sector; in fact…… [Read More]

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Chinese Car Market an Analysis

Words: 8417 Length: 33 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26761132

The process would then need to continue so that the changes that can be seen in the environment can also affect the changes in entry strategies.

Environmental factors, economic factors, political/legal factors, social/cultural factors and also technological factors should all be considered. The legal factors that need to be addressed include issues in employee law, monopolies and mergers legislation, environmental protection laws, and wider issues such as foreign trade regulations. The political factors refer to the stability of the government. The taxation policy, the government spending, the relationship that the government has with other countries, and the industrial policy and all issues should be considered.

The economic factors that need to be addressed refer to inflation, disposable income, unemployment, business cycles, GNP growth rates, interest rates, exchange rates, energy, and the basic prices for raw materials. Factors from cultural and social standpoints include population demographics, the income distribution, what levels…… [Read More]


Altman, E. & Kao, D.L. (1991). Corporate Bond Rating Drift: An Examination of Rating Agency Credit Quality Changes Over Time. New York University-Salomon Brothers Working Paper S-91-40.

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Selling American Used Cars in

Words: 9639 Length: 35 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32128668

Customer oles

At least three customer roles are needed for a marketplace transaction: (Ibid)

1. Buying, choosing a particular product or service;

2. Closing sale by paying for product or service;

3. Consuming or using product or service.

Subsequently, one customer may be a buyer, a payer, or a user; or each of these roles may be filled by an organization; various individuals; or different departments. During the process of transforming a showroom visitor to a used car buyer, it is vital to note that if a seller does not cater to each of these three roles, he may loose the customer.

Insuring a used car's features are the ones the potential customer has in mind and that the vehicle will best satisfy the user's want or need has to be a primary goal of a seller.

The payer role is equally important as without a payer a sale will…… [Read More]


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Boorstinm, Daniel J. (1996). The Columbia World of Quotations. New York: ColumbiaUniversity Press. Retrieved 23 August 2006 at
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Influence of 2007 Economic Crisis on American Car Market

Words: 24230 Length: 88 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81822842

2007 Economic Crisis on American Car market

Effect of the 2008 global economic crisis on automotive industries

Crisis in the United States

Crisis in Canada

Crisis in ussia

Crisis in European markets

Crisis in Asian markets

Effects by other related crisis events

In this paper, we will review the effects of 2008 global automotive crisis. Our main focus will be on the American car manufacturers and the negative impact they suffered due to the crisis. We will also have a look at how this crisis had affected car manufacturers in other major markets around the world notably Europe, Canada and the prominent Asian markets such as China and India. Finally, we will look at some of the other factors which were important to this event namely the energy crisis since the cost of fuel is directly related to the car industry.


The automobile industry is a very important part…… [Read More]


Lee, C. (2003). Financial Liberalization and Economic Crisis in Asia. New York: Routledge.

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Liou, K.T. (2002). Managing Economic Development in Asia. Westport, CT: Praeger.
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Enterprise Rent-A-Car S W O T Analysis Strengths

Words: 3990 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98514784

These include:

Used car sales

Increasing trend of car sharing

Weakened U.S. tourism industry ("Enterprise")

The sale of used cars by other organizations is a significant threat to Enterprise. Many of the world's largest car manufacturers, like Daimler Chrysler, General Motors, and Ford, are offering large incentives and low interest financing through their dealers on new vehicle purchases. For this reason, it makes owning a new vehicle more affordable for more consumers and conversely weakens used car pricing industry wide. This could be devastating for Enterprise with their traditional procedure of acquiring new vehicles and then disposing of them through their used car outlets. To date, Enterprise has enjoyed higher resale values on their vehicles, when compared to standard residual value, due to their consistent level of maintenance service. However, in recent years this margin between the vehicle sale price and the residual value has narrowed considerably, especially as used…… [Read More]


1957. 2006. Enterprise Rent-A-Car. November 13, 2006

1962. 2006. Enterprise Rent-A-Car. November 13, 2006

1969. 2006. Enterprise Rent-A-Car. November 13, 2006

1970. 2006. Enterprise Rent-A-Car. November 13, 2006
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Change Management in Demand for Cars

Words: 1427 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89359326

Management of a Mini

Management in the Car Industry

Assume you are a senior manager at Ford. Your boss has just asked you this question: "That Mini is doing so well-why didn't we think of it?" How might you respond?

