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Professional Appearance

"First impression is the last impression." This statement especially in the world of commerce has become a significant declaration, whether it sounds good or bad. First impression counts a lot, indeed, it remains in the minds of the people. It is nearly impossible for the individuals to change their first impressions, and they might not even get a second opportunity to do it. Therefore, individuals should consider their professional appearance with seriousness.

Professional appearance is based on not only how you dress up, but an entire range of actions are essential to develop oneself into a complete package that can be reflected through professional appearance. Whether one believes or not, the appearance of the person is reflecting its capabilities. Hair care, nails, teeth, odors, cloths, shoes, wardrobe, and accessories are few of the vital components that should be considered with gravity in having a professional appearance (Butterfield, 2010).

Hair should be tidy, orderly tied, clean and fresh. Even though the length of the hair is not given much importance, but to have it in good shape and trimmed is more important. Hair even includes eyebrows and nose hair that should be neat and tidy. It plays a vital role, as untidy and dirty hair might become a major source of distraction for the other person (that is usually an insignificant prospect for the other person), and they might not be able to concentrate on what the individual is communicating. Maintaining proper hair care is essential to the level that it does not become a reason of clients' disrespect (Zimmerman & Luecke, 2010).

Nails are another key component that needs to be considered in maintaining a proper appearance. Individuals should keep clip and clean their nails, have in a well manicured shape and make sure to cut it short to the extent that it does not give the impression of chewed nails. This is one of the areas that are not paid much attention especially by men (Zimmerman & Luecke, 2010).

Individuals should particularly focus on their odors. This means that dousing cologne, aftershave, deodorants, and perfumes should not be the case. A light fragrance (that should be used in moderation) from the individual makes them look and smell fresh, and at the same time it does not create the impression of being offensive (Zimmerman & Luecke, 2010).

Teeth are another area that needs to be clean and food should not at all be stuck in teeth. Prospects should particularly have a look at their teeth after lunch and tea breaks, as food is likely to get stuck after the intake of food items. Measures should be taken like flossing or gargling so that they can have a neat look of the teeth, so that others can focus on their communication skills (Zimmerman & Luecke, 2010).

Clothes and shoes are one of the most critical components in creating a positive or negative identity in the appearance. Working in a professional environment indicates that the prospects are likely to have meetings, discussions, and interactions in the office as well as with clients. However, it is prudent to note that the first thing that is noticed in the person is their attire; hence, individuals should be dresses tidily and carefully, and make sure that the apparel is free of any kind of stains. The size of the clothing is also important, so the prospect should make sure that they are wearing the most appropriate size of outfit (Butterfield, 2010).

Especially for male counterpart, they should make sure that their shirt cuffs are visible if they are wearing a jacket or blazer. Other things should also be considered when wearing a blazer or jacket like unbuttoning the jackets when seated and so on. Socks are also an important factor to consider, which indicates that matching socks with pants should be carried, sports socks should not be worn and etc. (Butterfield, 2010).

Individuals should also ensure that their clothes are properly ironed, because un-ironed clothes with wrinkles only create an image that they are totally mess and are least bothered about their attire or physical outlook. Feet is another area that many of the people believe as unnoticeable, however, it is prudent to note that footwear is a fundamental source of notice. Therefore, individuals should wear shoes that are matching their outfits and are in good condition. In additions, prospects also need to polish their shoes properly so that it can give a clean look (Butterfield, 2010).

Tattoos (body art) and piercings have become widespread norm in the today's time. However, in order to appear oneself in a more professional look, they should properly cover their body art so that it is not visible. Additionally, the individuals should also limit the number of visible piercings in order to give a more professional impression (Zimmerman & Luecke, 2010).

Lastly, the accessories that a man or woman wears to enhance their physical outlook. Individuals should pay close attention to all of their accessories that they are wearing with their apparels. For women, the jewelry should not be too loud, as it would create a nonprofessional look, and for men belts should completely match to their outfit and should not be worn or very old, as it would lead to ruining the overall appearance. Furthermore, the individuals should also keep their watches simple and elegant that does not give an impression of being too flashy or sporty (Butterfield, 2010).

In the present intensely competitive world of commerce and business, one needs to maintain an adequate level of professional appearance (especially the clothing and physical appearance) according to the nature of his/her job since it largely affects the outcome of work. Every business and office demands its employees to wear particular apparel according to the nature of work (Rodriguez, 2009).

In general, individuals who are supposed to deal with customers and clients on regular basis such as in case of customer service, sales calls and meetings, marketing, or any sort of interaction with public are required to look professional throughout their working hours. This implies that their dressing should represent professional nature of their job; irrespective of time and weather. On the other hand, if one's job doesn't demand him/her to meet customers and they remain off the public front then informal dressing is reasonably acceptable (Rodriguez, 2009).

Professional appearance is not only limited to certain situations but it is considered at all times initiating from the job interviews to client meetings, and every day on the job. This means that the individuals are representing the image of the company through the professional appearance that one carries with itself every day. Clients are more likely to do business with the individuals that represent themselves as highly trained and well-groomed professionals, which are created as their first impressions. In this manner, the clients not only respect the prospects, but develop a more positive image of the company (that is represented by the professional appearance of the individual) (Rodriguez, 2009).

Maintaining professional appearance is also imperative because the way you appear in front of the client demonstrate on what kind of work a person do (the nature of the organizations is represented through the professional appearance of the individual). For instance, a lawyer, a dentist, and a financial consultant exhibit different type of professional appearance and attitude so that they can well satisfy their clients (Rodriguez, 2009).

Professional appearance of business owner, his directors, and most importantly his employees plays a pivotal role in upholding company's reputation within the corporate world as well as amongst the customers. Outfits worn by the employees together with their overall appearance reflects the objectives and ideas presented by the companies to all stakeholders including share holders, customers, and also common people. Moreover, if the employees appear to have a more professional appearance can easily convince the clients and prospects, therefore, professional appearance also plays a pivotal role in their marketing strategies. This highlights that professional appearance of employees significantly affects the company's image in market and also helps in successfully achieving its goals (Butterfield, 2010).

Even though productivity, attendance, attitude, time management, communication and various other aspects are considered essential at the workplace, but, the overall professional appearance acts as the foundation stone of how the individual is perceived and valued. Therefore, it is claimed that professional appearance speaks volumes about the individual's achievements, professionalism, and work ethics. A fascinating study related to psychology of human beings reveals that clothes worn at workplace by employees affect their efficiency and approach to work. Furthermore, professional dressing and appearance according to the nature of job greatly facilitates in developing professional thinking and advancement amongst employees (Butterfield, 2010).

It has even been observed that professional appearance of an individual works as a supporting factor for their professional accomplishments. Productivity and reputation is affected by the professional appearance of the prospect. Moreover, it is only the first impression (which is based on the professional appearance) that can decide on how people would value you and…

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