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Staffing Plan Comprehensive Staffing Plan Engineering and

Words: 1363 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 43828497

Staffing Plan

Comprehensive Staffing Plan

Engineering and manufacturing requires many individuals who are adept at skilled labor. Additionally, there are unskilled laborers who can also be of use to a company that engineers and manufacturers goods. In a city such as this one, however, there are large challenges, such as a lack of a skilled workforce and many people who are on public assistance. College graduates and professionals are not that common, because many of them leave and move to others areas where high-tech hubs can be found. While the company in question here cannot focus its efforts on stopping that tide of workers who are leaving, there are ways in which it can reach out to and recruit people who have the skills - or are developing the skills - for which the company is looking. That can go a long way toward a company that workers want to…… [Read More]


Anonymous (2009, June). Onboarding: A critical element in strategic talent management. (2009, June). Workforce Management, 88(7), S10. Retrieved November 28, 2011, from ABI/INFORM Global. (Document ID: 1785568191).

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Wright, E., & Domagalski, T. (2010, May). Common sense hiring. SuperVision, 71(5), 15-17. Retrieved November 28, 2011, from ABI/INFORM Global. (Document ID: 2018927241).
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Feldman Socialization

Words: 929 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90684082

They will be trained in what the employee needs to know right away. So whether this is certain functional skills or for a low-level retail job it is more likely to learn about the organizational culture, that manager will be able to convey only the needed information during this initial encounter phase.

An important component during the encounter phase is to have a series of seminars over the first few weeks -- perhaps with multiple new employees -- where the employees can receive supplemental training that reinforces what they are learning from their supervisors and from the first trainer. It is also important to have a mentor at this stage. I find that the mentor can be somebody who is in the same position, but who has been around a while and is a good representative. The role of the mentor is just to help the new recruit learn more…… [Read More]


Feldman, D. (1981). The multiple socialization of organization members. The Academy of Management Review. Vol. 6 (2) 309-318.
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Healthcare and its evolution due to the Affordable Care Act

Words: 869 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 60847559

Practicum Project in Health Informatics


• This practicum thesis allows the student to work on developing informatics-based applications while also applying informatics science and skills.

• Uses technology to help streamline processes that ultimately aid in the patient experience

• Lowers costs while increasing efficiency


• Does not focus on the "human component" of technology

• Focuses on the benefits of informatics but does not take into account the costs as it relates to onboarding. People must be training on the technology; stakeholders must know how to fix problems that arise. All employees must be willing to adopt the technology.

• Does not properly take into account the threat of cyber security and its implications on training nurses. A hack may disrupt the overall application of the technology

"Preceptor Training and Nurse etention"


• Strong emphasis on a team approach as it relates to training and retention…… [Read More]


1) American Association of Colleges of Nursing Essentials. (2006). The essentials of doctoral education for advanced nursing practice. Retrieved from .

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4) Baker, S. L. (2010). Nurse educator orientation: Professional development that promotes retention. The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, 41(9), 413-7. doi:10.3928/00220124-20100503-02.
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case on budget variance analysis

Words: 1024 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 34333362

budget process, "make" or "buy" decisions, and non-financial performance measures.

The initial budget process starts with the existing budget, and the information in this budget should be verified, and reconciled against actual performance. You have to know that your starting point is accurate. The second step in the budgeting process is to determine the information flows and measures that will be used to create the budget. A budget depends on having accurate information, and this step is necessary to ensure that the information is accurate. The third step in the budgeting process is to determine a methodology that will be used. When you have an existing budget and an ongoing business, that is usually the starting point, but there are still several different choices of methodology that can be used. Choose the one that is optimal for the type of business and its situation. The final step is to make…… [Read More]


Putra, L. (2014). Essential five steps on budgeting process. Accounting: Financial and Tax. Retrieved December 10, 2016 from
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Performance Management System in the Organization the

Words: 1109 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8802825

Performance Management System in the Organization

The objective of this study is to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the performance management system in the organization in which the writer of this work is employed and to make recommendations to improve this system.

The writer of this study is employed in a government organization that is aligned with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) hiring standards and selections. Each separate government organization is required to develop their own hiring and onboarding procedures therefore, these are unique to each individual agency. A 45-day model is used to recruiting and hiring of new employees.

Assessment of Organization Processes

Day One and Two

Noted as a weakness in attracting the best talent is the many steps involved in the process since the first ten steps in the hiring process are redundant and seemingly ambiguous and little excitement is present until the candidate…… [Read More]


Onboarding and Engaging New Employees (nd) Dartmouth. Retrieved from: 

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Recent Trends in Human Resources

Words: 1841 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 65700111

Training is one of the critical areas that SEIIC needs to address in order to maintain its advantages in human capital. The company has experienced turnover in recent years, and this increases the need for it to improve the talent base of those who remain. There are a number of trends in training at present that SEIIC can adopt in order to improve the training of its employees. The first is with respect to new employee training and onboarding. The learning curve is steepest for new employees, but they need to know not only critical task skills but also about the organizational culture and the soft skills that are expected of them. etention is also added through better onboarding, as the onboarding training relates to having better task clarity, which in turn allows employees to enjoy better performance.

The early stages of onboarding are said to be a critical point…… [Read More]


Bates, R., Holton, E., Seyler, D. & Carvalho, M. (2000). The role of interpersonal factors in the application of computer-based training in an industrial setting. Human Resource Development International. Vol. 3 (1) 19-42.