The shift to small cars in the automobile industry is a concern. Additionally, given the current trends in the rising cost of fuel demand for small cars will outstrip demand for big cars. The U.S. Automobile industry has been over the years characterized by a preference for big cars. This preference is highly attached to the American consumer culture. This situation makes a sudden switch by an automobile company to small cars somewhat like a wild-goose-chase (Kohler and Keller 710). Because motor vehicle production needs to be reflective of consumer needs, Ford could not have taken a sudden switch to small car manufacture.

The shift towards the new models for…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Review Simplified Car Following Model by Newell

Words: 1696 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31814635

Newell's Simplified Car-Following Model

Drivers tend to display oscillatory paths that are characterized with cycles of regular acceleration or deceleration because of traffic oscillations. The term traffic oscillations are used to describe the stop-and-go driving situations that are common in overcrowded traffic. Generally, conventional wisdom postulates that traffic oscillations are brought by instabilities in longitudinal car interactions. As a result of increased traffic oscillations, especially in congested traffic, numerous car-following models have been developed and proposed in the recent past. These models have been developed to duplicate oscillations through assumption of probabilistic headways during accelerations. In addition, car following models are the most significant reflections of traffic flow dynamics based on single vehicles. An example of the recently proposed or developed car-following model is the Simplified Car-Following Model by Newell.

The Model's Assumptions

Newell's car-following model is arguably the simplest model that was recently developed as part of the microscopic…… [Read More]


Ahn, S., Cassidy, M. J. & Laval, J. (2004). Verification of a Simplified Car-Following Theory.

Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 38(5), 431-440.

Chen, D., Laval, J., Zheng, Z. & Ahn, S. (2012). A Behavioral Car-Following Model that

Captures Traffic Oscillations. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 46(6), 744-761.
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Buy a Care Analyze Buy a Car

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uy a Care

Analyze uy a Car

For millions of people, the chance to buy a new car is an opportunity to experience the latest in automotive technology, with that sense of excitement. However, the different economic challenges have meant that auto sales would go into a four-year downtrend until last year. As sales increased by 11% in 2010, the highest number in 16 months. (Spenser, 2011)This is important, because it is showing how buying a new car will often depend upon the underlying economic conditions. As a result, this means that many consumers are unaware of how to effectively find the right automobile. Part of the reason for this is because of: a lack of experience in buying new cars over the last several years and a host of innovations in technology. As a result, all consumers must use proven tactics, to find the right new car that will…… [Read More]


10 Steps to Buying a New Car. (2002). Edmunds. Retrieved from: 

Buying a New Car. (2010). Auto Trader. Retrieved from:

Buying a New Car. (2010). Guardian. Retrieved from:

Car Buying Advice. (2011). Consumer Reports. Retrieved from:
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Negotiating for a Used Car

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In retrospect, the argument could have been made that the Chevrolet Cavalier was very old and was not worth $3,000, even with a brand-new windshield, horn and the maintenance agreement worth $300. A counter-offer a $2,500 could have been proposed and negotiations could have continued until Archie conceded a few more dollars or the deal broke down. As noted above, though, a secondary objective was to successfully complete the negotiations in an efficient fashion, and this knock-down, dragged-out approach was not deemed appropriate or even potentially effective since Archie had made some valid points concerning the expenses involved in repairing the vehicle to my satisfaction. In sum, both parties to this negotiation received most of what they wanted and the car has performed admirably to this day.

Reflective Analysis

Both of my previous cars had been purchased from friends or relatives, and this was my first experience with a real,…… [Read More]

The final outcome that resulted from the above-described negotiations was the purchase of a 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier with a repaired horn and brand-new windshield from Archie's Used Cars and Trucks for $3,000 cash, a price that also included a 6-month maintenance warranty and, as it turned out, a new set of jumper cables the dealer threw in for free (the schmoozing about Archie's football days paid off it seems). In retrospect, the argument could have been made that the Chevrolet Cavalier was very old and was not worth $3,000, even with a brand-new windshield, horn and the maintenance agreement worth $300. A counter-offer a $2,500 could have been proposed and negotiations could have continued until Archie conceded a few more dollars or the deal broke down. As noted above, though, a secondary objective was to successfully complete the negotiations in an efficient fashion, and this knock-down, dragged-out approach was not deemed appropriate or even potentially effective since Archie had made some valid points concerning the expenses involved in repairing the vehicle to my satisfaction. In sum, both parties to this negotiation received most of what they wanted and the car has performed admirably to this day.

