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I would rate the quality of her work and the quality of the interview high. She seems motivated and interested in her work. The second interview sounds dispiriting. The answers are short and sullen. The man provided me with little insight about structure. His opinion was almost reverse to that of the woman where he thought that top management and middle management were motivated but that employees were demotivated. My opinion: This may have been due to the fact that he was guarded in his response. Poor motivation on employees part, besides, often indicates deficiency on part of higher management. In fact, many of his responses do seem guarded and either he was unwilling to be forthcoming information, or he simply did not know. He sounds poorly motivated himself. He provided me with little helpful information about strategic plan development, and was not forthcoming about political behavior. As regards strategic plan implementation, he did agree with the fact that employees received no incentive and that communication was stunted between top and lower management as he also agreed with the woman's opinion that the team of internal experts were adequate to deal with the organization's needs (although the woman qualified her response). Occasionally, however, external opinion is valuable since internal sources may be subjective and are too closely connected to organization. Although both interviewees thought the strategic management plan department to have an effect in various ways on the rest of the organization, the man considered that it were more beneficial to have the department removed whilst the woman thought that it was important for the rest of the organization to realize the importance that the department had on the organization as a whole positively affecting it in numerous ways. I happen to think that both have points and that their opinions can be converged. The woman was pleased with the strategic plan outcome; the...


He seemed disinterested. His recommendations for the future were to motivate employees, have them more involved in the work of the division, and have management more involved in ongoing projects. His response was weak, and the quality of the interview poor.
For both woman and man, key problems were lack of transparency and lack of communication between top management and the rest of the organization. In fact, this lack of transparency and communication seems to be the key to most of the other problems. For instance, if managers were more involved in strategic planning, they would be aware of the fact that employees needed to receive technical training and the strategic plans would receive more of their input and support. Employees too (at least, according to the man) may be better motivated. The woman rated deficiencies of plans as originating from lack of involvement in upper sources who were not committed to and cognizant of plans and therefore failed to adequately budget them or assist them.

The woman was more open about the corruption of upper management. The man detoured the question, criticizing employees whilst the woman directed the blame to upper management.

Recommendations would be a reshuffling of top management expelling many of the personnel; improving communication; introducing training (including technical training) for employees; making them aware of the importance of strategic planning; and making the organization more lean by eliminating many of the extraneous people. Also important would be a greater degree of transparency in the organization as well as more accountability of employees -- in all levels of organization. . In this way, the woman would be better able to accomplish her work whilst the man may feel somewhat better about his job and organization than he seems to at the moment. On second thoughts, it may be that the man deserves retirement.

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