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Healthcare and its evolution due to the Affordable Care Act

Words: 695 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 41917486

Onboarding Project

Healthcare regulation and industry standards have long been focused on patient care and treatment. This is rightfully so as healthcare costs as a percentage of GDP continues to rise to unsustainable levels. In addition a patient focus is necessitated by an increase in the overall insured population. However, not much emphasis has been placed on the practitioner side of legislative changes. Nurses in particular must now adhere to changing standards of care and treatment. The insured population has become much more diversified in the expectations of care and treatment. As a result, all healthcare employees must be properly trained to better adhere to these changing standards and demographics. Nightingale Home Care is no different in this regard. With increased employee dissatisfaction and high turnover, the firm must reassess its onboarding practices. This will ultimately insure a better work environment, but more importantly, improve patient care.

Nightingale Home Care…… [Read More]


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what'strategic HRM does

Words: 625 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94205090

Human esource Management

Human resources departments play several important functions in a company. Key roles including the recruitment and retention of talent, administration of benefits, and adjudication of disputes. Increasingly, the human resources role is being viewed as strategic in nature, and can even be a source of competitive advantage in the information economy (ay, 2016). This paper will outline some of these key roles for H, and explain why they are important to exceling in the modern business environment.

The first role is with hiring/recruiting of employees. In today's business environment, knowledge is power. Workers are easy to find, but talented ones are scarce, and there is intense competition for quality workers. So one of the most important roles for H is to continue to bring good people into organizations, as this will help the organization to remain competitive and innovative, if it has the best people (Mcgrath, 2008).…… [Read More]


Himelstein, C. (2014). Why onboarding has become a strategic priority. ERE Media. Retrieved December 3, 2016 from 

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Dealing With Turnover HRM

Words: 2142 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73544797

businesses, in particular because there is a productivity drop that occurs when an experienced worker is replaced by an inexperienced one. What happens is that the company will see productivity drop, and this can affect the financial results, so the more turnover there is the worse the financial impact will be. If the turnover rate is high enough, as occurs in poorly-run establishments, then it becomes the blind leading the blind and the organization's effectiveness is likely to be plummet.

The influences of turnover include perceived lack of procedural justice, lower than market compensation, and a perceived lack of a career pathway. Employees want to feel that there is mutual commitment between them and the organization, but they also want to feel that they are working towards their life goals, and that the company is a place where they can do that. Providing such a vision is important to employee…… [Read More]


Allen, D. (2006) Do organizational socialization tactics influence newcomer embeddedness and turnover? Journal of Management. Vol. 32 (2) 237-256.

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Strategic HRM

Words: 1239 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90003588

strategic HM

There are a number of career paths within SHM. These include the human resource generalists, but also a growing number of specialists. Some of the specialties where the strategic human resources practitioner can contribute to the company's success are workforce planning, workforce development/onboarding, total rewards/compensation, labor and employee relations, training and risk management.

Organizations have begun to recognize that these specialized roles can be an important part in meeting the organization's strategic objectives. In the knowledge economy in particular, it is the skills, knowledge and experience of the employees that will often give a company its competitive advantage. Systems can be replicated by competitors fairly easily, but a superior workforce is much harder to duplicate. It begins with recruitment and onboarding, where finding the right candidates to execute the company's strategy is critical. Even with good people, they typically need to be trained. Then the company needs to…… [Read More]


Beer, M. & Eisenstat, R. (1996). Developing an organization capable of implementing strategy and learning. Human Relations. Vol. 49 (5) 597-619.

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SHRM. (2014). Careers in human resource management. Retrieved April 25, 2014 from
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Organiazational Change and Management

Words: 1572 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30275171

New Hire Orientation Program at Nightingale Home Care Inc. has been designed to implement organizational challenges that are currently present in the local market. Due to internal struggles, turnover rates have been increasing and reducing the quality of service and patient outcomes. It is recommended that a transformational leader be selected and follow Kotter's organization change model to address the issues that are present.

In the past two years, the organization has been experiencing increased turnover rates and losing key clinical staff members (RN's, PT's, and OT's). The competition within the home health community has also led to difficulty in recruiting experienced clinician. This trend has made the ability to maintain operational quality standards difficult and has reduced patient outcomes on a variety of key metrics. The organization has determined the key roles in the organization that the that a New Hire Orientation Project should address and a plan for…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Caldwell, D., Chatman, J., O'Reily, C., Ormiston, M., & Lapiz, M. (2008). Implementing strategic change in a health care system: The importance of leadership and change readiness. Health Care Management Review, 124-133.

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Organizational Behavior and People Management Motivating Long-Term

Words: 1170 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35352015

Organizational Behavior and People Management

Motivating long-term company employees

Competitive remuneration cannot be used in isolation to motivate employees of a company that is focusing on its long time future. Money, an extrinsic motivation, is believed to extinguish intrinsic motivation like achievement motivation. However, money can be used as an indicator of success for various motives. To make long time company employees develop interest in the company's long-term future, some elements of innovation have to be integrated. As the CEO of the company I would initiate college scholarship schemes for veteran employees who may be having interest in furthering their education to be at par with the company's technological advances. College scholarship programs can also be extended to these employees' grandchildren because many grandparents still help with college bills. Long-term employees can also be given the first choice in vacation and shift-schedule request (Sixel, 2011).

I would also provide special…… [Read More]


Oak, C. (2003). Ten Ways to Attract and Retain Great Employees. Retrieved November 25, 2012


Rummler, L. (2007, March). Faster Isn't Always Better for Onboarding. Talent Management

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HRM Starbucks Strategy

Words: 832 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9413149

Career Page, the company has the tag line "connect to something bigger," and this illustrates the way that Starbucks' human resources strategy aligns with its overall strategy. First and foremost, Starbucks is in the service industry, selling the Starbucks Experience to its customers. To provide that service, the company wants to hire motivated people that provide a consistently high level of service. Starbucks needs to accomplish this even though it does not necessarily pay a high wage. Connecting to something bigger implies a high level of intrinsic motivation, which is precisely what will drive Starbucks employees to deliver an excellent customer experience every time.