Reflective Analysis

Both of my previous cars had been purchased from friends or relatives, and this was my first experience with a real, live used car dealer, a profession that has been vilified time and again in the mainstream media and by stand-up comics. Indeed, Richard Nixon was a used car salesman before he became the first president to resign, and the image endures. Therefore, perhaps the most important lesson learned from this car-purchasing experience was that not all used car salespeople are deceptive monsters that are only out to gouge the unsuspecting consumer, but that forewarned is forearmed when it comes to buying any used vehicle. The research that was conducted preparatory to the negotiations was highly useful in persuading the dealer to throw in a maintenance contract for free, for example, and despite some isolated consumer reports concerning poor experiences with these vehicles, the preponderance of such reports were positive. These steps helped to improve my negotiating position, but they were not sufficient to overcome the legitimate counterpoints that were made by the dealer. A significant weakness that was discerned during these negotiations, though, was just how uncomfortable the whole process can be for the novice and that the concepts that have been learned in class can be used to keep the "eye on the prize" in many cases, people can become so angry or frustrated during the negotiating process that they lose sight of what they are really after, but by focusing on the best alternative to a negotiated agreement, even novice car buyers can achieve their primary objectives, including being treated fairly and honestly.
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Hybrid Car

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Bias Critique

Thackery, John. "ybrid autos REV up: but will SUV-addicted buyers opt for an environmentally friendly car that saves on gas but commands a premium price?" Electronic Business: Automotive Electronics. Oct 2002 v28 i10 pp. 64(5)

Even before reading the article, "ybrid autos REV up" an informed consumer of the media should know that quite often automobile and electronics magazines are highly favorable of the industries they chronicle. The industry is essentially their 'bread and butter' of such magazines -- i.e. without cars, fancy car gadgets, and car aficiandos, there would be no audiences for such segmented magazines. The credentials of John Thackery, the article's author, are not immediately obvious, but the article's title "ybrid autos REV up: but will SUV-addicted buyers opt for an environmentally friendly car that saves on gas but commands a premium price?" suggests a highly positive slant is being given to the vehicles, for…… [Read More]

However, the article does provide credible statistical evidence to suggest the car's popularity, noting "Toyota has sold a total of 100,000 of all types of HEVs worldwide in the last five years and boasts that it will crank out 300,000 HEVs annually by 2005, as more car buyers show a preference for lower emissions and better mileage." As further testimony to the likely future popularity of the cars it also notes as well that in addition to Toyota, Honda and Nissan have also begun to offer hybrid cars. Other automotive manufacturers plan to introduce electric cars in the next few years, including Ford, General Motors and Daimler Chrysler. All of these manufactures, incidentally, have linked advertisements to this article on the World Wide Web.

The intended audience of this article, however, is clearly more interested in the car's purported power than environmental impact. Although the article does quote a director of alternative power technologies at J.D. Power & Associates, Westlake Village, who notes "the total HEV industry could be as large as one-half-million units by 2007," instead the author is more keen to emphasizes that forward-thinking car makers are "building a new breed of HEVs with smaller sticker premiums and more modest emission-reduction and mileage-enhancement targets." Thackery gently mocks the Toyota Prius, for example, stating that the car "sells on its appeal as a statement of the driver's environmental piety," but the more revved up HEVs, of the future, which are incidentally are more likely to be made by American car manufacturers, "are more attuned to market realities in a country where gas guzzling is an accepted addiction. 'If you do the math, you can see that we can actually save significantly more fuel converting a 20-mpg vehicle into a hybrid than a 30-mpg vehicle, especially if it's a vehicle that sells in high volumes, not a niche vehicle,'" one GM executive is quoted as saying, in defense of GM's future, more modest emissions standards for its electronic vehicles, in contrast to the Toyota Prius.

