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Management and Control of Quality

The ISO 9000 standards cover the quality management systems of a company and is aimed at helping organizations to meet their customers' needs and the needs of other stakeholders as related to quality. The fundamentals of this standard are based on eight (8) key management structures. From the visit of the Independent Association of Accredited Registrars, which contains a database of ISO 9000 registered companies, it is evident is that the number of registered companies is very high -- more than 48,000 companies. Sixteen (16) registrars registered on the website have issued between 8,000 and 22 certifications. This means that the number of companies that are certified is very high suggesting that they deem the ISO 9000 certification as prestigious and an important tool to create a unique selling point for the companies.

When the number of registered companies is analyzed by country, it is seen that the United States has the largest number of companies -- 21,000. ISO 9000 certification is widespread in the U.S. more than any other country in the world. The U.S.A. is followed by Japan, which has 3,500 registered companies. From the list of countries, it can be see that the database is not cleaned because the United States is listed as United States, the U.S.A., and the Unites States as three different countries and China is listed as People's Republic of China, P.R. Of China, People Republic of China, R.O.C, and Peoples Republic of China as four different countries.

There are other countries with a significant number of companies certified such as Korea with 1,700 companies, India with 1,695, Brazil with 1,100 companies, Canada, Mexico, and Italy with slightly over 800 countries each and other such as the UK with 180 companies, UAE with 119 companies, and other such as Gabon, Togo, Morocco, Myanmar, etc. with 1 company registered.

Real world assignment

Below is a questionnaire to determine the degree to which an organization follows the 14 principles of Deming. The questions have been developed by reading through the Deming Chain Reaction and the 14 major principles that Deming posits in his discussion. The questions focus on understanding how each company fits into the 14 principles that Deming presents. The 14 main principles mentioned by Deming are:

1. creating and publishing of a quality statement by the company

2. learning the company's philosophy

3. understanding the importance of inspection

4. awarding business based on quality and not just cost

5. improving the production system constantly

6. integrating training to the business activities

7. integrating accountability in leadership

8. driving out fear and creating trust

9. optimizing operations

10. eliminating inefficiencies

11. eliminating quotas based on numbers

12. removing barriers that eliminate accountability

13. encouraging self-improvement and education

14. taking actions towards transformation


Company name:


Do you consider yourself to have a quality management system in place?



Is the quality management system in the company's vision?

Yes ? No ? Not applicable

Who is the company's quality leader or key contact?


Phone no.:

Does your company's quality management contact report to the company's management?



Not Applicable

How often do you check the effectiveness of your quality management system using internal audits?




Half-yearly ? Yearly


Are the results of these audits clearly reported and documented?




Do your company's suppliers have a quality management system?

Yes ? No ? Some

Do you have documented procedures for reviewing contract with suppliers?




What requirements do these contract review procedures adequately define? (Tick all that apply)


Quality standards

Capability to deliver


Termination of contract

Corrective action/penalties

Other, please specify

What is more important...


This means that quality of the product is key in the production system. The company strives to ensure the consumer gets a high quality product since it is their responsibility to make sure the consumer is happy. If the consumer does not deem the product to be of high quality, then the company cannot be.

The company also uses teamwork as a guiding principle to make sure employees are creative, challenged and courageous in what they do. In quality terms, it is important for employees to be courageous and trusting about the company in order for them to take the necessary steps to ensure they deliver the highest level of quality in their work. Toyota does this by allowing all employees at all levels to provide suggestions, most of which are adopted by the company's management to improve their processes. This makes employees feel motivated in their work and encouraged to deliver to the highest level. This respect for people component enables the company to make practical use of suggestions that their employees provide to continuously improve their production system. It also allows the company to bring problems to the surface in order to solve them.

The inclusivity of Toyota's culture also benefits the company by avoiding overproduction. Since the company uses a pull system where employees and consumers give suggestions that lead to improvements in the company's processes, they can optimize their production and reduce unnecessary workload. The company has built a culture to fix problems at the start in order to get quality right at the first time the problem arises.

Toyota also values itself as a corporate citizen and this is reflected in their guiding principles. Toyota is committed to ethical and fair business activities with respect to different cultures and customs in every country. This means the company views themselves as a local entity in every country despite them being a multinational corporation headquartered in Japan. This allows the company to be practical in their decision-making and to contribute to the economic and social development of the country they are operating in. This perpetrates kindness and generosity of the company in the local community in order to embed themselves in the community as a local entity and contribute…

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