Strategic Objectives

Starbucks' mission statement is "to nurture the human spirit -- one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time." The company subdivides its objectives by stakeholder, noting how customers, stores, neighborhoods and shareholders all relate to its strategic objectives. Employees ("partners") have passion…… [Read More]


Frasch, K. (2014). The Starbucks way. Human Resource Executive Online. Retrieved April 28, 2014 from (2014). Working at Starbucks. Retrieved April 28, 2014 from
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Nursing Recruiting and Retention

Words: 969 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87990459

Workforce ecruitment

The author of this report has been asked to create and frame a plan that involves the recruitment, selecting, onboarding and retraining of ten nurses over the next ninety days. The questions and steps that will be answered to in this report will include the steps that will be taken and in what order, the methods that will be used to recruit the nurses, a discussion of how the nursing candidates will be selected, how an efficient onboarding process will be a boon to the company in terms of retention and other metrics as well as overall retention strategies that could and should be used in general and with the new nursing staff in particular. While the overall recruitment and retention process is not all that difficult to understand, it is extremely important that it be created, perfected and upheld so that the continuity of nursing operations at…… [Read More]


Grau, L., Chandler, B., Burton, B., & Kolditz, D. (1991). Institutional Loyalty and Job Satisfaction among Nurse Aides in Nursing Homes. Journal of Aging & Health, 3(1), 47-65. (2016). Negligent Hiring - The Human Resources Social Network. Retrieved 28 February 2016, from 

Wirkus, M. (2016). What are Hiring Managers Looking for in New Nurse Graduates? - NurseZone. Retrieved 28 February 2016, from
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Learning to Use Technology in Class

Words: 2212 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97136931

Planning Process

Explain in detail how you will address each of the needs identified in part 2 include changes necessary for environment, engagement, application, and tools. Make sure to include a list of technology resources currently available and those that must be purchased.

State Goals and Objectives with Local Strategies and Measures

Environment The changes necessary for the environment involve going from one based on the physical environment to one that is predicated on a cloud-based environment. In this regard, the change is mostly one of architecture. Virtually all applications and requisite software the students and instructors will use will be accessed through the cloud.

Engagement The means of engagement will be the Bring Your Own Device phenomenon, in which students utilize their own mobile devices for the purpose of working in the classroom. Those without such devices will be provided the most accessible ones (a smart phone) via the…… [Read More]

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Human Resource Management and Development

Words: 2157 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94832079

In other words, the H department is currently seen as primarily a staffing function, there to provide advice and fulfill personnel functions. ecently, however, your board of directors has asked you to inform them as to what strategic human resource management is all about and how you see your H department (and its functions and subsequent activities) transforming to such a new role as a strategic partner. Your company decided to transform the H role from a traditionalist function to that of a strategic partner in the organization.

Human resources alignment entails putting together choices in regards to people with results about the outcome that a company is trying to attain. By incorporating human resources management (HM) into a companies planning procedure, highlighting human resources (H) actions that support extensive agency operation objectives, and constructing strong associations between H and management, companies are able to make certain that the administration…… [Read More]


What is Strategic Human Resource Management? (2010). Retrieved September 22, 2010, from Wise Geek Web site: 

Strategic Human Resources Management: Aligning with the Mission. (n.d.). Retreived

September 22, 2010, from Web site:
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Business Managing the Small Business

Words: 1153 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 5596126

UltiPro is an industry leader in HCM, delivering more out-of-the-box functionality than any other provider. UltiPro's continuous H and talent management functionality includes recruitment, onboarding, payroll, worker and manager self-service, benefits administration, compensation management, performance management and reviews, succession management, talent retention tools, time and attendance, workforce scheduling, rich reporting and analytical decision-making tools, and more. UltiPro's Web portal can serve as a company's communications center and the fundamental gateway for business activities because it conveys functionality for everyone in the company, from H and financial departments as well as executives, staff managers, and individual staff. With the UltiPro portal, H/payroll staff, managers, and administrators can complete daily worker administration tasks, administer benefits, manage staff, and access reporting in real-time, all from one central location. Managers and executives can access frequently requested reports and analyze workforce statistics and trends on-demand. Employees can access pay and benefits information, get questions answered,…… [Read More]

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MSN program reflection program

Words: 1071 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 31559393

successes in the MSN program

The MSN program has been both a rewarding and challenging experience for me. My professional development has vastly improved over the course of the program. In particular my proficiency with Needs Assessment Tools, Lean Six Sigma, and SMART action plans, has improved. What I appreciate the most about these successes within the program is that each of these concepts can is applicable to both my professional and personal life as well. From a professional development perspective, being about to develop and implement SMART action plans will be critical to corporate success. In many instances, healthcare firms are looking to make an adequate profit relative to the resources invested in the project. With SMART goals, I will be better able to help direct a firm to the projects that help serve clients and the firm better. Through the MSN program, I have also become a more…… [Read More]

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Diversity Socialisation for Newcomers

Words: 1587 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50387244

Diversity Socialisation for Newcomers
Head of Human Resources
XYZ Investment Limited

Dear Sir,

Re: Diversity Socialisation for Newcomers

The significance of organisational socialisation cannot be overemphasised. Through the process, new employees are equipped with the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours necessary for successful organisational membership (Cable, Gino & Staats, 2013). In most cases, however, the process of socialisation focuses on aspects such as the goals of the organisation, individual role and responsibilities, behavioural patterns, as well as rules and principles pertaining to the organisation. Often, there is little or no attention to workplace diversity issues (Mcmillan-Capehart, 2005; Graybill et al., 2013). This is particularly true for XYZ Investment Limited, a hypothetical investment firm with operations across the U.S. The organisation could be at a considerable disadvantage given that workplace diversity has increasingly become a vital source of competitive advantage for organisations of different sizes and in diverse sectors and industries. Though…… [Read More]