Thus, the article overall presents solid and credible information about how hybrid cars work, and their burgeoning popularity. But this American car and electronic niche magazine, aimed at car and gadget aficionados rather than the average cost-conscious middle class American car consumer may be too quick to sneer at the petite and cost-conscious hybrids such as the Prius, and too quick to endorse the more mildly conservationist and conserving 'mild-HEVs' that American manufactures plan to make in the future. Although its information its solid, its tone must be regarded with a pinch of proverbial (electrically charged) salt.
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External Environment Facing Toyota the Global Car

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external environment facing TOYOTA, the global car manufacturer. This paper discusses impacts of the company's internal organizational strategy (structures and management). The work is divided into two tasks. Task 1: Critically evaluates key factors (e.g. environmental, global, competition, technology) impact TOYOTA performance. Task 2: Provides strategic recommendations for senior managers of the TOYOTA.

Examine the external environment of TOYOTA and how this impacts on the internal organizational strategy (structures and management). Critically evaluate the key factors (e.g. environmental, global, competition, technology) that impact on TOYOTA performance. Findings are drawn from use of analysis tools (e.g. PESTLE, Porter's five forces, SWOT).

Strategic Analysis

We begin our analysis of Toyota by looking at the company through three analytical prisms: Porter's Five Forces Analysis, SWOT Analysis, and PESTLE. It is necessary to define what these analytical prisms are, initially, i.e., define terms, before beginning the analysis in earnest.

Porter 5 Forces Analysis

Porter's…… [Read More]


1. Toyota seeks 15% of global car market: Japanese automaker targeting Russia, India, China and Brazil,, November 13, 2006

2. Global Economic Research: Global Auto Report: Strengthening Car Sales Drive Global Vehicle Output To Record High -- Production increase will support global economic activity, Feb. 25, 2011, Scotiabank Group

3. Toyota Motor Corporation Global Web site, / (Accessed on March 10, 2011)

4. European car makers and their suppliers: changes at the interface, RT McIvor, PK Humphreys… - European Business & #8230;, 1998 -
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Transportation Hybrid Car Engines How

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That means the car does not have to be recharged after going only short distances. The electric motor can also help recharge the batteries if necessary. The gasoline engine recharges the bank of batteries, and the car just keeps going. Most hybrids can get between 55 and 60 mpg on the highway, although some owners do report less.

Most of the cars also use a generator that actually produces the electric power that drives the electric motor, and most use conventional transmissions, although the Toyota Prius uses a new, radically different transmission. The cars also combine a gasoline gas tank with a bank of batteries to power both engines. This is called a "parallel hybrid." Another type of hybrid engine, the "series hybrid" uses the gasoline engine to power a generator that creates the power for the electric engine or can recharge the batteries (Nice).

There's another advantage to hybrid…… [Read More]


Bamber, Taylor. "All about the Hybrid Car." 2005. 30 Sept. 2005.

Brotman, Steve. "Hybrid Cars." University of Florida. 2005. 30 Sept. 2005. 

Nice, Karim. "How Hybrid Cars Work." 2005. 30 Sept. 2005.
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Hydrogen Fuel Car Option 2

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People seeking to make a fundamental change in the way they transport themselves will likely need a great deal of information, some of which may provide greater clarity while others may provide confusion and resort in them seeking out another alternative product. The consumer may then look for information that will support their inquiry into a commitment to a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle as opposed to one of many alternatives.

a. Choosing a lower cost option, or in this case an option that best fits into their personal budget;

b. Choosing an alternative with greater support and/or greater available review data, i.e. something that has already been tried and embraced by consumers;

c. Choosing a product that offers the least resistance in the way of lifestyle change, where to fuel, how to fuel, easier to drive, and/or service.

2. Consulting an expert, such as the lease agent, dealer manufacturer or…… [Read More]


Al-Muslim, a. (2011, March 29). Hempstead adds three hydrogen-powered cars. Newsday, (Melville, NY). Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

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Strahan, D. (Nov 29-Dec 5, 2008) Hydrogen's long road to nowhere. New Scientist (200) 2684, 40-44.
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Integrate Speakers Into Baby Car Seats There

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integrate speakers into baby car seats, there is not enough information provided as to how adding speakers will benefit the baby and how the speakers will benefit the parent. Furthermore, Michelle does not list any consequences or drawbacks to the integration of speakers to car seats. Below is a detailed breakdown of each paragraph and the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Beginning with the opening paragraph, Michelle establishes that she will be writing about car seats and gives a brief overview of the history of car seats. However, the opening paragraph is missing a clear and concise thesis that argues that car seat speakers would be an added benefit to the already protective device. Moreover, the last sentence of the paragraph is muddled and does not establish a clear stance on the integration of speakers to car seats, but rather posits a hypothesis. he opening paragraph also needs to have…… [Read More]

