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Importance of Multilateral Continuity Planning

Safety- Importance of Multilateral Continuity Planning

Many business entities are joining the corporate world for immense investments. These pertains business operations that are effectively run through hierarchical systems in various managerial departments for the achievement of optimized business operations. This, therefore, calls for the best managerial methodologies in the business, human resource and disaster management. The later is the most essential in managing a business as it sometimes replicates unexpected situations that implicate diversely to the organization's stakeholders, the community as well as other business partners. In my organization, the notion of having unexpected outcomes, has been curbed by initiating proper disaster management methods use of multilateral continuity planning models.

It is important for business-oriented firms to strategize continuity planning methods, though, it is usually perceived as a counter-productive process (Hiles 2011). The practice not only oversees organizational, structural continuity, but also on the implications, it has towards the organizations' macro and micro environs. Multicultural continuity planning in this instance has been affiliated to several success factors that in turn produce positive feedbacks.


My organization is a delivering company that avails essential utilities such as letters and parcels to the society on a daily basis. We do this in a partnership with one of the most reputable transportation companies. In outlining the some of the risks at our exposure, we outline the implications that are experienced towards our partner, the society as well as to the operational activities of the company. Consequentially, these disasters' implications do strike at different magnitudes; thus, it is essential to counterbalance the relation towards whom the risks implicate.

A major risk that affects the operational activities in my company is adverse weather conditions, especially floods and hurricanes. Despite the implications to the environment, the process of service interface to our customers is greatly affected. The most devastating effect is towards our partner through whom the transportation is done. Terrain characteristics of places our customers dwell are exponentially rugged, but…

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