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1.3 Reflection

The skills that I took away from this experience were those of networking, and budgeting. But most importantly, the leadership skill was a valuable skill that I obtained from this internship. If I could only choose one skill learnt in this internship, it will be the leadership skill which seemed very paramount in the running of any business outlet. Without a strong foundation of leadership skill, one cannot lead the company to a high level; he cannot inspire the employees to do a better job, nor to lead the company out of harsh time.

Relating my studies to this internship, I was indeed qualified to participate in this internship because I am an open minded person. I do not get offended by people pointing out my weaknesses which I am always grateful for and willing to improve or change. I loved to hear either positive or negative feedbacks on my abilities and opinions on what I had done well on or what I need to focus more on to improve. I had held position that people looked to me as a leader.

The internship in PWC helped me to get involved in a job where I can use what I learnt there. The reason why I wanted to do that it's because I will be doing what I love to do and having a stable income at same time. This might sound simple but a lot of people dislike what they do at their job. Being able to practice what I love in a job will be very satisfying.

1.4 Experience Obtained During PWC Internship

My internship at PWC was motivated by my Aunt who worked as an accountant in the firm. She is actually the one who made it easy for me to get through to acquiring the internship as she helped in delivering my certificates and testimonials to the company's premises. Although she helped me this way, I must say however that my getting through was made easy by the fact that I had good credentials reflected in my transcripts as required by the PWC who have been very strict to get students for internship based on merit.

Since PWC firm has functions acting as a consulting company, its employees must deal with clients all the time. For my intern, one of PWC's client requested PWC to develop a shared services center that covers Finance, Human Resources, and Procurement processes to serve business units under the holding company. As for myself, I joined the finance team that dealt only with financial transactions. The team was headed by Sung Hoon Kim who was my trainer.

To begin the project, my project and I must design business process flow for all finance transactions. In this process, I did a lot of communication with the client. Also, I did not learn how to design or modify business process flow for financial activities from previous finance or accounting courses. So, this experience is definitely useful in making me familiar with business process flow for financial transactions.

If I am able to assimilate the theory I have learnt into practice, whilst observing and continually learning, would be one indicator of success for me in my internship. Gaining a number of industry contacts and working relationship would indicate success in a personal sense for me. I also enhanced my problem solving, communication, planning and dealing with conflict skills, by monitor the current problems of firms in finance and accounting and what their root causes could have been and measures that could be put in place to prevent that often to support fully the operations of any firm or organization.

Whilst in an informal meeting with Sung Hoon Kim, we discussed what he wanted from us as to be active in our time in PWC, that is to learn as much as possible what was relevant to our studies and to enjoy our time by seeing and doing as much as we can in our time. Over all the supervisor provided us with a safe and healthy learning environment that helped us in our current studies.

After we finished the business process flow for Finance, Human Resources, and Procurement department, my coworkers and I could start doing other processes in order to further develop the Shared Service Center. Developing a charging mechanism approach was definitely one of the...


To develop charging mechanism, I must look closely at the income statement and statement of cash flow to determine the cost driver for each services provided by the shared service center. This process definitely required me to be able to read both income statement and statement of cash flow, which I learned from my course work. This was very advantageous to me because my major is accounting and finance.

Along with these two processes, I also dealt with the performance reporting tool. As what the name suggests, this tool was designed to allow the customers of the shared service center to report whether they were satisfied with the delivered services. For this process, I did not really deal with any finance or accounting equations, but it taught me how to create an effective performance reporting tool for all transactions. Being a student who majored in finance and accounting, I could only watch clearly the proceedings at this point and learnt more through my trainer, Sung Hoon Kim.


My original career interests were entirely entangled in the applicability of finance and accounting in solving business problems that were not directly related other fields. Currently this has changed since my interests in other fields have taken several huge leaps since I started handling my assignments PWC. I realized that there is no particular area of business that works out alone as a separate entity. The procedures of business operations indeed depended upon the interrelationship between other disciplines.

Success was only realized if all measures were taken as equally important in attaining the desired goals. The business organization is not all about finance and accounting. During my internship, I learnt that there are other factors that needed to be considered to enhance excellence in the firm or organization of the business.

2.1 Completion of the Assignments

Most of the assignments that I did handle were long-term projects that had already started and they were at the most advanced stages of their completion. When I joined PWC, there had been previous work that had been done on the same. It therefore made sense to me to continue doing what the rest of the team was doing (editing of accounts and making necessary corrections). All the same, it was very instrumental as I could analyze the reports as required which meant that the ideas were grasped from the beginning.

2.2 Work Experiences

The internship gave me an opportunity to act fast in giving solutions to the firm. This was done in the efforts, of meeting deadlines. I was able to understand that work entails meeting deadlines. I was able to know that no work can be fruitful if time was not put into consideration. The experience I got from this was that work needed time limits. Time management was very crucial in delivering services to the customers.

With this information, time management helps in coming up with the best way possible of solving problems. The best methods in precision and accuracy should be applied in arriving at solutions. This is what experience taught me while on internship at PWC.

2.3 the Impact of My Work

My work had many results especially in the area of accounting and finance. This is where

I was very resourceful as it was in the area of my expertise. However, I was also able to work in other departments and my little contribution added up to something fruitful. All the same I could listen carefully to some areas I did not understand to get information about them.

2.4 Successes and Short Comings

2.4.1 Success

The successes that were realized through my internship were that I was able to be a very resourceful intern in the firm. I felt accepted an absorbed in the firm because of my skills and knowledge I had. I really enjoyed the work. I felt more of a part of PWC's solution than being part of the problem. My experience was greatly improved in my area of expertise and I regard this as success.

2.4.2 Short Comings

However, challenges are bound to be there in any process. As a learner, it was hard for me to meet deadlines. Some few elements of staff in other departments where I had not specialized in were somehow incorporative because in my opinion they saw me as a bother to them. This in a way affected my performance.


The work I did at PWC was not…

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