The fourth paragraph has a good introductory sentence and establishes one of the pros of having speakers installed in car seats. However, Michelle only introduces one pro-to installing speakers to car seats. She needs to add more pros to make a stronger argument for the installation of speakers to car seats; allowing the baby to listen to something other than their parents and vise versa is not enough. Michelle should include at least two more pros. Furthermore, the paper is missing cons. Are there seriously no downsides to installing speakers to car seats? What about a lack of bonding between parent and child over music or any other audio-based media such as books and other instructional materials? What about having speakers replaced or fixed if they get broken?

The concluding paragraph states that there have been many advances made since 1898, however does not give any more information. The strength of the last paragraph is establishing that car seats provide protection and peace of mind, however, this can be accomplished without installing speakers. Furthermore, with one argument made for the installation of speakers, the paper is weak on the whole. There needs to be more evidence that supports the installation of speakers besides diminishing interaction between parent and child -- and avoiding conflicts.

The paper needs to be checked for grammar and punctuation as a whole. Also, spellcheck will only catch misspelled
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Globalization Selling Cars in China

Words: 692 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28630290

For the Chinese, cars represent both freedom and affluence. Despite its flagging fortunes at home, General Motors doubled its sales in China during the third quarter of 2009, compared with the same period in 2008 (Stoll 2009). Although GM may be associated with government bailouts and failure in the U.S., in China GM has been able to successful craft an attractive and affluent image for China's emerging financial elite. Significantly, when GM was forced to sell off its 'uber-luxury' brand, the massive Hummer, a Chinese firm was the first to 'bite.'

Marketing in China, GM's example suggests, requires a two-pronged strategy. To the affluent, the attractiveness of a foreign vehicle that can give the driver the luxury experience he or she has long desired but never possessed will be compelling. Driving a foreign vehicle connotes wealth and prosperity. To the rural population, who may desire more moderately-priced vehicles, the ideal…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Bradsher, Keith. "China's economy takes a sharp domestic turn." June 12, 2009. The New York

Times. November 21, 2009. /2009/06/12/business/global/12yuan.html

Stoll, John. "GM turnaround strategy gets lift in China." The Wall Street Journal. November 15, 2009. November 21, 2009.
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Comparison of Efficiency and Cost Hybrid vs Gas-Powered Cars

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Hybrid vs. Gas Powered Cars

Currently, global warming and a shrinking natural resource base are two of the greatest headaches for governments and regulators alike the world over. The price of gas in the U.S., for instance, almost doubled over the last decade, from $1.86 in 2004 to $3.62 on average in the first half of 2014; and given that more than half of the country's oil consumption is taken up by motor vehicles, one question looms -- what will the situation on our roads be like when our oil reserves can no longer sustain our consumption needs? Then there is the even greater problem of greenhouse emissions and global warming. The transport sector accounts for approximately 17%-18% of total CO2 emission globally, and automakers have been under intense pressure to roll out emission-free automobiles, and thereby reduce the damage resulting from the Greenhouse effect. More and more regulators are…… [Read More]


IIHS. (2014). Hybrid Models have Lower Injury Odds than their Conventional Counterparts. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Retrieved 5 November 2014 from

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Revitalization of the American Car Industry

Words: 2115 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93165690

General Motors was founded in 1908 and has been the largest manufacturer, designer, building and marketer of cars and trucks throughout the world since 1921. It sells vehicles in more than 200 countries worldwide and maintains assembly, manufacturing, distribution or warehousing operations in 53 of these countries. In 2000, it sold 8.6 million cars and trucks - constituting 15.1% of the entire world vehicle market (the world's biggest share) at $4.5 billion net sales and $184.6 billion in revenues. (General Motors). It envisions itself as the enduring world leader in transportation products and related services, whose goal is "to maintain this position through enlightened customer enthusiasm and continuous improvement, driven by the integrity, team work and innovation" of its employees. (General Motors)

