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They are looking for frugality and compromise, all of which they can find in various ways through the SUVs that have been considered here.


Many issues have to be considered when buying a new SUV. Price is important, but it is not the only issue - especially for families such as the Jones'. Because they live an upper middle class existence, they are able to buy any one of the SUVs that have been compared here. However, will they want to spend more for the Cadillac? Should they spend the least and get a smaller, more mid-sized SUV like the Highlander? Would the Yukon be a good compromise between the alternatives? Those are all questions that they will have to answer on their own, but a recommendation as to which hybrid SUV they should buy will still be made here. It will be based on the pros and cons that were considered with all of the SUVs as well as the price, the gas mileage, and the overall package that the Jones' would be receiving for the money they are paying.

All things considered, it appears that the 2011 GMC Yukon Hybrid SUV would be the best choice for the Jones family. It does have a few complaints, but nothing too serious. Drivers generally are unsure about the feel of the brakes, but that is typical of many hybrids and not specific to the Yukon. There is plenty of power, however, and the large size of the SUV means that travel is comfortable, there is adequate towing capacity, and there is plenty of room in the back for children's gear, suitcases, or even cakes and other catering options. The other SUVs are also good choices, but they are not quite up to par with the Yukon and all it has to offer for the price.

The Highlander is smaller and less roomy, and it does not provide adequate cargo space for the needs of the Jones family. Even though it is less expensive and gets better gas mileage, the driver experience is not as good and there have been complaints about not feeling engaged with the vehicle. The brakes are another common area of discomfort, and the merits of the vehicle are not enough to outweigh those issues for many drivers who buy or test drive the Highlander. While it would be hard to turn down the lower price and impressive gas mileage, there are some things that are more important than that. Because of the number of miles that Mrs. Jones will put on the vehicle, it is very important that she have an SUV with which she can connect and feel comfortable.

The Cadillac Escalade is a different kind of hybrid altogether. It is well beyond its competitors in price, and the gas mileage is nothing to write home about - unless it is compared with the non-hybrid version of the Escalade. When compared with other hybrid SUVs, though, gas mileage is not that impressive, especially for the price that individuals are asked to pay for that particular SUV. Price is not the only thing that make the Escalade a poor choice for the Jones family. The level of "bling" on the Cadillac is impressive, and the SUV is truly opulent and luxurious. That does not necessarily mix well with three small children and their friends being shuttled around to various activities several days a week. It may also not be the best choice for a catering business, because those kinds of businesses can occasionally be messy to the inside of a vehicle.

Buying a hybrid SUV is a big step for the Jones family, and it is one that they will want to carefully consider in order to make sure that they have found the right vehicle to meet their needs as much as possible. With its decent gas mileage, reasonable price tag, and other great features, the GMC Yukon would be the recommendation for the Jones family and for others who are in similar circumstances with their families and the busy lives that they lead. The Yukon will meet their needs and provide them with a large, well-equipped, safe vehicle that is as environmentally friendly as is reasonably possible in a vehicle of that size. They will also be able to tow with it if they choose to use it that way, and it does not have the fear of using it that the Escalade and all of its opulence might create.


Vehicles are meant to be driven and a lot of life happens in a vehicle. Because that is the case, it is important to find a vehicle in which a person feels comfortable and safe. There should be enough room, but there should not be so much elegance to that room that a person is afraid to enjoy the vehicle he or she has purchased. Especially with small children, it can be hard to own a luxury vehicle. These vehicles are more difficult to care for because they are more elegant, and scratches and marks can upset the owners very quickly. It is normal to see some wear on a vehicle that belongs to a family with children, and buying a very elegant vehicle really does not allow for that kind of family experience that can be enjoyed with a vehicle one is not afraid to use and appreciate.

For the Jones family and others like them, buying an SUV is necessary for the size of their family. They want the upper middle class lifestyle that they already have to transfer over to their new vehicle, but they also want something that is safe, reliable, comfortable, and big enough to do what they need. Going green can be difficult with an SUV, but it is not impossible to do so, and that is also something that many families are considered today. Environmentally friendly is no longer something that only applies to tiny cars, and the Jones family can care for their environment and still drive their hybrid SUV.


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