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Learning Culture and Memory

Words: 2090 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91902626

A learning culture is an organizational practice, system and values that encourage and support individuals and organizations to increase performance levels, competence and knowledge. It promotes continuous support and improvement for an achievement of goals. Adjustment of current strategies can be done by adjusting to a trend, business model, capital model, launch strategy and making a great plan.
There are several ethical principles and professional standards of learning and cognition in the workplace. Some of them are; encouraging contact between faculty and student, developing cooperation between students, encouraging active learning and respecting adverse talents and learning techniques. Some implications that should be considered when working with others are; demonstrating respect at work, providing feedback with an impact, showing appreciation and overcoming fear of conflict.
Memory Suppression in Alzheimer’s disease
Alzheimer’s diseases is chronic degenerative disease of the neurons. It causes about 60-70% of dementia cases. The…… [Read More]

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Risks and Consequences of Incorporating

Words: 8869 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Introduction Paper #: 80774472

0 tool has little to do with its overall effectiveness in getting attaining learning goals and objectives for example. Controlling for the informality or formality of Web 2.0 tools use is required, as many instructors are relying on the conversational and broadcast functionality of social networks as a substitute for e-mail. Still, the informal aspects of social networking applications including Web 2.0 tools and their anticipated benefits as a learning tool must be indexed or evaluated from their actual effectiveness in assisting learned to gain mastery of subjects. Creating this link between Web 2.0 tool effectiveness and their relative perception of value with respondents to this study will require a research design that can isolate attitudinal and effectiveness measures while not introducing sampling bias or error.

Fifth, the risks that Web 2.0 tools might create for formal learning in educational institutions also faces the same dilemma from a methodology standpoint…… [Read More]


Ayala, G, and Yano, Y (1998). A collaborative learning environment based on intelligent agents. Expert Systems with Applications, 14, 129-137.

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Providence Portland Medical Center's Marketing

Words: 1345 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 70776549

In conjunction with this core aspect of their marketing strategy of concentrating on delivering exceptional experiences, Providence Portland Medical Center has developed an award-winning outreach programs strategy. The Center funds the Providence Community Grants Council which supports 52 different charities throughout the Portland, Oregon area. The Center has been able to successfully define a marketing strategy based on this approach to Corporate Social esponsibility (CS). As is the case with the continual improvement of internal processes and their support of the marketing process, the Center has also been able to integrate their CS messaging as part of their broader marketing strategies. The reliance of healthcare providers on socially responsible messaging is highly effective when put into the context of CS initiatives that genuinely benefit a community (O'Malley, 2005). Clearly the Center has been able to attain this level of performance as their occupancy rates are on average at 75% or…… [Read More]


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The Business Journal, 19(20), 12.

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EMR and Strategic Planning Electronic

Words: 310 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2937968

In the formulating and implementing of strategies, the unique treatment plans for patients must also be taken into account. Only by combining electronic medical records and applying them to specific process areas can customization of treatment plans be created (Terrell, Terrell, 2009). The ability to selectively use medical records and continually refine processes to meet patients' expectations is critical for any strategic plan and continually executed tactics, initiatives and programs to be successful.


Anderson, C.. (2008). The Ins and Outs of Electronic Medical ecords. Applied Clinical Trials, 17(9), 50,52,54,56.

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Anderson, C.. (2008). The Ins and Outs of Electronic Medical Records. Applied Clinical Trials, 17(9), 50,52,54,56.

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Terrell, G., & Terrell, T.. (2009). Cornerstone Health Care: From Paper to Digital in Record Time. Physician Executive, 35(2), 16-19.
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Managing High Performance

Words: 709 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61220466

Managing High Performance

A familiar challenge for any expanding enterprise is how to find and manage the highest potential employees who can over time mature into leadership positions. While there are always more applicants that positions available in senior management, the task of any leadership team is to accurately and with insight find those employees with the greatest potential of success (uggiero, 2008). From the very informal succession planning techniques small businesses use that are tantamount of planning sessions, to the much more rigorous and thorough high potential employee development programs, there is a very wide variation in approach and results (Bloch, 1996). The intent of this analysis is to provide a small, rapidly growing company with insights into how best to manage the dilemma of having 50% of its workforce looking to advance their careers with a limited number of positions available while also giving the majority of employees…… [Read More]


Bloch, Susan. (1996). Coaching tomorrow's top managers. Employee Counseling Today, 8(5), 30-32.

Kevin S. Groves. (2007). Integrating leadership development and succession planning best practices. The Journal of Management Development, 26(3), 239-260.

Ruggiero, J. (2008). Identifying and Developing High Potential Leadership Talent. Journal of Personal Finance, 7(2), 13-33.
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CBT Analysis of Learning Methods and the

Words: 2414 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46975300


Analysis of Learning Methods and the Impact of Computer-Based Training (CBT) Programs

Compare and contrast the four differences in learning styles. Propose ways a trainer can help each type of learner.

The four differences in learning styles are often characterized by convergers, divergers, assimilators and accommodators (Mumford, Honey, 1992). There are significant differences between each, and the intent of this analysis is to compare and contrast them with each other. The converger learning style typifies learners who rely on conceptual learning including visualization and abstract learning, supported by active experimentation. It is comparable to the assimilator learning style in that both rely on abstract conceptualization of learning materials and concepts, in addition to a reliance on theoretical models. The converger learning style differences from the other four in its intensity of focus on taking information and intelligence and turning it into pragmatic thought (Mumford, Honey, 1992). The other learning…… [Read More]


Bedwell, W., & Salas, E.. (2010). Computer-based training: capitalizing on lessons learned. International Journal of Training & Development, 14(3), 239-249.

