Internet Revolution And Medicine Case Study

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Role of Informatics in Healthcare

The author of this report has been asked to find an electronic service or mechanism that is involved with the prescription of medications. The source will be identified and explained in terms of how it can be of benefit in a clinical setting. The types of information that it will provide will be listed but there will also be some limitations that need to be pointed out as well. The cost that will be associated with the service or product will be assessed and there will be an assessment as to whether that cost is reasonable and proper. The limitations related to the cost will be summarized as well. Whether or not the overall service or program is useful will be mentioned. While E-Prescribing cannot be used in all applications and situations, it is an idea that has emerged as common-sense and ready for extensive use.


The service or item that will be mentioned as far as electronically prescribing medications is the general art and function of prescribing electronically, referred to by the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) as e-prescribing. Indeed, the HRSA is a wing of the United States Department of Health & Human Services. The HRSA described e-prescribing as "an important tool to safely and efficiently manage patients' medications" (HRSA, 2015). While some may be concerned about the medication dose, medication name, medication combinations/adverse reactions and so forth.

The benefits to using electronic prescriptions is immeasurable and the HRSA gives several examples to justify and prove this. First, they state that there is less need to rely on phone calls to and from pharmacies. Second, they state that there is a staggering increase in patient convenience and medication compliance. Benefits of e-prescribing include, as mentioned by product/service provider SureScripts, things like automated clinical messaging, basic messaging, electronic healthcare records integration and so forth. There…

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HRSA. (2015). What are some of the benefits of e-prescribing?. Retrieved 23 May 2015, from


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