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Other tools frequently used in this approach are positioning surveys and moving-average trend following trading rules. Fund managers regularly use these patterns to take informed decisions for short-term investments (Exchange Rate Forecast, 2010).

Exchange rate risk affects both revenues and costs, which in turn affects a company's marketing, production, and financial decisions (Shapiro, n.d.). If a company's revenues are down then they might find themselves with less money to produce and market their product or service. If a company cannot produce or market their product or service they will probably not remain in business for very long. This is why it is so important to make financial decisions based upon a good model for forecasting exchange rates. A company's bottom line and ultimately their continued success rely heavily on their capability to have enough money to produce products and market them. A company that has no money to manufacture and market their products will most likely not have enough money to remain in business for very long.

2. Research a recent article on the International Monetary Fund (IMF); perform an online search for an article that is at least 2-3 pages in length. Read the article, and think about how the topic relates to the concepts discussed in Chapter 10. Write a brief summary report (1 page), and discuss how the article relates to the IMF's position of influence on individual nation's economic policy.

The International Monetary Fund opposes EU projections on Greece's debt sustainability and wants to wait until a clearer outlook comes out before signing off on the next part of financial support to Athens. The IMF believes the EU's debt projections are too hopeful and wants to wait until after a euro zone summit to see if deliberations there produce a clearer picture on how the debt levels can be made more sustainable. If the summit agrees on a deeper participation by the private sector in helping decrease Greece's debt burden that may make the debt stock, which stands at around 360 billion Euros, more sustainable and allow the IMF to sign off on the release of the next part of the deal. In July the private sector agreed on a charitable basis to take around a twenty-one percent cut on its Greek debt holdings, helping decrease the debt burden by around fifty billion Euros between now and 2014. Nevertheless, that is now considered insufficient by some countries and there is a push to sharply increase the private sector's donation, even if it is not done freely (EU and IMF at odds on Greek debt sustainability, 2011).

The IMF was established in order to endorse international monetary cooperation by maintaining fixed exchange rates among the currencies of different nations. To accomplish this, the Fund was to make short-range loans to nations which had provisional balance of payments deficits; the net imports of the country exceeded its net exports. The short-term loans, normally three to five years would in all probability allow a nation to recover from its disproportion without having to resort to devaluing its currency (Ewert, n.d.). In the case of Greece, the IMF is waiting to make sure that the increased involvement of the private sector will indeed help the overall economy and make it more sustainable. If it can be shown that this is a step in the right direction then they will be willing to release more money.

Unit 6

1. Choose a product and supplier from whom you would import the product. Describe the product and the supply company you chose. Briefly explain the rationale for your choice.

Analyze the process for usefulness and potential value. Name at least one benefit and one drawback of using this type of website to conduct trade. Is it reasonable to speculate that eventually most trade SME's might take place in the context of sites like

How transparent do sites like make the import-export transaction? Would you still worry about fraud? Why,...


This product is supplied by Hubei Jixiangquan Solar Co., Ltd. located Hubei, China (Mainland). This product is a water heater that uses sunlight to heat the water. The water heater can quickly convert solar energy into heat and electricity. It is reliable and efficient, with tri-element evacuated vacuum tubes. It contains special high quality insulated material to reducing the heat loss rate. It has an easy plug-in installation that is ideal for commercial solar water heater applications (2011 New design solar water heater, 2011).

I chose this product because I believe that with the current economy there are many people who are looking at ways to reduce their monthly expenses and having a product like this could definitely help with that. It was very easy to locate this product on the website. It appears to be a very user friendly site that allows people who are looking to buy or sell products to conduct business all in one place. A benefit to using this site is that it is easy to shop for a multitude of products all in one place. A drawback of using this site is that you can't see the product in person to make sure that it is really what you want.

I can see that sites like this are the wave of the future since everyone is doing more and more things online these days and the economy which is driving more people to become creative. It is a great marketplace that can be used with ease. Even though this site makes the import-export transaction appear to be very transparent, I would think that there would still be some element of fraud that might occur and anyone using such a site might want to use it with caution.

2. Identify and discuss the various steps management must take to establish a successful export strategy.

In order for a company to establish a successful export strategy they must first look inside their company in order to analyze the company's operations and growth ambitions. They must take into account their competitive location and highlight their strengths and unique selling propositions. They must assess their strengths in terms of product, service, staff, distribution and technical service (Guide to developing an Export Strategy, 2006).

The next important thing that must be done is an analysis of the export environment. One must assess the factors that will impact the export plans. This should include a market analysis, ranking market attractiveness, assessing competition, understanding export market environments, distribution and logistics. A standard SWOT analysis will enable one to segregate the key factors for further work and to help shape your priorities in terms of markets, pricing and competitive factors (Guide to developing an Export Strategy, 2006).

A company must determine the must do factors which will underwrite your success. These could include product modifications, financial resources, distribution and developing the final marketing model. The export plan should include target setting, market entry strategies and financial management including the export pricing model. Marketing decisions on distribution model will be required in regards to distributor, agent, representative office, and after sales service (Guide to developing an Export Strategy, 2006).

Looking at where a company is in their current market and figuring out where they want to be in the new market is the key to developing a successful export strategy. They must figure out if what they have to offer is something that is desired in the new market, because if it isn't then the company will have a hard time selling it.

Unit 8

1. Briefly identify the steps of an exposure management strategy. Describe and evaluate Dell's exposure management strategy. Identify some programs or strategies that management of Dell Mercosur could implement to provide it with operational hedges?

Exposure management strategy involves four steps. The first is forecasting the degree of exposure in each major currency in which the company operates. The second is developing a reporting system to monitor exposure and exchange rate movements to assist in protecting the company from risk. The third step is assigning responsibility for hedging exposure and determining whether to centralize or decentralize exposure management. The final step is selecting appropriate hedging tools including diversification of the company's operations, a balance sheet hedge, and exposure netting (Managing Transaction Exposure and Economic Exposure, n.d.).

Dell's exposure management strategy included forecasting transactions and firm commitments in the foreign countries in they operated. The company monitors it foreign currency exchange exposures in order to make sure that the overall effectiveness of its foreign currency hedge positions. Dell uses purchased option contracts and forward contract designated as cash flow hedges to protect against the foreign currency exchange risk inherent in its forecasted transactions dominated in currencies in other than the U.S. dollar. The company also uses…

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