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Ethical codes and informed consent are part of the modern world of healthcare. Informed consent allows people to understand the risks they take when accepting a procedure. Ethical codes allow organizations like hospitals conduct their business while avoiding potential lawsuits or other risks. Thanks to the use of ethical codes and informed consent, the public is protected from scenarios and circumstances that could potentially jeopardize health and well-being, increasing the level of trust of patient and healthcare professional. This essay aims to show what ethical codes and informed consent is and how it benefits patients and professional organizations.

Literature review of "code of ethics"

Ethical codes have been welcomed as a clear strategy for realizing more viable and secure organizational practice. A 2015 article explains the need for ethical codes to help coordinate legal compliance with corporate governance in the interest of organizations. " ... when legal compliance and corporate governance codes are conflated, codes can be used to define organizational interests ostentatiously by stipulating norms for employee ethics....


Such codes have a largely cosmetic and insurance function, acting to control organizational risk management/protection" (Adelstein & Clegg, 2015, p. 1). Ethical codes provide the framework from which organization can do business and avoid lawsuits or other potential pitfalls.

In any business or professional organization, a code of ethics typically comprises its mission statement, guiding the business/organization through the business/legal environment. Whenever questionable matters need to be handled, a code of ethics provides answers. Along will helping organizations avoid risks, a code of ethics can also improve professional and business relationships.

Ethical values are frequently designed to offer guidance when partnering with other organizations, including the general public. Such values determine how organizations handle customer questions, negative business scenarios, or contract negotiations. The use of ethical codes also helps prohibit inappropriate behavior such as embezzlement or fraud. A code of ethics aids employees in understanding why certain actions may be deemed inappropriate and could generate negative legal ramifications. Furthermore, a code of ethics helps the public, customers, patients, and so forth, hold management accountable for an unlawful thing done.

Literature review of "informed consent"

In an article detailing the consequences of the SUPPORT study, informed consent was listed as one of the tasks completed during the study, informing parents of the effects higher oxygen saturation levels could do to a premature infant.

The informed-consent form notes the higher risk of ROP that is associated with prolonged exposure to supplemental oxygen but states that "the benefit of higher versus lower levels of oxygenation in infants, especially for premature infants, is not known" and also notes that "the use of lower saturation ranges may result in a lower incidence of…

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