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Lakshmanan, A., Lindsey, C., & Krishnan, H.. (2010). Practice Makes Perfect? When Does Massed Learning Improve Product Usage Proficiency? Journal of Consumer Research, 37(4), 599.
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Human Resource Management How Human

Words: 1225 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69771107

This phase also includes the definition of market-competitive base salaries, merit increases, benefits, bonuses and incentives. It is also the area where benefits are budgeted for and offered. Many practitioners and managers both see this as the most critical phase of the HM lifecycle for retention as a result (Ulferts, Wirtz, Peterson, 2009). In fact it is the development of jobs that have a wider span of responsibilities and link personal achievement to the attainment of challenging goals rather than making pay purely dependent on minimal levels of performance (Pilenzo, 2009). HM can help employees find challenge and meaning in their work by using the strategies in this phase of the lifecycle with intelligence. The role of salaries and benefits in terms of giving employees a sense of autonomy is also critical not only for employee satisfaction and the marketing of a company to potential employees as world-of-mouth is one…… [Read More]


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Leadership and Self-Assessment Organizational Behavior an Analysis

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Leadership and Self-Assessment

Organizational Behavior

An Analysis of how Self-Evaluation and Self-Assessment relates to Leadership Today

The modern organizational environment must keep pace with changes that are occurring at a historically unprecedented rate. Many of these changes are driven by technology and require that leaders continually learn new skills in order to stay abreast of needed skill requirements. It is often the case that a leader will have difficulty getting performance feedback from their superiors because they generally do not work in close contact with supervisors and in some case may not even have one at all. Therefore a leader must rely on self-assessments primarily to further develop the skill set that will allow them to help their organization create or maintain a competitive advantage.

360 Degree Feedback and Self-Evaluation

Evaluation is an important component of any organization. The use of an evaluation program has been shown to be able…… [Read More]

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Human Resources With the Advancement in ICT

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Human esources

With the advancement in ICT, management of organizations has undergone changes in the period of the 21st century otherwise known as the digital era. The organization's function of Human esource (H) has also changed so fast resulting in a changing environment of social and organizational terms, while information technologies have rapidly evolved. H has grown to be an essential component in firm sustainability. This has resulted in the formation of new practices and processes in H. Some of the new practices include an E-selection, E-performance, E-recruitment, and E-learning. This study identifies how General Motors can utilize H Portals as new HIS technology to foster employee management. With H portals, the use of Employee Self-service and Manager Self-service will be essential to the company's processes of recruitment, employee performance and other human resource management activities within General Motors (Schwalbe, 2010).

E-ecruiting and E-Selection

With the advancement in technology in…… [Read More]


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It Architecture and Infrastructure

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com) and Point of Sale module (NetSuite has a POS Module on their cloud-based ERP system available today).


Relying on a cloud computing-based series of systems will allow Sierra Brews LLC to scale quickly to the specific growth needs they have over time. The immediate need the company ahs is to orchestrate its many suppliers globally to a common quality standard, and enforce minimum quality levels for incoming inspection. A cloud-based system will allow the company to move quickly in the direction of strategies that ensure product quality veer time. Second, the company needs to do a thorough Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis to track the overall costs of cloud-based vs. on-premise applications. The costs of a cloud-based ERP system will save Sierra thousands of dollars a year for example. As all ERP modules are from NetSuite, there will not be an integration issue, which saves a significant…… [Read More]

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New it System Management Briefing

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Team members should communicate all relevant information to the Project Managers for the University of Arizona Medical Center and the CM vendor chosen for the project.

Issues and risks should be communicated in writing via the Issues/isk Log or email to the Project Manager. If the issue/risk is urgent, immediate verbal communication of the issue/risk to the Project Manager is recommended. Once the issue is stabilized, written documentation will be developed to communicate the issues. The Project Manager will report Project Issues/isks eports on a weekly basis.

The Project Manager will distribute a Contact List to each team member to ensure that members have the necessary information to stay in contact with each other.

Quality Management

Quality management is the process of providing the necessary tools and project reviews to help ensure the business goals are achieved, issues are promptly identified and resolved, and the process employed to achieve the…… [Read More]


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Sutton, G. (2009). Evaluating multidisciplinary health care teams: Taking the crisis out of CRM. Australian Health Review, 33(3), 445-52.
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Fatca Regulations and the Effect This Will

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FATCA egulations and the Effect This Will Have on Financial Institutions

The objective of this study is to examine the basic provisions of FATCA egulations and the effect this will have on financial institutions. Towards this end, this study will conduct a review of literature available in this area of inquiry that is located in academic and professional peer-reviewed articles, books, journals, and sources found online via the World Wide Web.

FATCA is reported to have been enacted as part of the Hiring Incentives to estore Employment (HIE) Act of 2010, which requires financial institutions to utilize enhanced due diligence procedures to identify individuals in the United States who have invested in accounts that are non-U.S. financial accounts or non-U.S. entities. The intention of the FATCA is to bar individuals in the United States from hiding income and assets overseas. It is reported that a foreign financial institution (FFI) would…… [Read More]


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Innovation of L3 Communications

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Innovation at L3 Communications

Company Background

Innovation Strategy

Planning for Innovation

Management Systems and Innovation Metrics

Rewards and Incentives

Organizational Learning

Leadership's Commitment to Innovation

Leadership's Innovation Strategy Involvement

Ethics in Innovation

Company Background

L-3 is a prime contractor in Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C3ISR) systems, platform and logistics solutions, and national security solutions; L-3 is also a leading provider of a broad range of electronic systems used on military and commercial platforms (L-3, N.d.). The company's client base includes an array of different organizations such as the U.S. Department of Defense and its prime contractors, U.S. government intelligence agencies, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Justice, allied foreign governments, domestic and foreign commercial customers and select other U.S. federal, state and local government agencies.

