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Human Resources With the advancement in ICT, management of organizations has undergone changes in the period of the 21st century otherwise known as the digital era. The organization's function of Human Resource (HR) has also changed so fast resulting in a changing environment of social and organizational terms, while information technologies have rapidly evolved. HR has grown to be an essential component in firm sustainability. This has resulted in the formation of new practices and processes in HR. Some of the new practices include an E-selection, E-performance, E-recruitment, and E-learning. This study identifies how General Motors can utilize HR Portals as new HRIS technology to foster employee management. With HR portals, the use of Employee Self-service and Manager Self-service will be essential to the company's processes of recruitment, employee performance and other human resource management activities within General Motors (Schwalbe, 2010).

E-Recruiting and E-Selection

With the advancement in technology in areas of selection and recruitment, it does not only help those in search of jobs, but also companies are allowed the opportunity to streamlining their process of hiring. General Motors has the potential to get more than a hundred of resumes every day. Their erupts the necessity of organizing the large numbers of applications that are received and so many firms use different technologies to take care of this. The moment the Internet came into existence; Internet job boards were established to create an arena where employers could post vacancies, and those in need of jobs accessing them at the click of a button (Pynes, & Lombardi, 2011).

Many of the Internet job boards cloud employment opportunities and databases of resumes across all available industries. The most common Internet job boards include HotJobs, Monster, and CareerBuilder. Some of the Internet job boards use technologies that have the ability of scanning for jobs on the Internet and provide job seekers with loan resource and they include indeed and Flip dog. Others provide the certain industry job listing for example, accountant, Information Technology etc. (Storey, 2007).

Self-service & HR Portals

Many can give in to the fact that e-mail has been widely accepted by business as one of the main tools for communication between people and recently, people and software system. People send and receive emails. Common emails that come from systems of software include notices of emails if not delivered confirmation for Internet orders, and alert notices from credit card companies of banks (Schwalbe, 2010).

Sometime back not so long, the only emails that were being sent by software systems were only of notices. Nevertheless, as the advancement of technology took course, we began to get emails that needed some form of required action. These types of emails were inclusive of links for websites to the sites that were in need of the action. Nevertheless, the person to whom the email was addressed to have to sign in with the originating software system and does the action as indicated in the email. Using the current software technology and email, the recipient is in a position to perform the action within the email and so saving the time of signing in with the software system. The advantage of using this technology is that it is not necessary for the subscribers or users to have knowledge of the software application and may make responses immediately using a common communication medium i.e. email (Pynes, & Lombardi, 2011).

Suing the example of the increase of pay rate in the prior section, an automated workflow may be modeled to a design of sending an email that indicates an action of approval is needed to be performed. Using the old technology, emails may have included a web site link that leads to the human resource system. Nevertheless, the user was still required to log in the system and perform an approval for the request of the workflow. With the current technology, the email may be inclusive of an approval or a denial button for the user to choose one, therefore performing the action without necessarily having to log in to the originating system (Harper, 2008).

E-Learning & Training

The Internet is a very essential tool in communication and is being used widely, its cheap expensive wise, it saves a lot of time as the sending and receiving communication is very fast and a place for locating resources and gathering them such as reports and software. To gain Internet access, one is required to be in possession of a personal computer and a connection through a network that exists or a modem to connect them to the Internet. Academic institutions, agencies of the search engine to find topics of their choice. These search engines include Yahoo, Google, and Tulvaro where each homepage on the web has its own web address also known as a uniform resource locator (Pynes, & Lombardi, 2011). The Internet is a very vast source of information covering diverse topics. The front cover of this book and the inside content provides one with the web address and Internet related training topics. Evidently, the manager at Hydro Quebec carried a research using the Internet on topics that had a relation to business process reengineering and TQM. When the corporation was in need of information regarding diversity and issues of women, the manager only accessed the Internet, logged into the website for Cornel University, and downloaded the entire information. When their corporation also wanted to carry out a satisfaction survey, the manger still opted for the Internet to compare with companies the size as theirs that had carried out complete surveys. With a period of 24 hours, more than 20 professionals of human resource including United Parcel Service managers and Federal Express managers had made their response. The manager of Hydro Quebec has also linked with IBM managers, Motorola mangers and other managers of other companies as well (Harper, 2008).

Training based on the Internet or web refers to the type of training that is conveyed on public networks or private networks and they are displayed mainly by a web browser. Training based on intra-net refers to the type of training that makes use of General Motors computer network. These trainings can only be accessed by the employees of the company and not the general public. The two types of training; intranet training and Internet training have their storage system in the computer and they can only be accessed through a network. Similar technologies are used by both trainings. The only difference governing the two is the use of the Internet where intranet access is only granted to the employees. A mainframe computer manufacturing firm known as Amdahl Corporation has established an intranet. The employees of the firm use Netscape to go online and also with the web browser the firm has developed. Each department at Amdahl has their own web home page. This homepage gives a description of the services offered by the department. Many employees at Amdahl also have their personal homepages. The home page for the training department includes the courses that the training department offers. The department of manufacturing offers access to the employees to technical manuals through the Internet (Schwalbe, 2010).

Performance Management

The automation of workflow is not a new thing for the system software industry for human resource. Nevertheless, essential innovations in workflow complication and adoption by all aspects of software for management of business are encouraging many system software providers of human resource to enrich their applications with condition workflow technology. Workflow is a description of steps, procedures, labor involved, output and input information required and all the tools necessary in the course of a business process. Automation of the workforce is accompanied by a chain of work that includes implementing the increase in the pay of the employee, and makes automatic. In many cases, the software for workflow gives guidelines of information from one point to another without human intervention (Pynes, & Lombardi, 2011).

The previous models of workflow in the application of human resource usually constrained subscribers to pre-defined limited functionality in the workflow.…

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