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¶ … Speech: Ray Kroc Every 5 hours somewhere in the world a new "McDonald's" fast food franchise is opening.

Today, the "McDonald's" brand name is the 2nd most recognizable name in the world, next to "Coca Cola." (Fermano)

Do you know the man behind this astounding success story?

His name was Ray Kroc and he was a simple man with a simple plan. But he had what it takes to be a successful person -- tons and tons of perseverance.

He had tried his hand at different occupations -- ambulance driver at 15, became a paper cup salesman, a real estate broker, piano player, and milk shake mixer salesman.

By 1954, he was 52 years old and hardly a picture of health -- He'd been plagued by years of arthritis, diabetes, had lost his bladder and most of his thyroid gland, but he had not lost his dogged determination and his belief that the best was ahead of him. ("Ray Kroc" --

He was still looking for the idea that would transform the restaurant business when he received an order for...


("Ray Kroc" --
The very next day, Kroch made a franchise deal with the McDonald brothers

It was the start of the McDonald's chain of restaurants with the first one opening in Des Plaines, Illinois in April 1955

Within six years, over 130 McDonald's restaurants had opened across the country.

At the time of his death in 1984, the McDonald's chain had over 7,500 international outlets with annual sales exceeding $8 billion. Today there are more than 24,500 McDonald's restaurants in 115 countries ("People…

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