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This is very common for college age people because some do not realize on how to self-disclose to a romantic relationship, therefore, they seek relationship satisfaction elsewhere (Aviram, I., and Amichai-Hamburger 2005).

Taking into consideration the self-disclosure that an Internet relationship permits, we expected that an Internet affair would be especially appealing to individuals who feel that their "real life" relationship does not allow them enough self-disclosure. Since self-disclosure has been found to be related to the stability of a relationship (Fitzpatrick & Sollie, 1999), we predicted that individuals with low self-disclosure in their "real life" relationship would develop higher expectations of an Internet affair (Aviram, I., and Amichai-Hamburger 2005).

From there, it has been researched and discovered that self-disclosure and experience of intimacy within dyadic college romantic relationships does actually effect relationship satisfaction. and, without being taken care properly intimacy could lead to affairs if there is not a true understanding of self-closure From conducting research, self-disclosure and intimacy is very important to relationship satisfaction. In fact, they are the main elements to relationship satisfaction.

This study compared amount of communication and relationship satisfaction in long-distance and proximal romantic relationships among a sample of 109 undergraduate students (81 women and 28 men). It was hypothesized that greater communication would lead to greater satisfaction and that long-distance relationships would be more satisfactory than proximal ones. A questionnaire developed by the researchers measured communication, length of relationship, and commitment, and it assessed satisfaction based upon the Relationship Assessment Scale (RAS) developed by Hendrick (1988). Results indicated that the number of phone conversations is positively correlated with satisfaction, but satisfaction differences were not found for the two types of relationships. Future research could compare communication with a commitment scale and a satisfaction with communication scale (Watson).

Along with that, it is clear that men like to be logical. Women like to share and talk even if there is no point in their sharing and talking. From that, sharing and taking is too much sometimes for men because they need to have an objective, which means they need to see the point in doing something. When women try to share too much, men become frustrated and dissatisfied with the relationship as well as becoming bored. Unfortunately, when people feel dissatisfied a relationship, they tend to look elsewhere.

The theory that emotional skillfulness, specifically the ability to identify and communicate emotions does have an important part in the maintenance of marital adjustment. This can been seen through its effects on the intimacy process. In this research and testing ninety-two married couples completed measures of emotional skillfulness, marital adjustment, and intimate safety. It was apparent that the ability to identify and the ability to communicate emotions were associated with self and partner marital adjustment.

Furthermore, Interpersonal communication is in connection to self-closure and intimacy, which ultimately affects relationship satisfaction. Interpersonal communication is very important to intimacy. It makes the connection that much stronger, which fulfills relationship satisfaction. and, men do not understand why the woman is sharing, interpersonal communication is not effective, which could interrupt relationship satisfaction. It was apparent that the ability to identify and the ability to communicate emotions were associated with self and partner marital adjustment.

Furthermore, the association between these emotion skills and marital adjustment was mediated by intimate safety for both husbands and wives. Gender differences were found in the ability to communicate emotions and in the association between the communication of emotions and partners' marital adjustment" (Howell 2001).

Along with that, it is apparent that emotions and interpersonal skills are very vital to intimacy in a relationship, which does lead to relationship satisfaction. During a relationship between two college people, this seems crucial because at that age, it is about the intimacy and interpersonal communication. These elements of this age group lead to relationship satisfaction. Without them, relationship satisfaction would be non-existent.

From conducting research, self-disclosure and intimacy is very important to relationship satisfaction. In fact, they are the main elements to relationship satisfaction.

Automatic Talking: Listening just long enough to find a word that you know something about. Then shut off the rest of what is being said, particularly the emotional content. Then start talking about the word you know something about. This blocks real communications by not hearing the total content. This is the most used form of blocking true communication.

Ourselves - Focusing on ourselves, rather than the other person can lead...


The "Me Generation" is out when it comes to effective communication. Some of the factors that cause this are defensiveness (we feel someone is attacking us), superiority (we feel we know more that the other), and ego (we feel we are the center of the activity). Message - Distractions happen when we focus on the facts rather than the idea. Our educational institutions reinforce this with tests and questions. Semantic distractions occur when a word is used differently than you prefer. For example, the word chairman instead of chairperson, may cause you to focus on the word and not the message (Communication & Leadership, 2008).

During communication, people tend to let their feelings and emotions become a major control over how they deal with conflict. Conflicts can also occur because people ignore their own or others' feelings and emotions. When conflicts occur people need to set their personal feelings and emotions aside and collectively work together on the issue. The company can use this opportune time to create healthy conflicts. This can lead to growth and innovation, new ways of thinking, and additional management options which results in mutual benefits and strengthens the relationship.

When some of their needs are met it leads to a win-win situation.

Walther et al. (2001) show that communication over sparse channels can lead to idealization; if this is the case, disappointment in online dating could stem from overly optimistic expectations formed prior to meeting in person. This research seeks to identify on what dimensions, to what degree, and for what reasons online dating users might misperceive each other, in particular when the misperception leads to disappointment. Knowledge of the mechanism behind this process will enable designers to create online dating systems that present information and communications in such a way as to prevent the distorted perception of the misperceived cues, or at least mitigate their consequences. Some of the dimensions on which users might misperceive one another that this work will investigate include demographics such as age, ethnicity, religion, height, weight; physical attractiveness; hobbies and interests; political affiliations; similarity to one's "ideal partner"; style of relationship desired, e.g., marriage vs. casual dating; and personality traits as indexed by the canonical Big Five -- Extraversion, Agreeableness, Openness to experience, Neuroticism, and Conscientiousness (Online dating research at Berkeley). When people meet for the first time there is an attraction involving sight; however the computer allows only written information for people to read and good grammar skills. Unable to hear what a person sounds like, see them as they walk up or walk away, since the attraction usually involves physical elements at first after that comes the opportunity for intellect to play into the meeting (Ellison, Gibbs, Heino, 2006). This is changing with skype, video conferencing via AOL online or MSN online.

Online dating

For online dating to work, people have to be honest in their profiles and who they are communicating with. If one of the parties involved is honest and provides a lot of information about themselves and even looks like the photo provided the counter-part may not be as honest. It is possible for people to get involved with perverts, liars, stalkers, or even serial killers. Whirlwind romances have been established by way of the online dating scene; time and money is spent attempting to get to know someone who communicates only by computer and if a meeting does take place it is always possible that neither party will measure up to the other party's actual expectations, now everyone involved leaves disappointed and disillusioned (Cheever, Cummings, Felt, Rosen, 2007).

Online dating service providers: While the speed of their courtship is rare, what is not is the way they met. Online dating, with and, there is all joys and dangers, which has become the decade's hottest way for singles to connect. At Eharmony "Second, to the degree you can try not to see these relationships as "rejections." My guess is that very soon you will be the one who says to some great lady, "This doesn't quite work for me." It won't be because she's a bad person or is unlovable. You just won't feel the chemistry. Every date you go on with an eHarmony match is a kind of trial run. You're seeing how the relationship feels for you. Talking together. Walking together. Maybe even being romantic; holding hands; kissing good night. These are ways to investigate the chemistry you share. Just because a few women didn't sense the chemistry they needed…

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