Internet Dating Crary, David. "Safety Research Paper


The chapter on safety reiterates the fact that users view the anonymity of the web as an excuse to engage in riskier behaviors than they otherwise would, and that this is a mistake. Personal safety often comes down to making smart decisions and always leaving a way out of a situation. Gormley, Michael. "New Law Requires Dating Websites to Give Safety Tips." Huffington Post. Huffington Post. 1 Sep 2010. Web. 7 Dec 2010. Document URL

This article announces that New York State has followed New Jersey in enacting an Internet dating safety law. The wording of the law contains advice to New York residents about good online dating habits. Otherwise, the New York law is almost identical to the New Jersey law. This marks the second state that has enacted such a law, possibly signaling a trend.

No author. "Internet Dating Safety Act. N.J.S.A. 56:8-168 et seq." State of New Jersey. State of New Jersey. 2008. Web. 7 Dec 2010. Document URL

This is the first law enacted for online dating safety. The text of the law is important for the study of this issue because it discusses the background importance of the issue and the areas that lawmakers have felt the most compelling need to address. It outlines that anybody...


It also mentions tips for consumers, such as not providing personal information to somebody they do not know. The substance of the law is fairly thin and only deals with a couple of key issues.
Jerin, Robert & Dolinsky, Beverly. "You've got mail! You Don't Want it: Cyber-Victimization and Online Dating." Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture. Vol. 9 (1) 15-21.

This journal article analyzes the risks associated with online dating, and the perceptions of those risks among women. The majority of respondents to the survey noted that perceived risk associated with online dating is minimal, and that this perception did not vary among age groups. Age and education did not affect victimization rates, but these rates did vary with the length of time using online dating services. The majority of the victimization was distant (email harassment, for example) but there were reported instances of harassment outside of the Internet sphere. Most the respondents indicated to having safety strategies; most of these are in line with the strategies outlined in the New Jersey and New York legislation, and in the books that were part of the literature review.

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