The organization operates in four regions. The first, which has the largest market at 27%, is the GM North America. This region designs, manufactures and markets vehicles for…… [Read More]


Business Wire. Raytheon Chosen by General Motors to Provide Dealership

Technical Training, 1999

2. Insider. XV8 Power: Another Intriguing Concept Engine from the General.

McMullen Argus Publishing, Inc., 2002
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Systems of Power and Control in the Japanese and Western Car Industry

Words: 837 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71355896

Japanisation in the United Kingdom:

Experiences From the Car Industry

This report aims to analyze and compare the systems of power and control in the Japanese and western automobile manufacturing industries. The method was to use a wide range of theory and to support the analysis. The world has become an extremely competitive global economic battle ground. Automobile manufactures from both the east and the west continue to search for opportunities that will allow them to strategically reduce overhead but not affect market share or profitability. Consider that In the 1990's the solution was to literally cut or reduce the labor force and therefore reduce inherent costs of labor. The buzz words of the time were 'they just laid off X amount ... ', or 'they are downsizing ... ' These terms were regulars on the media circuit or on the front page of the morning's business section. These phrases…… [Read More]


Corbett, Brian (2002). Southern hospitality. Ward's Auto World, August.
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Reducing Time Required for Order Fulfillment by a Car Parts Distributor

Words: 762 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47168592

applying quality improvement tools to an order fulfillment process*

Like Americans, Europeans love their cars. hen their cars are in need of repair, time is of the essence in completing the repairs and returning them to their owners. This case involves a European car part distributor that was faced with delays in providing replacement parts to car dealerships and repair garages from a European distribution center. In response, the distribution center manager adopted the "Domino's Pizza approach" by promising all customers that their parts would be delivered within 24 hours or they would be free. In order to accomplish this feat, the distribution center manager formed a team to identify ways to facilitate the order fulfillment process with a goal of shipping 98% of all parts within 24 hours. This paper describes this process, as well as the tools that were used by the team. Answers to a series of…… [Read More]

Works Cited

*Adapted from Bothe, David R. (2003, September). "Improve Service and Administration;"

Quality Progress: 53-57.
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China's Car Sales Have Mixed

Words: 693 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88235969

The way he is able to address even the current financial situation with a dose of humor is an encouraging comment on today's intellectualism. Setting style aside, the content of Zakaria's article is also incredibly engaging. The fact that Canada, alone out of the entire industrialized world, is not facing any bank failures or other major symptoms of the financial crisis, is very surprising to me. I guess this is mostly because I do not hear a lot about -- or pay attention to -- Canadian news.

This might be because, according to this article, there is little news to report coming from Canada when compared to the major turbulent events going on in the rest of the world. I -- and perhaps the rest of the nation along with me -- do not tend to think that much about our neighbor to the north; when I do, I generally…… [Read More]

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Angelo Epifani Drove His Car Into My

Words: 942 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47025746

Angelo Epifani drove his car into my daughter, killing her instantly. The driver left the scene of the accident, likely fearing the repercussions and unable to face the consequences. My daughter was left lying on the street in the middle of the night, alone, to die. Her name was Jiao Shiqi. She was only 20 years old when she died, a delightful, kind, intelligent, and sweet girl.

Jiao Shiqi had her whole life ahead of her. She had immigrated to Canada not long before her untimely death. The courage it must have taken Jiao Shiqi to move to a foreign country alone was remarkable, but she handled it so well that she made friends nearly the minute she disembarked from the plane: flight AC031 direct from Beijing to Toronto Pearson.

Her marks at Columbia International College were so good, that Jiao Shiqi was planning on completing her college degree at…… [Read More]

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Health Car Problem Select and

Words: 3075 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28264858

At which point, they talk about the effects that the different kinds of coverage are having on senior citizen, with many using a combination of Medicare and private insurance, while others have used a combination of Medicare / Medicaid. To rectify the situation, the article points out that there is one of two solutions to include: the government placing price caps and importing prescription drugs. A government model of limiting the overall scope of price increases, could help to reduce the negative effects that this having on the elderly. Another option, for those who are opposed to such a plan, is to allow the import of prescription drugs. This is significant, because it shows how increasing the available supply of prescription drugs are a key to curtailing costs. If some kind of programs, this could be introduced to address this issue. At which point, it could be effective in reducing…… [Read More]


Carbaugh, R. (2006). Chapter Summary. Contemporary Economics (pg. 76) Mason, OH: Thompson.