The L-3 concept was developed along three different central components that constitute the organization's…… [Read More]

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Marketing Strategy and Assembling Operations Strategy and Human Resource Strategy of a Camera Firm

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GLO BU Marketing Plans

Marketing trategy -- Glo Bus

ummary- Glo-Bus is a U.. based international digital-camera company with production operations in Taiwan. The industry is cyclical and highly competitive with a market growing 8-10% per annum and heavily price elastic due to volume and technological improvements in digital phone devices.

Target Customers- Digital camera customers are typically more sophisticated and technologically savvy than the general population. They research products thoroughly prior to purchase and fall within the Early Adapter or Early Majority segmentation model. Most are college educated (or equivalent) who are either professional photographers or highly skilled amateurs with household incomes in excess of $75,000.

Unique elling Proposition- Because of the heavy competition and price wars between mart Phones and other camera manufacturers, the UP for Glo-Bus is based on gleaning a competitive edge: "Glo-Bus -- Don't just shoot it -- experience it."

Pricing and Positioning- While Glo-Bus…… [Read More]

Sources Consulted

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HRM Outline Human Resource Management

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, 2010). The model includes several mediator (e.g., knowledge exchange) and moderator variables (e.g., self-leadership competencies of actors) that explain why and when this approach is effective and looks at leadership in more of a comprehensive way than focusing on one individual. Such perspectives have suggested that when employees become involved in the decision making processes then this can strengthen leadership.

Transactional Leadership

Transactional leadership is the leadership model that represents what most people view as the concept of management. Transactional leadership is defined by an exchange relationship between the managers and the employees that are all motivated by their own self-interests and meeting the expectations that are associated with their job description. Transactional leadership consists of monitoring, controlling, and motivating employees through economic incentives and other types of exchange incentives (Bass, 1985). Most of the motivation in this model stems from financial exchanges such as by either salaries, performance…… [Read More]

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Undercover Boss

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undercover boss with the Menchie's Frozen Yoghurt franchises. There were a few different positions on this show. The first was that of a shift leader at one of the retail outlets. This position has two components -- leadership and customer service. The customer service is element is common to all retail positions, and the shift leader needs to know all of the different elements of the business. They need to understand both the back of house and front of house, and all of the different things that will need to be done over the course of a shift. The leadership component of the role is less technical in nature, but the shift leader sets the tone for the shop, and ensures that the different people in the shop are fully trained and capable of ensuring a high standard of service. The shift leader is responsible for training, and a large…… [Read More]


Heathfield, S. (2014). Job analysis. Retrieved May 3, 2014 from 

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Compensation Plans

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Compensation Plan

Brief Overview of Costco's Compensation System

Costco has a unique compensation system within its industry. The company competes as a cost leader, where it features low prices as a means of winning business. Cost leaders typically try to have rock bottom costs throughout their operations, from the supply chain to labor and everywhere in between. These competitors will use their bargaining power to get the cheapest labor possible, bargaining down wages, benefits and other perks. This often results in a poor quality labor pool with high levels of turnover, but these companies accept that as part of having a low cost labor pool and account for that is the design of the low cost business model (Lutz, 2013).

The approach that the company has to compensation is therefore counterintuitive to the way that most of its competitors run their human resources, but there is internal logic to Costco's…… [Read More]


Costco. (2014). Benefits. Costco. Retrieved May 31, 2014 from

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Orienting Employees Online

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Online employee orientation programs must provide a full and thorough introduction to the company just like a traditional orientation program. Their content specifications may encompass the specific technical demands of the job; a broad range of the company's H policies (including payroll, promotions, anti-discrimination policies, etcetera); policies on harassment, civility, and discrimination; and even basic information like parking regulations. Both the technical and the practical may be encompassed within an online orientation. Still, new employees can easily feel overwhelmed so the content should be relevant to their most pertinent concerns (minutiae can always be addressed later). Employees likely want to know how they are expected to behave, how they will be evaluated in terms of their performance, and any knowledge required for their day-to-day job tasks.

Online employee orientation programs have the advantage of being able to be tailored to the needs of specific employees and specific departments relatively easily.…… [Read More]


@work Online Training. (2014). Come Evo. Retrieved from: 

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Mind Tickle. Retrieved from:
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Defining the Future of Integrated Supply Chains

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Supply Chain Integration

Defining Integrated Supply Chains in the 21st Century

Collaboration and the ability to orchestrate complex purchasing, procurement, quality management and fulfillment strategies typify integrated supply chains today. These lessons learned and more are found in the article, Integrated Supply Chains to be Explored (Johnson, 2007). Also alluded to in the article is the concept of having a 360 degree view of global supply chains, with the added benefit of being agile enough to adapt to business models that are changing rapidly in the marketplace (Johnson, 2007). These concepts are only a partial definition of what an integrated supply chain is in the 21st century. This paper defines in greater detail what an integrated supply chain is today, where it is going in the future, and what the key elements and challenges are to creating and successfully managing one over the long-term. Presented in the following sections is…… [Read More]


Dyer, J.H., & Nobeoka, K. (2000). Creating and managing a high-performance knowledge-sharing network: The Toyota case. Strategic Management Journal, 21(3), 345-367.

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Organization Development for the Faint of Heart

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Designing Organizations

Locate a copy of an organizational chart of your company, division, or department. If you do not have access to an organization chart, you can find examples of organizational charts on the Internet searching on Alta Vista,, for the term "company organizational charts." What type of organizational structure does the organization currently have? Is the structure functional, geographic, product, network, or a hybrid? Is it mechanistic or organic? How effective is the current structure? Could or should it be more organic? What changes would you make if you were a top executive? Explain why.

