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The most obvious benefit is that participants will approach the use of technology more thoughtfully in their practice -- and potentially change some of their technology-dependent behaviors and resistance to technology.

b. Describe what new information may be learned from this research

The study is designed to explore the barriers and incentives related to the use of technology in the social work practice.

c. Describe incentives to encourage individuals to participate in this research (including monetary or other compensation, thank you gifts, course or other academic credit, lotteries, etc.)

Participants will be sent a thank you gift in the form of a Starbucks gift card.

d. Describe costs (time, monetary or other) for participants in this research

The only expenditure of resources for participants is time.

e. Describe potential harms or discomforts (physical, psychological, social) for participants in this research

No potential harms have been identified for participants in this study, and all responses are to be kept confidential.

f. Describe what you will do to minimize potential harms or discomforts to participants in this research


g. Describe any potential harms to the


Describe what you will do to minimize potential harms to the culture or society that is the subject of this research


10. Participant Consent / Assent

Unless a waiver is requested and granted, all participants should be fully informed about the research (purpose, benefits and potential harms from participation, procedures, duration of participation, and special accommodations for language or comprehension), informed consent shall be documented by a written and signed consent form and the participant shall be given a copy of the signed form. The recommended reading level for consent documents is the 8th grade. Guidelines and examples for consent/assent forms can be found at .



Describe the process of obtaining consent to participate in this researchNote: The IRB will only consider this if you can demonstrate that obtaining informed consent will impact the quality of the research data; a waiver will not be granted for researcher convenience.

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