Day, T. (n.d.). About Medical Care for the Elderly. Retrieved June 26, 2010 from Long-Term Care Link website:

Ham R. (2007). Clinical Pharmacology. Primary Care Geriatrics (pp. 94) Philadelphia, PA Mosby.
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Company Familiar This Place Employment a Car

Words: 1788 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63759226

company familiar. This place employment, a car wash, a yard service company, . We a simple hotdog stand, run a mobile truck sells hotdogs Soldiers inprocessing center/bldg. This company sells hotdogs a bun, condiments, chips, soda.

Describe the company's supply chain

In order to differentiate itself from other similar companies, Hot Diggity Dogs has focused on the quality of its products. As a consequence, the company's management concluded that it is not enough to have a supplier deliver the hot dogs, chips, buns and soda, but that it would need to control the production process for the most important elements on its menu, namely the hotdogs, the chips and the buns.

As a consequence, Hot Diggity Dogs has expanded its supply chain to include raw materials (meat, potatoes) and the supplier manufacturing. The idea is to be involved in these processes in the quality assurance phases: personnel from Hot Diggity…… [Read More]

Reference Page

1. Hoffman, George. 2006. Supply Chain Management in a Quick Service Restaurant Environment. Michigan University

2. Patton, Patrick. 2013. Business Process Automation -- What About the Internal Processes? Interactive Intelligence.

3. Yost Denny. 2009. Improving Internal Processes Your Company's Competitive Advantage. On the Internet at  . Last retrieved on October 31, 2013
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How Do People Choose Cars

Words: 4071 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70007492

Behavioral Economics

There is a lot of predictability and patterns when it comes to economics. There are many examples that one can point to. First, there is a bit of a cycle to things. Even when there are economic "booms" in the United States or other capitalistic countries, there are eventually "busts" of varying size and degree called recessions. Most of the time, the recessions are fairly brief and not a lot of damage is done. Other times, one sees recessions like the Great Depression in the 1930's and the Great Recession in the 2000's. There was also the fairly dark period that occurred during the latter part of Jimmy Carter's Presidency and into the early 1980's when Reagan took over (24/7 all Street). Of course, there are behaviors that are expected and realized when economic travails come. People tend to tighten their spending, stick to their current job if…… [Read More]

Works Cited

24/7 Wall Street. "The 13 Worst Recessions, Depressions, And Panics In AmericanA History." N.p., 2015. Web. 21 Dec. 2015.

Car Scoops. "Want A Car 'Made In The U.S.A.'? Then Check The First Digit Of The VIN Code." Carscoops. N.p., 2015. Web. 21 Dec. 2015.

Crawford, Steve. "How Does Consumer Spending Change During Boom, Recession, And Recovery?: Beyond The Numbers: U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics." N.p., 2015. Web. 21 Dec. 2015.

Fiat. "Fiat.Com - Homepage." N.p., 2015. Web. 21 Dec. 2015.
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Learning About the Lotus Elise Car What

Words: 2507 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19656114

learning about the Lotus Elise car. What can one grasp from this particular case? Is there anything significant that stands out? One will discuss this scenario in depth along with theory and recommendations.

Creativity in Organization

Many factors are worth considering when looking at creativity in an organizational environment, especially for Lotus Elise, which include communication, decision making, handling potential conflicts, personal attitudes and group roles. People make decisions every day; they are usually good and bad. However, one needs to describe what these actually are in a business environment. These consist of" democratic, autocratic, collective-participative and consensus" (Leadership Management, 2011, p. 1).

Democratic refers to the majority vote when decisions are made, such as having the Board of Directors decide between three possible candidates who will want to become the next Chief Executive Officer (CEO). One can view an autocratic leader as one who controls everything that occurs within…… [Read More]


Ahmed, P.K., Shepherd, C.D., (2010). Innovative Management: Context, strategies, systems and processes. Prentice Hall Business.

Career-Success-For-Newbies. (2011). Work attitude values enhancement: Your personal principles. Retrieved June 14, 2011, from Career-Success-For-Newbies: .

