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Human Resources Technology

The Human Resource Management within organizations has gained escalation strategic prominence accompanied by the significant of its existing configuration of HRM and respective business strategies is well acknowledged (Colomo-Palacio et al., 2012). In fact, the efficient Human Resource Management is essential in order to be capable to meet the prevailing market demands with well-qualified workers at all times. Technology and Human Resource Management possess a wide range of persuades upon each other, and the prevailing Human Resource professionals ought to be able to adopt technologies that permit the reengineering of the Human Resource purpose, be arranged to sustain a proper organizational (Fan, 2009). This is accompanied by the work design revolutionizes caused through technology, and thus aiding in supporting a suitable administrative climate for innovative and information-based organizations. These technological developments are being propelled primarily through strong demands from human resource professionals (Bayat, 2011). This will subsequently fuel the augmentation within speed, efficiency and cost suppression. The positive effect of the information technology facilitates the creation of the IT-based workplace, which leads, ought to be the mangers top priorities as pertaining to the strategic competence management. Human Resources Technology combat numerous challenges within the HRM, which entails attraction, retailing, and motivation of the workers thereby meeting the demands for a more strategic Human Resource purpose accompanied by management of the existing human element of technological modify in the future (Colomo-Palacio et al., 2012).

The chief benefit of utilizing information technology within the Human Resource to organizations is the liberation of the prevailing Human Resource staff from intermediary functions thereby enabling them to contemplate on the strategic planning within human resource organization and progress (Fan, 2009).

Human resources technologies entail the progress, execution and sustaining of the prevailing employees management business resolutions. It mainly acts as the chief providers within any business enterprise as it facilitates the collaborating with other esteem clients in furnishing strategic tool and guidance (Bayat, 2011). Human Resources Technology normally offers solutions that meet the unique and diverse necessities of the entire levels of the companies. Human Resources information expertise is significant within companies in managing benefits plans accompanied by the respective employee information. Benefits management is a necessity in aiding the Human Resource to manage both the existing sea of information accompanied by the funds used up on the benefits plans. This is because the Human Resource normally faces limited resources and continuously alteration data (Fan, 2009). Nevertheless, how the Human Resource accompanied by other supplementary executives on selection of the best Human Resource information technology in managing the prevailing details of the company depends on the test of time of the business enterprise. The escalation of the demands placed on the human resources by the prevailing co-workers accompanied by both interior and exterior forces thereby representing the labor-intensive Human Resource organization wholly adequate. Granted such prevailing trends, information systems possessed substantial potential as a tool that administrators can utilize both the generally and within the human resourcing purposes in meticulous to augments the competencies of the organization (Colomo-Palacio et al., 2012).


Critical analysis of the data presents sufficient information to facilitate the evaluation of the client company. The data from the report (HRMIS Report #1) present the performance of the employee as per the regards of reporting to work and availing their services to the company as per the employee- employer contracts. The client company experiences extensive lateness to reporting to work in several departments. Lateness contributes to poor performance of the company as regarding the output process of the company. Sheriff and the behavioral department record low in lateness data to the company. This is amount to 19% lateness reported.

The DA, facilities services, and the county counsel department take the lead in reporting the highest lateness record to the company. This is 53%, 51%, and the 48% respectively. This data records exploit duration of ten years. That is from the year 1997 to the 2007. Lateness to any company portrays a sense of lack of accountability. It communicates a means age of deterioration of the ethical standards of the company (Werner et al., 2012). In emphasis, it shows and demonstrates a state of the lack of the dependability of an employee to the company. This exposes the company to vast trends that may prompt a collapse of the company in most cases. At large analysis, it would mean low levels of the employee personal qualities. Consider that, companies...


It is considerable of a company to create punitive actions against the inconsiderate employees.

The client company records poor punctuality statistics due to the imitation of the administration. Note that the administration resembles the management of the company. This is the department honored with providing the needed example to the other departments. It establishes the appropriate schedule for the other employees of the company to follow. However, it is quite unfortunate that it reports 29%. It allows the other departments to take the lead in giving the exemplary punctuality to the job. Owing that the management comes late create a leadership gap to the company. This reads that possible repetition of the punctuality is possible for as there are hindrances in the leadership position (Zolf, 2010).

HRMIS Report #1

The methodical and regular evaluation of persons working within the jobs who are mandated with the task of determining the prospective causes of growth accompanied by improve performance. Performance evaluation is normally the best way of determining decisive factors for measuring organizational efficiency. Performance assessment and the corresponding continuing management activities are extremely essential. The prevailing managers within an organization constantly studied the behavior of their prevailing employees, making verdict concerning them. The process of performance evaluation normally takes both the formal and informal methods. There is always direct effect on escalation of salaries, promotion and promotion, removal from office, transfer and training impact direct on the performance of the employees and to the progress of the organization at large (Bayat, 2011). In the process of determination of the function of human resources and their respective efficiency, it is always essential that the existing human resources within the organization be properly examined. In this way, we are capable of knowing the strengths and weakness of the prevailing human resources, the advancement and the development of the human resources to accomplish organizational objectives. Performance of the organizations that are normally operating within the field of social requirements, the community will be perpetually evaluated. Activities and conservation organizations, which are normally, subject to the existing positive assessment of the underlying performance goals and accomplishing the objectives (Colomo-Palacio et al., 2012).

The prevailing late performance assessment is extremely fundamental within any organization (Bayat, 2011). This is because it is a constant, vital requirement in taking the existing stock pertaining to the workforce and in evaluation of the in the performance within the prevailing jobs. In advancing organizational performance through of individual contributors, pertains to the identification of the potential in recognizing the existing talents, and then subsequently utilized this in filling vacancies elevated within the organization in relocating individuals into the jobs where better use can be their utmost abilities accompanied by the development of the skills of the employees. Performance assessments aids in recognition of the legitimate objectives of the underlying organization. Moreover, cordial association amidst the employees and their respective formal and informal groups within any organization is cumbersome to define as it entails the involvement of the trade union, organizations and the corresponding representatives.

The administration performed best in the year 2007 by scoring three. This depicts that there was the best performance evaluation in administration as compared to the other prevailing years. Conversely, there was total lateness of twenty-eight percents in carrying out of the working within the administration sector (Bayat, 2011). Behavioral health pertains to the association amidst the human behavior and mainly focuses on the workers on their strengths and ability to live an improving lifestyle. It is the health status of the prevailing employees within the organization. It encompasses the attendance of the employees concerning their health conditions. Behavioral health of the prevailing workforce was also highest in the year 2007 that was designated by twenty-eighty (Fan, 2009). The other preceding years depicted better Behavioral health. Assessment of the behavioral health and the corresponding capabilities of the employees are the principal tasks. This is because they normally notify the existing employees on their performance and their corresponding breeding grounds. The prevailing informed within the field pertaining to the alternative behavior thereby eliminating negative behaviors and non-effective of the employees within the organization. This will consequently advance staff efficiency and the helpfulness of the underlying organization (Bayat, 2011).

The chief performance evaluation is the administration, behavior health, county clerk county counsel, Facilities services, human resource, juvenile hall, library, probation, public health, public works and Sheriff. The models for the measurement of the performance indicators include the Balanced scorecard, critical few and the performance dashboard. The appropriate analytical process in the performance evaluation is Data…

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