Organizing and Leading

The organizational chart example provided here illustrates a formal structure based on job function. The structure of the chart suggests a mechanistic way of conducting business as the lines of reporting are clearly demarcated and indicate functional relations between the positions. A dotted line drawn between the Construction Group…… [Read More]

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Nurse Management Research Resources

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Nursing Leadership

Batcheller, J.A. (2011). On-boarding and enculturation of new chief nursing officers.

Journal of Nursing Administration, 41(5), 235-239.

This article examines the on-boarding process for new chief nursing officers by examining the onboarding process for 6 new chief nursing officers. The examination is aimed at determining what type of support leaders new to an executive role requires and how to on-board leaders who are experienced, but who are new to a particular organization. The possible implications of this research is that if the on-boarding process is insufficient, then it may contribute to high turnover rates and the short length of chief nursing officer positions.

Carlson, C.L. & Plonczynski, D. (2008). Has the BARRIER cale changed nursing practice? An integrative review. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 63(4), 322-333.

This article examines whether the BARRIER cale, which identifies nurses' barriers to using evidence-based practice, contributed to an increase in the use of…… [Read More]

Storch, J., Rodney, P., Pauly, B., & Fulton, T.R., Stevenson, L., Newton, L., & Makaroff,

K. (2009). Enhancing ethical climates in nursing work environments. Retrieved September 27, 2014 from Canadian Nurse website: 

The article examines the outcomes of the Leadership for Ethical Policy and Practice, which was a three-year participatory action research survey aimed at nurses, managers, and other team members. The respondents found that nurse leader support was a critical component when enacting ethical leadership initiatives. They also found that an ethical leadership model resulted in higher levels of job-related satisfaction at all levels of the healthcare management team.
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Organization Development and Leadership

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Place answer under each question.

Dynamics of Leadership

Think of a leader that you know. Give examples of how this person influences others using formal authority, expertise, rewards, coercion, and charisma. How do you think people generally respond to these different influence tactics? Explain.

The former Starbucks marketing executive John Moore is a leader who is very interesting to me as he generally works very effectively with the strong personality of Howard Schultz. Moore once said, "Food is something they've been trying to solve for 20 years. The stores are set up as places to brew and serve coffee, and they don't have a back of the house suitable for the prep work and other work that goes into serving high-end pastries like these well." Moore uses his expertise of the retail food industry to exert influence on the trajectory of the company, taking Starbucks in directions that people…… [Read More]

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Memo Letter About ERP

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Mr. X


XYZ Plc.

Choice of HIS for Performance Improvement Compared to EP


This memo is intended to establish the kind of process development software that the company can use right now to enhance the performance of the H department and be able to better monitor the performance of employees and be able to provide feedback in real time.

For this purpose, I make the following suggestion.

While it has been suggested by some that the company can make use of the enterprise resource planning software for enhancement of performance, I suggest the use of HIS for the same purpose. The reasons for this are that I am of the view that the HIS is better suited to serve the company in its present growth phase than an EP software.

While EP can be described as a process of management which is used for better management of the…… [Read More]


Lengnick-Hall, C. & Lengnick-Hall, M. (2006). HR, ERP, and knowledge for competitive advantage.Human Resource Management, 45(2), 179-194. 

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Sun, Y. (2011). Compare Business Process between Construction and Manufacturing on the Application of ERP. AMR, 243-249, 6273-6278.
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Wages and How They Can Destroy the World

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Compensation has become a very contentious issue within the developed world of late. Economies are continuing to struggle. The EU has created a form of quantitative easing designed to restore wage growth and stimulate the economy. China is slowing as it transitions into a consumer driven economy as oppose to an export driven economy. Brazil is struggling with massive inflation and unemployment resulting in a recession for the country. America continues to grow but only at a 2% rate. This is well below the 3% GDP growth that many economist and experts are expecting. The world is lagging behind its historical trends of growth and development. As a result, compensation growth will naturally lag. Issues abound about how to properly stimulate compensation and wage growth throughout the world. The issue is particularly important for America, with 70% of GDP resulting from consumption of goods and services. This consumption will not…… [Read More]


1) Card, D., & Krueger, A. B. (1995). Myth and measurement: The new economics of the minimum wage. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

2) Judge, Timothy A., Department of Management, Warrington College of Business, University of Florida, FL, U.S.. Cable, Daniel M., Department of Organisational Behaviour, London Business School, London, England

3) Figueroa, J.B. and Shaheed, Z. (Eds.) (1995). New Approaches to Poverty Analysis II: Reducing poverty through labor market policies.International Institute for Labor Studies, International Labor Organization, Geneva
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Critical Success Factors in Project Management

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Business and Project Management

The activities relating to the closing phase of a project have a profound impact and long-term effect on the organization and its people. The success of future projects will certainly rely on not only the success of the current project but also on how successful the project was treated by James Hospital and its stakeholders. Project members must have the right attitude to engage in successful projects. This section offers information regarding the importance of constant motivation, leadership and communication to ensure the project objectives are met. The significance of each variable differs by organization and project type.

Motivation is the overall philosophy of rewards and recognition to let project members stand out. Successful projects make it a goal to let the members stand out by repeatedly acknowledging their contributions. Showing appreciation by issuing a paycheck might not be enough. ewards are argued to create compliance;…… [Read More]


Project Management Institute (PMI). (2013). A Guide To The Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) (5th ed.). Newtown Square, PA: Project Management Institute (PMI). p. 513

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Healthcare and EHR Systems That Work

Words: 1100 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 64831765

Quality improvement within a healthcare firm is very important. Health care laws are continually changing and required a diverse and varied array of skillsets. One of which is a high standard for patient care. Antiquated systems, a higher insured population, and new regulations all impede the quality improvement process. Therefore, it is necessary to form a dedicated team of professionals who focus solely on the quality improvement issue. The selection of this subcommittee is vital in regards to the actual success of such a program. As a result, the process of identifying and onboarding subcommittee team members can become a complicated process.

