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Internship Plan

Qualifications for Middle School Internship Program -- Brentwood School District

Must adhere to the school's mission statement, to develop the skills which students need in order to learn to solve problems practically and logically; to learn effective communication skills and respect diversity and champion justice;

b) Must assist principal with supervision of students, including conflict mediation, parent-teacher relationships; and serve on the strategic planning committee that monitors and evaluates academic and social progress among students;

c) Asked to work with digital technologies in order to collect data and be able to analyze data that the Board of Education requires vis-a-vis future funding sources;

d) The middle school intern must have at least 5 years' experience in the teaching field, and have finished at least 15 hours of coursework related to administrative certification; the intern must also show a sensitivity to diverse student needs.

TWO: Objectives of Middle School Internship Program

a) This is a two-year internship designed to orient and train interns for the difficult and yet rewarding tasks that an administrator is responsible to accomplish;

b) The objective for Brentwood is to train high-quality teachers who wish to transition into the administrative field; school law, school procedures, school safety and school board responsibilities are a few of the pivotal components for interns.

c) Teamwork, crisis training, collaborative decision making with faculty, and community involvement (including interacting with local media and parents) are important facets of this internship.

ONE: Inner City Internship for Future Administration Professionals

a) The intern must accept a school with very little technology, with metal detectors that greet you at the front door, with poor lighting and in a neighborhood that is run-down and has boarded up businesses and drug dealers on the streets at night;

b) A vital part of an intern's approach to this problem-plagued school is to have a very positive attitude and to realize that when any student picks up a new concept, and is able to demonstrate that he or she understands how to solve problems, success has been achieved

c) The families that send students to this school are for the most part low income, and many families feature a single parent -- the mother -- who may have two jobs just to keep food on the table; interacting with all parents is a pivotal part of the intern's job;

d) Dealing with discipline,…

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