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Car Essays (Examples)

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Technological Change in Transportation
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The first automobile with a combustion engine was developed in 1906 allowing people to travel from place to place without relying on an external force. The car essentially replaced the horse and buggy but by today’s technological standards it was a crude machine with very limited capacity. Jean Lenoir patented the internal combustion engine auto in 1860. Daimler and Benz produced the first gas powered auto in 1885. Electric autos were produced in 1891 by William Morrison, and were the first major improvement over steam engines. However, gas and petrol autos were mainly produced: Ford designed the Model T in 1903 and it was mass produced in 1908. General Motors further developed the auto by increasing its speed and making it sturdier using coil spring suspension which was introduced in 1934. Prior to that, however, the car radio had been placed in the auto, allowing drivers to tune into radio…

Jardine. (2018). History of car technology. Retrieved from

Renault Is a French Automobile
Words: 2170 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61031577
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IX. Plan of implementation

The implementation plan should have several different parts. The first part is the analysis. The decision has been made to relocate some of the plants from locations with high labor and production costs to countries where these costs are lower. The analysis will need to show which each of these countries are. The idea is that the new countries will need to have some of the characteristics that serve company interest. These would include being close to markets where the products are sod or, if it is the same country, a sufficient purchasing power for the customers in the new locations.

The action plan or actual implementation plan should follow. The implementation plan will include dates and times when things are being moved, prices, for goods that are being auctioned and no longer retained in the new locations, personnel that will need to move to the…

Values and the Automobile Market in the
Words: 1388 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19878182
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Values and the Automobile Market

In the last decade, the luxury car segment became one of the most competitive in the automobile market. Many American consumers who purchase luxury cars prefer imports from Germany and Japan.

A marketing vice president with General Motors once commented, "Import-committed buyers have been frustrating to us." This type of thinking has led industry analysts to argue that to successfully compete in the luxury car segment, U, S, carmakers need to develop better understanding of the consumers so that they can better segment the market and better position their products via more effective advertising. Insight into the foreign-domestic luxury car choice may result from examining owners' personal values in addition to their evaluations of car attributes, because luxury cars, like many other conspicuously consumed luxury products, may be purchased mainly for value-expressive reasons.

Industry analysts believe it would be important to assess whether personal values…