Forbes. (2011). Seven tips to solving conflict at work. Retrieved June 14, 2011, from Forbes:

Leadership Management. (2011). Decision-making styles. Retrieved June 14, 2011, from Leadership management: .
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China Car PESTEL KFS Analysis Chinese

Words: 530 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68496630

Technology in China is essentially on par with the rest of the developed world, though there are common accusations (many of them quite obviously well-founded) of copyright infringement and the production of lower-quality "knock-off" or counterfeit goods of all types. A major concern operating a car manufacturer/distributor in China would be the theft of ideas, designs, and even mechanical features. Technology could also be helpful in reducing pollution, but China does not seem overly concerned about this regardless of the fact that some of the most polluted urban areas in the world can be found in China -- due in large part to exhaust from fossil fuel burning in cars and factories. Environmental concerns ought to be more extreme than they are, and if a cleaner car can be offered without much of a premium in the current market, brand identity could be strengthened and there might be eventual payoffs.…… [Read More]

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Ford Motor Car Co Is

Words: 1858 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41582285

If Boca Raton, Fla. buys 32 Explorers, we need to let the entire municipal market know about it.

Foreign sales

The key to foreign sales is understanding that the Explorer will be a luxury item in much of the rest of the world. Ford Explorers may be driven by middle-class families and soccer moms in the United States, but the $30,000 price tag is going to make the Explorer an upper-class item in countries with a lower standard of living than the United States.

Naturally, to overseas upper-class drivers, the vehicles they drive are status symbols, and we must focus on the prestige element of owning an Explorer. We should look for luxury lifestyle magazines - foreign versions of the Robb Report, for example - and purchase adverting that focuses on the luxury features and prestige factor of owning the Explorer. Ads with American celebrities, who often are even more…… [Read More]

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Employment Discrimination Religious Beliefs

Words: 411 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54291449

Cars--Us (Cars): Will Clem succeed in his discrimination suit? What are the applicable rules and why do they apply or not apply in this case?

It is unlikely that Clem will succeed in his discrimination suit even though religion is a protected class under Title VII of the Civil ights Act of 1964 and Cars--Us has an excess of 15 employees (Meiners, ingleb, & Edwards, 2015, p.499). While it is required that employers make "reasonable accommodations" for the religious beliefs of employees, these accommodations must not cause "undue hardship" (Meiners, ingleb, & Edwards, 2015, p.501). Cars--Us can make a convincing case that not using Clem on Fridays was a significant hardship because of the need to use a floater, which interfered with scheduling elsewhere and also resulted in the need for more repairs and lower levels of efficiency. This could cost a "significant amount" to Cars--Us (Meiners, ingleb, & Edwards,…… [Read More]


Meiners, R., Ringleb, A., Edwards, F. (2015). The legal environment of business. (12th Ed.).

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Vw and the Emissions Testing Scandal

Words: 928 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26186613

Car companies have made many promises over the years. From reduced emissions, to steady driving, to conserving fuel, car companies try to please the public with sometimes-ludicrous claims. Volkswagen is one of those companies, promising their customers cars the produce less emissions. They did deliver said promise. However, that was only in test mode. In fact, their cars produced more than expected outside of test mode.

Volkswagen has not been all too transparent with their emission tests. In fact, the company has actually cheated by giving the appearance that their cars create less pollution than they really do. The EPA discovered the true figures in recent years and revealed it to the public. "The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency discovered that 482,000 VW diesel cars on American roads were emitting up to 40 times more toxic fumes than permitted - and VW has since admitted the cheat affects 11m cars worldwide"…… [Read More]


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Car Maintenance Company in Iraq, April 2003

The 507th Maintenance Company was a unit in the American Army that was ambushed in the Battle of Nasiriyah during the invasion of Iraq as they were advancing towards Baghdad. This unit was developed and established to offer maintenance support to the 5th Battalion, which was the 52nd Air Defense Artillery at Fort Bliss, Texas. The unit was deployed to Kuwait during the build-up to Operation Iraqi Freedom in February 2003 and was later involved in the operation through which it received huge media attention. The significant media attention occurred after one of its members, Jessica Lynch, was rescued from an Iraqi hospital. Upon return from its deployment to Iraq, the 507th Maintenance Company supported Operation Enduring Freedom given the decrease of the threat of ballistic missile attacks. This unit of the United States Army was placed in a dreadful predicament by the…… [Read More]


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