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¶ … company I work in to improve its overall production levels and to be able to satisfy requirements associated with its new contract, it would have to experience a significant reorganizing process. While people who are going to be hired are important and while it is essential for the company to make sure it employs the best individuals available, the firm also needs to concentrate on providing current employees with the support they need to do their jobs more efficiently.

One of the first concepts that a human resources manager would likely consider in a situation similar to the one that my company is in would be a short-term staffing process. Considering that this is the company's first time working in a project of this magnitude, it is certainly important to consider the risks involved. Although there is a possibility for the company to develop long-term relations with diverse agencies throughout the country, it would be unnecessary to invest too many resources in a project that we have limited information on. A short-term staffing plan does not have to follow the traditional principles associated with such a plan, as it can be adapted to fit the company's needs. Employees are going to be assisted in integrating the company, but they are not going to be pressured into learning processes that they have nothing to do with for the time being.

A second option for a staffing process would involve strategic staffing. As in the case of short-term staffing, the company would consider the prospect of the project not generating positive results. However, a strategic plan would involve a series of other ideas including choosing employees that are especially talented in doing jobs being advertised. Although the company acknowledges the fact that this projects has several risks, a strategic staffing plan would address all potential issues and would make sure that everyone is properly prepared to deal with the new project. A skill-assessment process would also be put into place in order to determine if current employees have the resources needed in order for them to function as effectively as possible. The strategic staffing plan would likely involve more costs in comparison to the short-term staffing plan, but it would also address more risks than the latter and would thus be much more probable to generate positive results.

2. The fact that there is no universal definition of the idea of talent can make it especially difficult for a HR manager to employ the right people without acting in disagreement with equal employment opportunities. Most of the potential issues emerging as a consequence of employing particular people are probably going to be associated with the 10 jobs meant to accommodate assembly technicians. Given that this job requires less experience in comparison...


As a consequence, individuals interviewing candidates are only going to concentrate on asking questions that are related to these respective traits rather than to ask questions that might have a connection with other things such as the country of origin or the candidate's sexual preferences. While the company is probable to cooperate with a recruitment agency in order to filter through candidates, we are also going to make sure that we are familiar with the recruitment agency's filtering process so as to avoid encouraging discriminatory behaviors.

In order to create an employment agenda that is in accordance with equal employment opportunities, the HR department is going to address a series of factors that can actually emphasize why and how the institution differentiates between different job candidates. Things such as organization culture, each candidate's background, work experience, and personal qualities are going to be taken into account when dealing with each person applying for jobs being advertised.

3. While developing and analyzing a job description, a HR manager would have to take into account the concept of organization development. The first thing to address is whether or not it would be required for job descriptions to be designed for all jobs available. As this is obviously a step that has already been dealt with in the company, the next step would involve considering the diverse variables that need to be taken into account consequent to the moment when the person is actually employed. "Methods for doing the work, work/rest schedules, training requirements, equipment needed and workplace challenges" (McLean 145) should all be considered when designing a job description.

The next step involves actually designing the job description, a process that is also likely to require assistance from the rest of the company. Given that new employees are probable to work closely with specific departments, the HR manager would have to consult individuals in these respective departments and see which are the particular activities that they need assistance with. As the jobs being advertised are meant to fill a gap in the company's workforce, one of the best methods to design them would be to consider activities that other departments need help with while also considering new activities that new employees could take on. The fact that these people have a new outlook can be an attribute when considering their abilities, as with the project also introducing new ideas, the whole company can benefit as a result of them thinking outside of the box.

Jobs are going to have to be reevaluated on a regular basis in order for both the company and job candidates to have a complex understanding of what they are dealing with. In order to have job descriptions as specific as possible, the company can organize a job committee that is tasked with addressing jobs once every few months and with adapting them to the company's requirements. "Job design should involve employees, unions, the…

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