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¶ … journey are enormous, but they compare with the challenges faced by those in this week's media in significant ways. The two resources I would like to focus on include the "Faculty Expectations and Interaction Program Transcript" and the "Walden Student Services Staff Program Transcript." I would like to discuss the various uses of the Internet in the classroom, including for research, communication, and networking. As the speaker states, "faculty relationship are some of the most important you will cultivate" while at Walden ("Faculty Expectations and Interaction Program Transcript" n.d.). One of the challenges I face will be interacting in small group environments and finding my voice. I am not used to being taken seriously enough for my voice to count, and being at Walden offers me the opportunity to shine like never before. I relish this opportunity. Using the Internet allows me the chance to express myself in a safe and anonymous environment, which suits my personality and my lifestyle.

The Walden model is a "scholar-practitioner model," ("Walden Student Services Staff Program Transcript," n.d.). At first, I did not understand exactly what this phrase meant, but after encountering this week's media, I do understand that Walden will help me to become a "stronger, academic writer," ("Walden...


More importantly, the media will be beneficial for my ability to think critically and creatively about the problems and solutions I am focusing on in my academic career. With the help of experienced Walden professionals and the connectivity with classmates through the online resources, I will understand the "theoretical underpinnings" of my work and apply those theories to practice ("Walden Student Services Staff Program Transcript," n.d.). I appreciate the opportunity to use Internet resources in a way that promotes social justice. The resources I have encountered this week that I find most beneficial as I begin my Walden journey include the transcripts, "Faculty Expectations and Interaction Program Transcript," (n.d.) and "Walden Student Services Staff Program Transcript," (n.d.). The former document refers to the importance of academic integrity, which means "doing the right thing," and "following a code of ethics," (p. 1). Academic integrity refers to doing our best at all times, meeting deadlines, communicating effectively with instructors, being responsible and accountable for our actions. The most beneficial resource I have encountered is the "five key values" of academic integrity, including "honesty, fairness, trust, respect, and responsibility,"…

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"Faculty Expectations and Interaction Program Transcript," (n.d.).

"Walden Student Services Staff Program Transcript," (n.d.).

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