Identify some of the risks associated with working with interdisciplinary teams and how you plan to address them.

Interdisciplinary teams can cause risks, particularly as it relates to quality of care. The most obvious is a lack of emotional intelligence and cultural awareness. The insured population is now…… [Read More]


1. Juran, Joseph M. and Joseph A. De Feo, "Juran's Quality Handbook," 2010, ISBN 978-0-07-162973-7

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3. Paul H. Selden (December 1998). "Sales Process Engineering: An Emerging Quality Application." Quality Progress: 59-63.

4. Thareja P (2008), "Total Quality Organization Thru' People, Each one is Capable," FOUNDRY, Vol. XX, No. 4, Aug 2008
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Healthcare and proper managment

Words: 827 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 18094349

Patient safety is a very important element with the overall healthcare system. egulations and new initiatives set forth by the Affordable Care Act have created much elevated culture of safety. As a result, facilities must now alter the manner in which they deliver and administer treatment to patients. A culture that once focused on transactions and bloated costs has now been replaced with one predicated on safety. Creating a culture of safety is no easy task however. In fact, it can be particularly difficult when older employee habits have been deeply engrained in the daily processes of work. To create a culture of safety, management must first communicate its expectations to all stakeholders involved. Communication is an integral aspect of patient safety. Communication is important because it sets the overall tone within the organization. Communication regarding expectations is particularly potent when top-level management is heavily involved. Consistent emphasis on quality…… [Read More]


1. Clinton HR, Obama B (2006). "Making patient safety the centerpiece of medical liability reform." N. Engl. J. Med. 354 (21): 2205 -- 8

2. Kraman SS, Cranfill L, Hamm G, Woodard T (December 2002). "John M. Eisenberg Patient Safety Awards. Advocacy: the Lexington Veterans Affairs Medical Center." Jt Comm J. Qual Improv. 28 (12): 646 -- 50
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The Best Approach to Human Resources

Words: 3660 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82197345

HR Shared Services

When it comes to the craft and practice of human resources, one of the unmistakable trends that is emerging and changing the face and shape of the work field is the use of a "shared services" framework. Something that is common and inherent to these shared services frameworks is a passionate mission and vision behind the department and how precisely their iteration of human resources will be used to assist and empower the organization via the effective utilization of human resources practices and procedures. This may come off as navel-gazing and self-aggrandizing corporate speak to many people. However, there are so many connections between the people and the company that they work for. These connections include making a living, benefits, the corporate culture of the company, the facilitating of a work/life balance and beyond. This report shall manifest with a hypothetical organization and how precisely their strategic…… [Read More]

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Reducing Operational Costs Focus on Labor Expenses Burn Care Unit

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Burn-Care Unit: Reducing Operational Costs- Focus on Labor Expenses

1.0. Executive Summary

To remain relevant in the long-term, the Burn-Care Unit ought to adopt either of these two strategies, or combine both in a hybrid mix: reduce costs or boost the current level of revenues while keeping the current cost levels constant. The most viable strategy for an organization of this nature would be to rein in costs via the adoption of an effective cost minimization strategy or approach. It is important to note, from the onset, that being a reputable burn-care facility at the national level, there is need for the Burn-Care Unit to maintain the integrity of its processes as well as its operational efficiency, even as it seeks to minimize costs. For this reason, the relevance of embracing the most viable course of action towards the minimization of operational costs cannot be overstated. Reducing operational expenses, and…… [Read More]

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patient centered care in healthcare nursing

Words: 4617 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 92870872


Patient-centered care is the goal of many healthcare organizations, but the ability of an organization to deliver patient-centered care is influenced by a number of factors both internal and external. Business practices, regulatory requirements, and reimbursement all can impact patient-centered care in any healthcare organization. Promoting patient-centered care requires an organizational culture committed to this paradigm, which also needs to be embedded in the mission and values of the organization.

Executives and administrators create the organizational culture that promotes patient-centered care. All leaders in the organization are responsible for using patient-centered practices and communications styles in their interactions with patients and their families. Furthermore, administrators oversee the policies and procedures that directly impact the culture of care. Analyzing areas of weakness within the organizational structure and culture via established assessments like the Patient-and Family-Centered Care Organizational Self-Assessment Tool, it is possible to create multidisciplinary teams that promote the organization’s…… [Read More]

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Human Resources

Words: 2438 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Array

A company’s most valuable asset is its people. Human resources refer to the people who comprise the organization. The practice of human resource management includes employee recruitment, hiring practices, employee development and retention, discipline, motivation, and to a degree, organizational culture and socialization. Human resource management also involves job or role definitions and clarifying hierarchies and relationships within an organizational structure. Ethical codes and codes of behavior may also be covered under the rubric of human resources management. Human resources departments often operate independently but in conjunction with other departments to create a cohesive strategy for management and organizational structure. Training for human resources management can vary, and often little more than a Bachelor’s degree is required in terms of formal education. Human resources managers need interpersonal skills more than anything, but also benefit from strategic planning and general leadership skills. Job outlook and growth for the field looks…… [Read More]

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Diversity and Inclusivity in Leadership

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Hightowers Petroleum Company a middle sized company is initiating a project with the objective of unifying the different personalities that make up the company's workforce. This objective stands as the broad objective in trying to bridge the cultural differences among the organization's workforce. In the organization differences of the employee's background have brought about different cultures that seem to result in conflict upon attempts in moderating the workforce to observe common values, practices and perspectives on the organization's pertinent issues. In organization's where there are no commonly held perspectives, values or norms, there is a likelihood of disintegration of objectives owing to lack of a common culture (Hofstede, 2001). In an instance where the organization's workforce cannot share a common way of doing things, then it is not possible to articulate the process in archiving success (Kelly, 2006; osen, 2007).

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