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So when these less trained and educated employees see any customer coming towards them. They try to avoid, move here and there or goes out of the reach of the customer. The Malls do come under the category of Retail business. In which there are different brands, shops and products of different companies are present under one roof. Every customer who visits is different in terms of education, product knowledge, from educated or uneducated background. Here is the importance of human resource management plays its part; where the human resource department has to train the employees to cater every customer. So the employees can respond to every query that is being asked by the customer with wisdom and technique.

It is the sole discretion of the organizational heads to deliver the trainings to the employees of the organization. The coaching, training sessions should be on regular intervals. Informational handouts should be distributed on regular basis. In this way everybody will be equipped with the important information regarding the ethics or workplace. These efforts towards the workforce will make them aware and will avoid committing an unethical act or misbehave with anyone. Ethics are the code of conduct of spending a healthy and peaceful life. It is found that the ethics are the morals that helps individual to take certain good decisions that cannot cause any problem to the other, ethics helps a person to take a right decision, holds his temperament towards the bad things and spend life in a normative way, the person who have the ethical values, his behavior is always predictable that he will be acting like this in a particular situation. That is why business organizations of today focus on the ethical values and organizational behavior in order to remove the uncertainties regarding behavior of people who are brought together by different cultures and diversities. So they all merge together and work together in a healthy environment.

7. Metro Cash and Carry and Customer Values:

Metro has the wide extensions and customer focus on more than 29 countries. It is difficult to manage the management and standards of state of art in every country. Every new community and their responses are difficult to manage. But the Human resource department has one focus everywhere that is organizational behavior towards the customer and their satisfaction level. This helps in maintaining the harmony and value among the employees, working staff and especially the customer. Customer retention is a challenge for every organization operating in this competitive era and time of quality and features. Monthly groceries buyers, small businesses and retail outlets are the customers of Metro Cash and Carry. The management has extended its hands to all the business units and household units to expand its customers. The thing is they try to value each and everyone at the same ground of quality response and competent behavior. That makes the customer stick to Metro Mall.

8. Visit to Metro Cash and Carry:

The visit to Metro Cash and Carry was very productive. The meeting with the head of human resource department and employees has explained every aspect of the organization lucidly that has been focused. Plus the head of human resource department has stated the Metro's objective in some bullet points such as:

1. They want to be market leader in Cash and Carry Malls

2. Their focus is customer satisfaction

3. Everyone in the organization is ethically committed, values and maintain the healthy environment throughout the organization

4. Every employee has a focus on communication

5. They want to be innovative in their quality, procedures and services

6. They have strong devotion to provide best services to customer and their money

7. The organization takes their employees as their most important asset, so they keep on investing them.

8. They try to adapt the atmosphere, ethics and culture of every region they enter

9. The organization tends to study the cultural dynamics of countries they work in.

The Organizational Environment at Metro Cash and Carry

Employee Values:

The head of human resource department explained us that every employee working at any level in the organization is considered equal; their valued opinions are always respected. The treatment given to each employee is just and fair. The management has never been biased to anyone. The management is successful in maintaining the trust among the employees, workers and management staff.

Bureaucratic Approach:

The Metro Cash and Carry is an organization that is open to everybody's opinions. They believe in two way communication style. They avoid orders to be given and obeyed forcefully. They always try to achieve the change in the organization by having open discussions and sharing of ideas are always respected and given values.

Autonomy Sharing:

Being a global organization Metro Cash and Carry believe in the sharing of power and decision making. The management is always making people take risks and try to learn by themselves. If any mistake or mishap occurs, we tend to encourage the person. So he does not stop being innovative.

Role of Managers:

The managers are always motivating employees to take their decisions. That is why everyone is enthusiastic and committed to workplace ethics.

Organizational and Personal Objectives:

Being a big organization, the Metro Cash and Carry has management by objective concept of working.

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Rewards:

The Mall type organization needs that their employees remain happy and content. So the motivation level must be up all the time. The appraisal is being done on the actual performance level. No favoritism at any department. That is why the employees are satisfied with the transparent reward system which includes money and other perks as a reward.

Work as a Team:

The Metro Cash and Carry has developed the concept of working in teams. The team helps each member if anyone is facing any difficulty for example is customer queries. Like if a person is unable to answer all the questions of the customer, he or she will ask the other team member to answer them. In this way the learning process enhances.

Green Environment:

The Metro Cash and Carry respect the health of its employees and do care for them. That is why they provide safe and healthy environment for all the workers. If they feel something should improve, the management listens to it and implements the new and innovative environment needed by employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

The Metro is a big organization and is a benchmark for many other upbringing organizations. The management is always striving hard to manage its social and cultural responsibilities towards the communities in which they are serving.

10. SWOT Analysis:


METRO is a big wholesale market for all the customers from all the levels. The foremost strength is the pricing strategy and the quality of products. Metro offers low price products with the premium quality. A customer can find a wide range of products under one big roof, facilitating customer not go shop by shop and then chose the stuff. It has maintained its state of the art management with strong business reputations among all the areas they are working in. There is no problem for parking. Wherever METRO opens, they make big parking lots. So that the customer doesn't worry about their vehicles and can do shopping for hours and hours without any tension. The staff is skilled, equipped with knowledge and competence in behavior while dealing with customers. It is computerize system embed in it with the cafeteria for refreshment, if one gets exhausted during the shopping.


When they got an entry in Pakistan, the people over there has very less awareness about the Cash and Carry businesses. They have opened big stores in Pakistan but every store in every city is situated almost at the outskirts of the city, which may make people to travel a lot and consume a lot of time. There is no proper transportation is available if a customer has bought many products and is not getting fit in the car. When you enter the METRO a person is restricted to do shopping of minimum Rs 2000. There are people who want to visit the Mall but they don't do shopping. But they can't visit due to restricted shopping constraints.


The METRO has set the trend of one complete market under one roof. It is expanding in major cities of the country. It provides the facility of online shopping and offers different deals all the time. It is successful is having business relations with retailers, hotels, restaurants and much more.


There are more threats in Pakistan because Wall Mart is planning to enter Pakistan. The poverty rate is too high, with low income range; people are not able to buy in quantity. The distance is too much that small retailers are more common in small societies.


The world is full of different people. There may be people who are similar but they can't be exactly the same, who have the same taste…

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